In poetry, diamante or diamond poem is made up of six or seven lines, usually forming a shape of a diamond. It is used to compare and contrast two distinct subjects. This style was developed by Iris Tiedt in 1969.

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What is a diamante poem of volleyball?

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Stupid Unfair

Sucking Missing jumping

Worst Game Good Grass

Exciting Kicking Tackling

Cleats Stadium


Diamante poems for Jesus and Satan?

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Jesus is Fantastic

Satan is Dangerous

What is Wellington diamond made from?

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Wellington Diamonds are also known as Fabulite -- strontium titanate. Their price is about US eighty cents per carat.

Diamonte poems for spring and fall?

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Animals, cool

Playing, blooming, shining

Flowers, rainbow, leaves, colors

Falling, playing, raking

Acorn, thankful


How do you remove the rear seat from a 1994 Toyota Celica?

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there are bolts in between the cushions where the top and bottom meet. you have to spread them apart to get a good look at them

The bashful one by Jose garcia villa?

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The Bashful One by Jose Garcia Villa is the shortest poem that has ever been created. The poem consists of a single comma followed by a blank page.