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Names of our leaders studied in aligarh university in aligarh?

Find out more about aligarh university ,make a list of our leaders who studied at aligarh?

When was Aligarh Muslim University created?

Aligarh Muslim University was created in 1875.

What is the rank of aligarh Muslim university?

what is ranking of physics department of aligarh Muslim university

Which Muslim leader studied from aligarh university?

name of leader who studied in aligarh university

When was the university of aligarh founded?

I would think you are referring to the Aligarh Muslim University in India? This establishment was founded in 1875

Is aligarh university better than osmania university?


Names of your leaders studied in aligarh university in aligarh?

liaquat Ali Khan and Ayoub Ali Khan

Who famous parsonality studied at aligarh university?

The famous personalities who studied at aligarh university are: 1) Liaqat ali khan 2) ayub khan

Where could one apply to join Aligarh Muslim University?

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is a public University located in the Indian city of Aligarh. One could apply to attend AMU by completing a specific admission test and achieving excellent results.

What is the largest residential university in India?

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)

Nadeem Tarin owner of aligarh Muslim university?

the answer is no!

Who founded the Aligarh Muslim UniversityWhy was it founded?

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan founded the Aligarh Muslim University. The university was founded to train Muslims to work for governments.

Which university is best Jamia Millia Islamia or Aligarh Muslim University?

Both are same

How many Pakistani leaders get education from aligarh university?

Liaqat Ali Khan & Ayub Khan are the most famour who studies in Aligarh. HetroWeb.

Who founded the aligarh Muslim university?

sir syed ahmed khan

Who is founder of aligarh Muslim university?

Sir syed ahmad khan

How many leaders study from Aligarh university?

liaquat ali khan

What was the name of aligarh university when it was a college?

Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College

What are the best magazine editor colleges?

Aligarh Muslim university malappuram Centre

When did Aligarh Muslim university 11th entrance exam result out?

It has already anuonced

Who are the leaders who studied in aligarh university?

Ayob khan and liaqat Ali khan

What is Aligarh Muslim University's motto?

The motto of Aligarh Muslim University is 'علم الانسان ما لم يعلم 'Allama al-insān mā lam y'alam'.

AMUOBA an algerians association stand for?

Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association

Is there degree engineering available in jamia hidaya jaipur?

No, you have to do B.Tech from Aligarh university or DU

What is the country code and area code of Aligarh- Aligarh India?

The country code and area code of Aligarh- Aligarh, India is 91, (0)571.