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just act like your not nurves and try heard not to be nurves

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Q: Ex girlfriend says you look nervous?
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What was the name of Chandler's Ex-Girlfriend Who says 0MG?


How do you know if he is over his ex girlfriend?

If he has nothing to do with her and you have the trust in him when he says that he is.

What was the name of Chandler's Ex Girlfriend Who says 0MG?


He also make examples about his ex girlfriend he does not say your ex he says your girlfriend so what is that?

he still thinks you guys are going out. tell him the correct answer

What if you tried to get your ex girlfriend pregnant for 9 months and then your girlfriend now after 5 months says you are pregnant and your ex girlfriend is pregnant too but by somebody else?

You go on the MAURY SHOW!!

What does it mean when a guy say you make him nervous?

-It just depends on where/how he says it.! (2 examples below) (1. Ex: If you're dating a clean freak and you're NOT as clean as he is and he says, "You make me nervous" It means you need to improve.!) (2. Ex: If you're talking to a guy who's shy and he says, "You make me nervous" It means he likes you.!)

How do you know if your boyfriend has not gotten over his ex girlfriend?

he says he thinks the world of her

How can I turn the tables on my ex girlfriend when she says she doesn't want to talk to me?

Have sex with her

A young man happens to spot an ex-girlfriend he's trying to avoid and his mouth goes dry why?

nervous most people get nervous to see their x

Text your ex girlfriend how was she doing she replied all right?

i think she was just as nervous as you were did not know what tp say !!!

You still like your ex but he already has a girlfriend?

Move on. He's your EX Look for the future, not the past.

Who is Alexandria Washington?

she is a girl that either says she's jaden's girlfriend,his ex-girlfriend,or is his real girlfriend.nobody really knows