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This form of poetry refrains from rhyme, meter patterns or any other musical pattern. Despite its freedom, some poets have explained that free verse must still show some elements of form or structure.

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What rhymes with pretender?

Defender, bender, fender, cinder, tender, mender, hinder, lender, sender.

Free Verse

What meter does John Donne use in The Flea?

The lines are alternately iambic tetrameter and iambic pentameter, with an extra line of iambic pentameter at the end of each verse.

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What is lexis in poetry?

it is the vocabulary used by the writer. In linguistics it is all words and phrases in a language

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What is and acrostic poem for chicken?

I'm guessing the topic would be chickens?

Example 1 of Acrostic poems on words:

clucking their way through the night

hearing their calls from the fight

i wake up next morning to find them gone

cruel foxes have done me wrong

kicking myself for not bolting the lock

each damn canid got the lot

now Sunday roast is just not

Example 2 of Acrostic poems on words:

C hilly

H ens

I tch

C onstantly,

K neading

E very

N ook

Example 3 of Acrostic poems on words:

Cooped up and sold

Head cut and plucked

Incubator babies

Cooked sunny side up

Kentucky good

Eatens, serve fried or baked

Naked or prepared, 'tis definitely not steak.

This was a rough attempt from me, but maybe you could clean it up a little. I'm not a huge fan of acrostic poems but i do like a good challenge.

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What is the opinions about poetry?

Free Verse

Do free verse poems need titles?

Not neccesarily, though a title is extremely helpful. Having a title can be used to clue a reader in to the poem's concept, or even build emotional tension. I have a handful of poems I simply call "Untitled", because I felt a usual title was entirely neccesary.

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your poem.

Free Verse

What does free verse mean in poems?

it means tht u can right any poem

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Free Verse

What rhymes with free?

"I'm FREE! I am free-ee...

And freedom tastes of reality..."

(With sincere thanks to 'The Who' for their performances of 'Tommy')

Other words that rhyme with free include, but are not limited to: see, thee, we, ski, knee, plea, tea, fee, he, hoppity, glee, lee, me, and ye, all rhyme with "free".

b, be, bee, brie, crea, d, de, dea, dee, di, e, family, fee, fi, flea, flee, free, gee, ghee, glee, he, hee, Houdini, jee, key, ki, knee, lea, lee, li, me, mea, mee, mi, nee, nie, p, pea, pee, plea, poultry, pre, pree, pri, prix, qi, quai, quay, qui, re, rea, ree, sea, see, she, shi, shih, si, ski, slee, snee, spie, spree, te, tea, tee, tepee, thee, thi, three, ti, tipi, wapiti, tree, v, vee, vendee, vi, we, wee, xi, xie, ye, yee, yi, z, and zee.

Plus, there's ac, agree, akey, artsy, cc, debris, decree, degree, draftee, duree, emcee, esprit, foresee, forsee, goatee, gutsy, indri, je, lessee, marquee, marquis, ne, ne, oui, ranee, rupee, sightsee, tootsie, trainee, trustee, ve, vendee, whoopee, whoopsie, and yippee.

Further rhyming words include abductee, absentee, addressee, adoptee, amputee, attendee, bourgeoisie, cie, conferee, deportee, designee, detainee, devotee, disagree, enlistee, enrollee, entropy, escapee, franchisee, guarantee, guaranty, honoree, inductee, internee, jubilee, licensee, nominee, oversea, parolee, potpourri, referee, repartee, resignee, retiree, returnee, sie, signori, signori, trophy, and undersea.
me, we, see, he, she, knee, fee, key, be, gee, lee, pee, re, the(th-ee), and wee
bee, tree, glee, whoopee, fee, me, thee, we, three, pee, tee hee, flea, sea, plea, lee,

Free Verse

Is epic poetry written in free verse?

Generally no, Epic poetry is written in what is called often "epic format". This is intended for verbal rhyme, as the ending sound in many will coincide with one another. It is also when the stressed part of a word is the same sound as another. For example, "Sixty Stressed Snakes Sneaking about the cavernS Soiled Sub-terrain."

That is what the original styles of epic poetry often used, but that is not to say Epic Poems today are not free-verse. There are many Epic Poems in any plethora of styles, so for today's standard, and Epic Poem is a poem of great length, often having a heroic style of story (main character, issue for character, losing battle, heroic comeback, final victory being purely positive or a total tragedy.)

If you are attempting to make an epic poem, I would suggest switching between total free-verse and a simpler rhyme scheme (1-2-1-2-1-1-1 works nicely). This helps because your gritty details can shine, but clever puns to speed through a situation can also prevail.

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What is a skeltonic verse poem?

A skeltonic verse poem is a poem with eight lines

Free Verse
Walt Whitman

What verse is used in Walt Whitman's poem Had I the Choice?

free verse

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Who is the author of the free verse poem One Solitary Life?

Helen Steiner Rice is credited with this somewhat off-base religious tract. I am glad you call it a poem. There are a number of theological off-course angles- if not actually mistatements in the poem. It seems to imply a possibly temporary Mobility handicap on The Christ when he was a youngster ( possible?) and seems to imply his Supernatural powers were dormant in this period. along the mobility handicap line it seems to suggest- indeed directly states that he never traveled more than fifty miles from his point of origin which is absurd- it is known St. Paul- using the primitive transportation of the period- ships, afoot, and probably horseback- yes., definitely, he was an ex- Roman foreign legionnaire.- well, Paul got around and surely covered thousands of miles deep into Greek and Roman territory- take a look at a map these countries and Israel hardly ( touch borders). The song seems to ground Christ with a ( Fifty Mile Restriction) akin to those ( for very sensible reasons) applied to Volunteer Firemen when (On Call) status- hey a fire could break out locally! I never liked this Under-Dog approach to the Divine Master, and while not sacrilegious, it does seem to impose limitations on Christ that did not, or probably did not exist. Look at the travels of St. Paul! ( same period). I have doubts as to whether Helen Steiner Rice ( very prolific Hallmark Cards poetess) was a real person or a composite name used by several writers ( common practice with Hardy Boys and some Science-fiction yarns). at any rate she or they was NOT a competent theologian!

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Is poem enoch arden by tennyson written in blank verse?


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What does a blank verse lack?


Free Verse

What is free verse?

Free verse is poetry without rhyme or regular meter.

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Does free verse rhyme?

The words "free" and "verse" do not rhyme.

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Can you do an a acrostic poem for free verse?

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How many lines are in a free verse poem?

As many lines as your heart desires. Punctuation is also up to the author. Free verse is just that. Free.

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How can you analyze the poem 'Leave-taking' by Cecil Rajendra?

itz about neglecting the elders because of the buzy world

its says abt the generation gap too

Shel Silverstein
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What Kind of poem is Where The Sidewalk Ends By Shel Silverstein?


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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using free verse?

Pros: No restrictions; No requirements; having freedom from structure can challenge the poet, encouraging artistic growth

Cons: There can be difficulty finding the flow in non-metered pieces; Lack of structure can make free verse look disorganized

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What is the difference between fixed form poetry and free Verse?

The main difference is that Fixed has a rhyme scheme and Free does not.

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Who wrote the poem white rabbit's verses?

Lewis Carroll (Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, Jan 27, 1832-Jan 14, 1898) wrote 'White Rabbit's Verses'.

He was the author of many other publications, including 'Alice in Wonderland'.

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Why are free verses used?

a free verse is used so that the poet wouldn't have to make the poem rhyme or have repetition like some of the other poems.

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Isaac Newton
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Who was Isaac Dennison?

Isak Dinesen was the pen-name of female author Karen Blixen.

Meryl streep played her in the movie 'Out of Africa'.


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