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Equation to find the area of a circle?

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Area of a circle = (pi) (R2)

R = radius of the circle = 1/2 of its diameter

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Area of a circle = 3.14 * r2 Thus, radius, r = root of ( Area of a circle / 3.14 ) --------- equation 1 Circumference of circle = 2 * 3.14 * r Therefore, from (equation 1), Circumference = 2 * 3.14 * root of ( Area of a circle / 3.14 ). In a nutshell, first find the radius and then the circumference.

area of a circle = pi*r2

If you have the radius of the circle then just plug it into the equation which ispi x r2This equation is used to find the area of a circleSo if your radius is 5 then all you do is 52 and then multiply by piHope that helps.Jamz159

Use this equation to find the area of a circleA=pi*r^2where r is the radius of the circle and A is the areaA=pi*6^2A=pi*36≈113 feet

If the circumstance of a circle is 108pi then what is the radius of the circle

The area of a circle is given by the equation A=πr2.To solve for r, divide both sides by π, then take the square root of both sides of the equation.This leaves you with the equation r=sqrt(A/π)

OK, SO to find the area of a circle, you find the radius (half of the diameter), and fit it into the equation πr2=A where r equals radius and A = area. The perimeter of a circle is π multiplied by the diameter. π is ≈ 3.1415296.

You cannot SOLVE a circle. You can find the radius of a circle, or its diameter, or circumference or area. Or you can find the equation of a circle in the Cartesian system or in polar coordinates. Or find other characteristics of the circle. In any case, a circle cannot have an area of 24 centemeter. Apart from the fact that there is no such word - try centimetre (or centimeter). A centimetre is a measure of length, not area.

Area = Pi(radius)squared. You only need the radius of a circle to find the area. To find the radius, when you have the diameter, divide the diameter by 2, because the diameter forms two radii. After you have found the radius, plug in the radius into the area equation: Area = Pi(radius)squared In other words, you can say the other equation for the area of a circle is: Area = Pi(1/2Diameter)squared

What do you have? The area of the circle or the circumference? Area: divide the area by pi, then square root it Circumference: divide the circumference by 2 then divide it by pi

Area of a circle equals pi (~3.14) multiplied by the radius squared. So to find the area of that circle your equation is (3.14)(3)^2 which equals approximately 27.

use the equation Area=pi*r2 r is the radius of a circle If you are presented with the diameter of the circle, divide by 2 to receive the radius. Now, square and multiply by pi.

multiple the diameter by 2 to get the radius, then use your equation and go from there

all you do is find the area of the circle... if you mean find the squares area, find the area of the circle, and then the square's area and subtract the squares area to the circles area

To calculate the area of a unit circle you should use the equation x2+y2=1. The unit circle equal area of 1. You can find out more information on the mathisfun website for deeper explanation.

Area of a circle is defined by the equation: A = pi * r2. pi = 3.14159 & r = 28. Substitute into the equation: A = 3.14159 * 282. Area = 2463 cm2.

To find the area of a square, the person can simply multiply length times width, which would be two sides of the square. To find area of a circle, the person must use the equation ((pie)(r))(squared).

You find the area of the whole square first. Then you find the area of the circle inside of it And then subtract the area of the circle from the area of the square and then you get the shaded area of the square

The circle must have a radius. If you do not know it then you find out the area using the diameter, (this is the length of two points directly across from each other on the circle.The equation for the area of a circle when using the diameter =π × (d/2)²By the way, π is approximately = 3.14159265. or 22/7A circle with no radius has no area and is sometimes considered by certain branches of geometry and topology as a point.

A circle with the radius of 21cm would have an area of approximately 1384.74 cm. You would find this by using the equation of pi*(radius^2) = pi*(21^2).

To find the area of the circle pi*radius*squared and subtract the area of the figure inside

It's important to know the formulas for all these characteristics of circles, and to recognize what they have in common. Area of a circle = πr2 Circumference of a circle = 2πr or dπ Where in the above equations r represents radius, and d is diameter (2r). Both these equations have r in them. Find the radius using the circumference equation, and then plug it into the equation for Area