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Estuarine turbidity maximum?

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2007-06-18 05:23:38

Strong tidal forces push salinity upriver beneath the outflowing

river water. The turbulence caused by this tidal forcing results in

resuspension of sediment and other particulate material present on

the river bed. Concurrently, dissolved material in the river water

flocculates when it comes into contact with the salt wedge pushing

its way upriver. The combination of these two processes results in

elevated levels of suspended particulate material: the estuarine

turbidity maximum (ETM). Within the region of the ETM, material in

the water column, and on the bed of the estuary, is trapped,

resuspended and advected. ETMs vary in strength and distance they

move with the tides depending on the strength of the tide and the

flow of the river. Hope this helps!

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