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compound words is two or more sent.

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Is newspaper a compound word?

Yep. Compound words are made of two words combined. News and paper.

Examples of solid compound words?

example of solid compound

Examples of hyphenated compound word?

example of compound hyphenated words

Is her head or her body a compound word?

The examples provided are not compound words.

What is combined in a compound?

two elements are combined in a compound

Is boss a compound word?

No it is not a compound word. It is not two separate words that are combined to make another word.

Raincoat and sidewalk are examples of what kind of words?

Compound wordsother examplessunglasseswatermelonlipgloss

What are the 3 compound words?

The word insofar is a compound word combined of in, so, and far. It's an adverb meaning 'to the extent that'.The word upsidedown is a compound word combined of up, side, and down.notwithstanding

Is stolen a compound word?

No, stolen is not a compound word. A compound word is two words combined to form a new word (example: basket+ball).

Is a compound chemically combined?

Yes, a compound is chemically combined. Using at least two elements, the elements' atoms are chemically combined to create a compound.

What is a four letter compound word?

Examples of four letter compound words are:ontointoupon

Two words combined to form a new word?

I think it is compound words.. examples:bathroom,bedroom,worksheet,ladybug

What are some compound words which end with the word deck?

Examples of compound words that end with 'deck' are:afterdeckforedeckquarterdecksundeck

What are Compound words using word stay?

Examples of compound words that include the word 'stay' are:mainstayoverstaystay over

Is listening a compound word?

No, compound words consist of two words combined into a single word. Listen is one word, but -ing is just a suffix (an ending of a word).

What are examples of a compound action word?

compound action words: weightlifting snowboarding skateboarding kickboxing surfboarding

What is the suffix for the word transport?

There is no suffix. There are only two root words combined in a compound word.

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