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look up Shel Silverstein he writes a lot of free verse

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Q: Examples of free verse poems
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What information about the structure of these poems tells you they are written in free verse?

What poems? A poem that has no metre is free verse.

Are there any specifications when writing free verse poems?

There are no specifications when writing free verse poems. Because free verse poems do not use the traditional method of writing poems. It can be any poem with or without rhyme, it may not be good or follow any poetic pattern.

What are poems with no particular rhyme scheme called?

Free Verse Poems

Are billy Collins poems free verse?


Do septone poems rhyme?

No it is a free verse :)

What is a poem called when it has no rhyme?

Poems with out Rhyme are known as Free Verse Poems

What are repeating poems?

Poems that tend to repeat themselves are known as free verse.

Is footprints in the sand in free verse form?

No it is not free verse because free verse poems do not rhyme. Footprints does. Walked, talked, scene, serene, etc.

What is the structure of free verse poems?

Free verse has no necessary structure - anything you want to call a poem is one.

What are poems that don't rhyme called?

free verse

What are some free verse poems about dance?


Poems that do no not follow the rules and have no rhyme or rythm is called?

Free verse!

What is a free verse in poems?

Free verse is poetry that doesn't have a rhyme scheme or meter as is found in other forms of poetry.

What kind of poems did T.S. Eliot write?

free verse

What are free verse poems?

No rules, and usually no rhythm or rhyme.

What is the difference between a rhyming and free verse poem?

Free verse sounds like speech, but has the structure of a poem, like line length. Rhyming poems rhyme, unlike free verse.

Do free verse poems have complete sentences?

That depends on the poem. Some do, and some don't. It isn't required in a free verse poem, if that is what you are asking.

How many free verse poems did Robert frost write?


What do you call poems with irregular line length and no rhyme?

Free verse

What are poems called that do not use the elements of structured poetry?

free verse

Did Edgar Allan Poe poems include free verse?

I'm sure that he did write those kind of poems.

Do all poems have to contain stanzas?

WELL.....NOT ALL POEMS some can be free-verse and some can have stanzas that rhyme together.

What are some forms of poems?

Haiku, sonnet, free form/free verse, epic, couplet, narrative...

What is a free verse limited to?

Nothing, not really. Many poets have exclaimed that free verse isn't free- they have said that free verse must follow its own rules and not be rambling foolishness. so put thought into your poems and the sky is merely your launchpad.

Poems without structured rhythm rhyme or line lengths are known as?

Free Verse