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Europa have what on it?

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A saline ocean beneath it's crust.

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What is the duration of Europa Europa?

The duration of Europa Europa is 1.87 hours.

When was Europa Europa created?

Europa Europa was created on 1990-11-14.

Where is Europa in the solar system?

Europa is a moon of the planet Jupiter.Europa is a moon of the planet Jupiter.Europa is a moon of the planet Jupiter.Europa is a moon of the planet Jupiter.

Which is bigger europa or charon?

Europa is much larger than Charon.

What is icy satellite of Jupiter?

Europa Europa

Are there volcanoes on Europa?

no. Europa is too cold

What effect Lincoln had made for Europa?

Europa was a figure from Greek Mythology. Lincoln had no effect on Europa.

Which planet have a moon name Europa?

europa is Jupiter's moon. Jupiter has 4 moons, and Europa is one of them.

Did Kevin mckidd have a small part in europa europa?

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Which planet does europa belong to?

Europa is a Moon of Jupiter.

What colour is Europa?

Europa is gray with many cracks

What is the composition of Europa?

The composition of europa is water and ice.

Is there sand on europa?

no. no sand on europa mainly ice

How fast does Europa travel?

Europa Speed 193,539mph

What planet has Europa as a planet?

Europa is a sattalite not a planet.

Which planet is Europa the moon from?

Europa is Jupiters moon.

Is Europa or Ganymede closer to Jupiter?

Europa is closer

Does the Planet Europa have an atmosphere?

No, and Europa is a moon, not a planet.

Is there water in Europa?

yes there is water europa but its slushy

What does Europa mean in Spanish?

Europa means: Europe.

Is Europa a planet in our solar system?

No, europa is a moon

How do you see Europa the moon?

You will have to use a telescope to see Europa.

How large is the moon Europa?

Europa has a diameter of 1,569 km.

Which planet has the moon europa?

Europa orbits planet Jupiter

How many moons does Europa have?

Europa is a moon so it has no moons.