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Q: Entre alpha blondy et Didier Drogba qui est le plus riche?
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Who is next to Alpha Blondy?

Alpha Blondy is the uncle of Dula Alpha

How tall is Alpha Blondy?

Alpha Blondy is 170 cm.

What is Alpha Blondy's birthday?

Alpha Blondy was born on January 1, 1953.

When was Alpha Blondy born?

Alpha Blondy was born on January 1, 1953.

What is the birth name of Alpha Blondy?

Alpha Blondy's birth name is Seydou Kone.

What type of music is Alpha Blondy known for?

Alpha Blondy can be considered under the genre of alternative rock. Guitar, bass, drums, vocals are what make up the sound of Alpha Blondy. Occasionally horns.

How old is Alpha Blondy?

"Alpha Blondy" (Seydou Koné) is 64 years old (birthdate: January 1, 1953).

What is Alpha Blondy famous for?

Alpha Blondy, born in 1953 is famous as a Reggae singer and international recording artist. He was born in Cote d'Ivoire and speaks his native language of Dioula, English, French, Arabic and Hebrew.

Are Aicha Kone and Alpha Blondy siblings?

No they are not siblings. They are not from the same family. Koné (alpha Blondy true name is Koné) is a common name among the bambara, mandinga and Senoufo people of west Africa; Answer from a member of another Koné family.

Is Alpha Blondy Muslim?

yes he is ...the big thing show his islame is the song of ""sidi Allah ""

What does ranita mean?

Ranita is a common female name, like from the song : Alpha Blondy - Ranita. Meaning a women.

What actors and actresses appeared in Springtime in Bourges - 1987?

The cast of Springtime in Bourges - 1987 includes: Savuka as Themselves Jane Birkin as herself Alpha Blondy as himself Ray Charles as himself Serge Gainsbourg as himself Murray Head as himself Southside Johnny Lyon as himself Viktor Lazlo as himself Jerry Lee Lewis as himself