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Examples of electrical?

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an example of electrical solar cells,batery cells,magnetic pice,heat,corision.etc.

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Examples of electrical insulators?

Actually three examples of the electrical insulators are water, rubber and glass

5 examples of electrical energy?

examples of electrical energy can be lightning,toastor,hairdryer,powercode and batteries.

Is electrical an adjective?

Yes, both electric and electrical are adjectives, with electrical applying exclusively to electricity.Examples are electrical engineering, electrical tape, and electrical outlet.

Examples of electrical resistance?


What is something that dose not have electrical conductivity?

It is an electrical insulator. Most stones are examples.

Examples of electrical energy?

Some examples are television, video, games, electrical appliances, and computers.•Microwave, television, cars, computers, phones.When I turn my TV on, I am using electrical energy

What are examples of a source of electrical energy?

2 examples are to remain that repels the hair

What are the examples of conductivity?

electrical conductivity is a necessary property for wiring in our electrical world. xox

What are examples for electrical energy?

A current in a wire.

What are some examples of electrical sound?


What are 4 examples of electrical loads?

Anything that uses power is an electrical load. A TV, a refridgerator, a light bulb and a computer are all examples of a load.

What are the examples of electrical energy?

electricity moving on wires

What are examples of conductors in your home?

All the electrical wiring.

Batteries and generators are examples of what?

They are source of electrical energy.

Can you give me an examples of electrical energy?

electric eel

What are examples of electrical loads in the kitchen that convert electrical energy to light energy?

light bulbs switches

What are 3 examples of electrical energy?

amperes volts current

Examples of parallel lines?

Railway tracks electrical lines

What are 3 examples of forces?

mechanical, electrical,nuclear force =)

What are examples of mechanical energy transforms into a electrical energy?


What are some examples of energy conversion in electrical devices?


Batteries and generators are examples of?

They both provide an electrical current.

What are the examples of change of energy from electrical to chemical?

Charging a battery.

Example of electrical energy to heat?

Iron, microwave, stove, and a heater, are all examples of electrical energy to heat.

Importance of electrical engineering in daily life?

There are many examples of importance with electrical engineering in daily life. Electrical engineering is very important in the fields of agriculture and industry.

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