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Q: Example of narrative text for senior high students?
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Example of a narrative story about high school life?

There are many examples available of a narrative story about high school life. Many of these stories can be found in the local library.

What is Waverly-Shell Rock Senior High School's motto?

Waverly-Shell Rock Senior High School's motto is 'Creating a passion for learning that will sustain students for a lifetime.'.

What is the motto of Mercer County Senior High School?

Mercer County Senior High School's motto is 'Building a Community of Titan Pro's: Professional, Proficient and Productive Students.'.

What is the location of Coral Reef Senior High?

Coral Reef Senior High is located in Miami, Florida. Coral Reef High school is rated as a good school with many different activities for students to take part in.

There are 720 students at Rosedale High School 15 percent of them are in the senior class and of the seniors are females what is true based on this information?

There are 36 female students at Rosedale High School who are seniors.

What is good inspirational speech during junior and senior promenade?

The junior and senior prom is very special to high school students. Many places do not do speeches, but if there is going to be a speech, it should include references to the students, how they are great students, how proud the faculty are, and how they hope they have a great time.

Some school in Hollywood California?

Hollywood Senior High (My school) , Fairfax Senior High, San Fernando Senior High, Burbank Senior High, Belmont Senior High, and Arcadia High

What afternoon do French students not have to go to school?

Wednesday afternoons are usually free until pupils get in senior high school.

What does elles sont élèves dans le même lycée mean?

they (girls) are students in the same (senior high) school.

What are the final year high school students known as?

Senior year. 1st Year - Freshmen 2nd Year - Sophomore 3rd Year - Junior 4th and final Year - Senior

Why must a high school senior stay in high school for five years?

Well the standard academic plan for students in high school is 4 year. Sometimes there are students considered "super seniors" that are held for a 5th year because of inadequate grades.

What is the rivalry between students to be the high school valedictorian an example of?