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On my 85, it is located on the passenger side behind the engine block, close to the firewall. Follow the engine belt, it should be the only driven device with a cap on top for the fill.

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Where is the power steering reservoir filter on a 2004 dodge grand caravan?

Is a screen built into the power steering reservoir.

Where do put the steering fluid in a 1987 dodge omni car?

In the power steering reservoir located on top of the power steering pump. No pump then it has manual steering.

Where is the power steering filter on a 2003 dodge caravan?

It's built into the power steering reservoir. To replace it you need to replace the whole reservoir. Fortunately, this is an inexpensive part... ($30).

Where is the power steering fluid reservoir on a 1999 Dodge caravan?

Upper left engine compartment. Little yellow reservoir, with wide cap, no dipstick,but has mesurements on side of reservoir.

Where do you add power steering fluid in a 1997 Dodge Caravan?

Power Steering Reservoir. Sometimes the reservoir is mounted in another location and not at the pump. Look on the firewall first. Find the pump and just follow the fluid lines going from the pump. They will go to the reservoir.

Where is the power steering pump located on a 1997 dodge caravan?

Locate the reservoir, follow the hose, you will see it.

How do you add Power steering fluid in a 2007 dodge sprinter?

You remove the cap on the power steering reservoir, and pour fluid in until it is at the full mark.

Where is the power steering reservoir on a 2008 dodge sprinter?

Driver side of the engine, behind the oil filter cap.

Where do you put steering fluid in a 1996 dodge ram wagon?

there should be a reservoir powered by a belt with a cap in the front of the engine

What kind of power steering fluid for 2006 Dodge grand Caravan?

according to the owner's manual, page 456; Power steering reservoir-Mopar ATF+4 automatic transmission fluid

How do you remove the power steering reservoir on a 1998 dodge stratus?

You need to drain or suck the fluid out of the reservoir with a syringe before removing it, or you will have a puddle of power steering fluid under your car. Removing the steering pump reservoir is much easier if you remove the valve cover first. Once you do that, you get a bit more room to get your arms in behind the reservoir. There are 2 x 10mm bolts that attach the reservoir to the engine. It is not easy, nor fun, and an air rachet makes it much easier, but you can get them. Don't drop your tools or the screws back in there! Wildman

Where is the transmission reservoir for a Dodge Ram?

technically there is no reservoir like a power steering pump or brake fluid..just a dip stick like your oil and you add through the dip stick..when adding to a dodge though slowly add and put it in gear a few times then check the level of it

Where is the power steering pump located on a 1986 dodge ramcharger wagon 4 speed?

It should be mounted on the front, driver's side of the engine. It will have a belt and pulley, as well as have it's power steering fluid reservoir attached to it.

How do you remove ignition switch from a 1991 dodge grand caravan SE?

drop your steering column... not exactly sure where it is from there but that is the location of it.

Where is the ATF reservoir for a 2000 Dodge Caravan?

Pan on the bottom of the transmission. There is no external reservoir.

How can you tell if you got a 3.5 or a 2.7 engine in your 2002 Dodge Intrepid?

normally it stamped onto a logo, but one difference is the power steering pump. 2.7 the reservoir is mounted on the pump, 3.7 the reservoir is connected to the pump via return lines

What does rack and pinion steering do on a 1995 Dodge Intrepid?

what does rack and pinion steering consist of and do on a 1995 Dodge Intrepid?

Why do dodge rams have a radiator on the steering?

That is a cooler for the power steering fluid.

Does a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan power steering pump have a reservoir?

Yes, all power steering systems have reservoirs. Yours should be located under the hood near the front driver side of the engine and be marked as such. It is actually on the passenger side strut tower.

How does water get in your 2001 dodge stratus?

Reservoir tank feeds the radiator. It's a Dodge thing.

What power steering fluid does a dodge caravan take?

Power Steering fluid helps to keep the steering of a car running smoothly. A Dodge Caravan uses Mopar ATF +4 for power steering fluid.

Where is the brake fluid reservoir on a 2002 Dodge Caravan?

The brake fluid reservoir on a 2002 Dodge Caravan is located on the master cylinder. This will be in the engine bay, on the drivers side, near the top.

1996 dodge ram 5.9 power steering pully removal?

1996 dodge ram 5.9 power steering pully removal?

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