Newtons Laws of Motion

Equation for work?

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What is equation for work?

Work= Force * Distance

What is the equation for work?

Equation For Work:Work (J) = F x DF = Force (N), D = Distance (m)

How do you find work in the equation power equals work divided by time?

The definition of work is (force) times (distance). If you mean you're given the equation and you need to solve it for 'work', then you only need to multiply both sides of the equation by 'time', and you'll have (power) x (time) = (work)

How do you work out an algebraic fraction?

It depends what equation you are trying to work out.

How do you check the solution to an equation?

plug your solution back into the original equation and work it out again

What equation is used to calculate work?

Work = Force * work=Force x Distance

How do you work with bracets?

work out everything within the brackets first. then work out rest of equation.

What is the equation for input work?

Work Input= Fe X DE

What is the word of the equation for work divided time?

work/time = power

How are power work and time related?

They are in the same equation for power=work/time

Does the mirror equation work for convex mirrors?

yes it does

What is a check of a math equation?

I think you are referring to checking a math equation. After you solve an equation you should go back and check your work to make sure you got the right answer. You can do this by plugging your answer back into the equation

What is the formula mathematical equation for work?

Work (joules) = force (newtons) * distance (metres)

What is the importance of work-energy theorem?

it is a modified version of one of the newtons equation , newton equation cannot define the relation between work and enrgy thats why we generate the relation for work enrgy theorem

What is the equation for force using work?

Force that did the work = (work done) divided by (distance the force acted through)

What is the accounting equation and how does it work?

The accounting equation displays the relationship between capital, liabilities and the assets. The accounting equation shows that the assets are a sum of the liabilities and the invested capital.

What is the equation for efficiency?

EfficiencyEfficiency = Work Output / Work Input x100% -Keaton Rea

What equation defines work?

W = F * d Work equals Force times distance

What is an equation that involves a number raised to a variable power?

An exponential equation.

What are the parenthesis in an equation mean?

Do the work inside the parenthesis first.

What is the equation to work out the wavelength?

Wavelength = (speed) divided by (frequency)

What is the mathematical equation for linear work?


What formula do you need to solve for distance if given foce and work?

The formula for finding work is: Work = force X distance. To find distance, you must divide both sides by force. After simplifying the equation, the new equation will read: distance = work divided by force

What is equation to calculate potential energy?

work=force x output

Equals force applied times distance moved?

This is the equation for "work."