Examples of dense materials?

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iridium, osmium, platinum

What are some examples of 'inorganic materials'?

metal, a book, a house. like, random things that are NON-LIVING. :) the answer above is incorrect. the definition of inorganic isanything that is not made from the remains of living things. steakis is not living, but it is organic because it is the remains of aliving thing. (cow) the house and a boo ( Full Answer )

What is the most dense material?

Osmium and Iridium for normal matter. Otherwise probably Hadrons (Protons or Neutrons for example). Especally big Black Holes aren't as dense as one might think, because the density goes down with increasing masse to very low values for super massive ones.

Examples of materials?

There are a variety of types of building materials. This includeslimestone, granite, marble, wood, brick, as well as concrete.

Examples of opaque materials?

A Rock , A metal, Rubber. wood are examples of opaque material. And everything that we can see in our surroundings, as long as it can block light to pass through in every directions.

What is ceramic example in science material?

Ceramics are inorganic, non metallic materials formed using heat.. Examples include bricks, clay pots, porcelain, titanium carbide, silicon carbide, ect. If you googled 'examples of ceramics' you would be sure to find many examples.

What are examples of high friction materials?

An example of a high friction material is sandpaper. It has high friction because of the roughness. When you feel the sandpaper, it is very bumpy and rough. That is an example of a high friction material.

What are examples of public domain material?

Virtually everything published before 1923 is in the public domain as well as many works published before 1964 and not properly renewed or permitted to lapse

What is an example of materialism?

Materialists have generally believed that the only things that arereal are the things that a person can perceive through his sensesand that all events in the universe can be explained by scientificlaw. An example of materialism would be to value a new car overfriendship.

Why do most materials become less dense as their temperature increases?

I believe it has something to do with molecules. Heat is caused by the molecules of an object rubbing against each other and causing friction, which is heat. As they do this, they slowly spread the edges of whatever the material is in order to have more room to move. This changes the size of the mat ( Full Answer )

What is the most dense material known to man?

The densest known material is the Element Osmium, at about 22 tonnes per cubic meter. The densest theorized material would be white dwarf/neutron star matter, which could be millions of times denser. Of course, since it occupies no space at all, the density of a black hole's singularity is technical ( Full Answer )

Why doesnt uranium metal have the most dense material?

Density is a compound's mass divided by its volume. Uranium has alot of neutrons, electrons, ect... but that doesn't mean that it is more dense. Lets say that you have a fat person and a scrany person, if you can under stand that more dense objects are more likely to sink, then consider this. You ha ( Full Answer )

Does a less dense material float above a more dense material?

Yes a less dense substance will "float" above. If you are trying to test this, use water, which has a density of 1. If the substance is more dense it will sink and if the substance is less dense it will float. Some examples: . Take a tub of water and stick a block of willow wood in it. The wo ( Full Answer )

What would a dense liquid do to materials inside it?

Density is just one aspect to the physical properties of a liquid . if the liquid is very dense, less dense materials can float on it and denser materials will sink into it . for example, salt, a moderately dense mineral, can float on mercury, a very dense liquid at room temperature. . Viscosity ( Full Answer )

What is an example of a sentence that uses the word 'dense'?

The conditions of the soil and of the atmosphere together encourage the vegetation to grow in such a dense fashion that the bright, hot tropical sunlight becomes so filtered that there's barely a ray left for the jungle floor.

Do sounds travel quicker or slower in more dense material?

sound travels faster in dense material like metal...for example train tracks....we can hear the train sound if u put your ear on the tracks.. Sound also travels faster in water than it travels in air.

Examples of drawing materials?

this is the example of drawing materials . kau na bhala sa mga pangalan nila............................ welcome in advance kung cno ang mag papasalamat ............. hahahahahahaha...............joke lng.......................

Examples of translucent material?

Anything halfway between clear (transparent) and Opaque (doesn't transmit light). I often think if a clear/white translucent like some PEX tubing, polyethylene, Teflon tubing, some tupperware, & etc. Someone suggested wax paper. Frosted Glass. Perhaps agates.

Does sound travel faster through thin or dense material?

Sound travels faster through dense material. This is because molecules in a dense(solid) medium are much closer together than those in a liquid or gas(thin), allowing sound waves to travel more quickly through it.

Why does sound travel faster in dense material?

Dense materials usually mean the atoms are closer to each other. Sound waves travel by causing vibration and transfer of energy. The close the atoms, the easier it is to transfer the energy. As the result, sound travels fastest in solid, then liquid, the least in gas matters.

What is an example of a homogeneous material?

Some examples of homogeneous materials are: water, antifreeze, gold, copper, silver, and salt. (these materials only contain one set of properties.)

What is the example of material noun in a sentence?

A material noun is a word for something that other thingsare made from. Example sentences for material nouns (in bold): . We need some flour and sugar to make thecake. . She had clay pots of geraniums on her doorstep. . They had a box filled with sandwiches wrapped in aluminum . . The ( Full Answer )

What are 10 examples of material values?

Examples of material values are: clothes, shelter, food, water,TVs, cars, phones, mirrors, video games, & deodorant. Some areneeded to sustain life an help us survive, while others are for ourenjoyment.

What are examples of ceramic materials?

the examples of ceramic materials are: 1. ceramic art 2. ceramic 3. ceramic classfication 4. ceramic wall 5. ceramic material 6. ceramic man made

What is example of a materials?

there are many examples of materials some of them being cloth and fabric. materials can be made into almost anything beyond your wildest dreams like clothes and many more.

50 examples of material nouns?

Material nouns are words for substances rather than objects, animals, or people; they're what objects, animals and people are made of. Examples: . acid . alcohol . aluminum . angora . asphalt . banana . bone . brick . butter . cement . chalk . cheese . clay . Dacron . diamond . dil ( Full Answer )

What is the example of incombustible material?

Any material which will not ignite at or below a temperature of one thousand two hundred (1200) degrees during an exposure of five (5) minutes, and will not continue to burn or glow at that temperature. Tests shall be made as specified in the Uniform Building Code. Building materials primarily is ( Full Answer )

What are ten examples of raw materials?

A raw material is anything that can be harvested or extracted from the earth, it may be an ingredient to another material. 1)Cotton 2) Linen 3) Latex 4)Iron 5)Ore 6) Logs 7)Crude Oil 8)Steel 9)Gas 10)Ice

What are some examples of material nouns?

A material noun is a word for a material, a substance, or an ingredient that other things are made from. Some examples are: . cotton . gold . calcium . concrete . plastic . iron . brass . milk . silver . rubber . salt . tar . cloth . wood . paper . glass . leather . sand

Did the comet's tail is very dense material?

It's so diffuse that the Earth has passed through comets' tails without anybody except scientists noticing. On the second-to-last pass of Halley's, spectroscopy revealed cyanide, a poisonous gas, in the comet's tail and there were localized panics that the Earth would be gassed to death. Of course, ( Full Answer )

What is an example of a semiconductor material?

silicon . germanium . boron nitride . aluminum phosphide . gallium arsenide . indium antimonide . boron phosphide . boron arsenide . boron antimonide . aluminum nitride . aluminum arsenide . aluminum antimonide . gallium nitride . gallium phosphide . gallium antimonide . indium nitrid ( Full Answer )

A list of material noun examples?

Material nouns are words for substances rather than objects,animals, or people; they're what objects, animals and people aremade of. Some examples are: . acid . alcohol . aluminum . angora . asphalt . bone . brick . butter . cement . chalk . cheese . clay . Dacron . earth . ebony . ( Full Answer )

What are the examples of the material noun?

A material noun is a word for a thing that other things are madefrom. Some examples are: . aluminum . concrete . cotton . flour . glass . gold . leather . sand . stone . sugar . wood . wool

What are some examples of nonmagnetic materials?

Some examples of nonmagnetic materials include: Wood, paper, water,copper, glass, and aluminum. These materials are nonmagneticbecause they are not attracted to magnets.