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It is usually 30 to 36 pills per horse.

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Equine has do with?

Horses Equine- Is the study of horses -Maurenna

What is equine Lyme?

Equine lyme is lyme disease in horses.

What is a equine related to?

Equine is a latin word refering to horses.

Are pigs equine?

No. Equine is about horses. Pigs would be porcine.

Is there an equine rescue for horses in Virginia?

Eagle Hill Equine Rescue for horses in located in Fredricksburg, Virginia.

Are horses bovine?

No, they are equine.

What group are horses from?


What does equin have to do with?

equine* is horses

Are horses marsupials?

No, horses are equine mammals. They are not marsupials

What is the term for horses?

Equine is the official term for horses

When did the equine live?

the "equine" are still alive today in the form of horses.

What is the term 'EQUINE'?

I means anything pertaining to horses, equine or equidae is the family of horses which also includes asses and zebras, just as bovine refers to cows.

Bovine is to cow as what is to horses?


If horses are equine what are pigs?


If cattle are bovine what are horses?


What is equine cruelty?

Cruelty to horses

What is equine studies?

It is the study of horses

Is equine a horse or a zebra?

Equine consists of horses,zebras, donkeys, mules, and zedonks

what causes equine flue in horses?

The Equine flue in horses is caused by several strains of the influenza A virus. It can also be spread by other infected horses by urine, or other waste.

Will equine dentists be a future job?

The need for Equine Dentistry grows as the equine industry grows. as long as people own horses there will be a need for Equine Dentists.

What does d word equine mean?

Equine means connected with or relating to horses. Adjective ADJ outbreak of equine influenza.

What is an equine ranch?

A ranch where horses are raised.

What is the species name of horses?

Equus, or equine.

Scientific name of horses?

Equis or equine.

What is the scientific name for modern horses?


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