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Rhyme scheme is a regular unvarying pattern of rhyme consistent in a poem or song. Rhyme schemes are labeled according to their rhyme sounds. This category is about the techniques, usage, and beauty of the rhyme schemes and their different forms, associations and resonances.

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What is the tone of The Nymph's Reply to th Shepherd?

Sarcasm. The nymph essentially "blows off" the shepherd's evocation that her love can be won with material items. She essentially says, "If youth could last forever and we were indeed living in an Eden-type setting, maybe I would come with you and be your love. But since it is not, no."

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Rhyme Schemes

What is a Synonym for Metrical Stress in Poetry?


Rhyme Schemes

Can you use the same words in a rhyme scheme?

Go right ahead....

Rhyme Schemes

Barbara frietchie what is the rhyme scheme?


Rhyme Schemes

What is the rhyme scheme of a Ode Poem?

The rhyme scheme is ababcdedce.

Rhyme Schemes

What is iambi pentameter?

Iambic pentameter - meter in a verse or line of prose that has the following stresses of syllables: da DA da DA da DA da DA da DA

Rhyme Schemes

How many stanzas are in a poem?

depends how long the poem is.

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What is an ab rhyme scheme?

An ab rhyme scheme is a rhyme scheme in a poem or piece of writing. The word at the end of the first line will rhyme with words at the end of the third, fifth, seventh (and every odd number) line. The word at the end of the second line will rhyme with the word at the end of every even line (fourth, sixth etc). However, the abab is usually only present for the first four lines. thereafter poems often adopt cdcd. This is most often seen in sonnets.

For example:

Devouring Time, blunt thou the lion's paws (a)

and make the earth devour her own sweet brood (b)

pluck the keen teeth from the fierce tiger's jaws (a)

and burn the long-liv'd phoenix in her blood (b)

paws rhymes with jaws, and brood rhymes with blood

Rhyme Schemes

What are some examples of hyperbaton?

Hyperbaton is the rhetorical device of delivering words in an unnatural order - usually to stress the word in the unexpected position in some way.

Hyperbaton is commonplace and effective in heavily inflected langauges where word-order is fluid (eg in Attic Greek, Latin and Sanskrit), but rarer and feebler in analytic languages (English, Chinese) which have less freedom to adjust word-sequence.

Some wan examples of hyperbaton in English literature include:

And gone are all my Summer days (William Soutar) [All my summer days are gone]

Uneasy lies the head which wears a crown (Shakespeare: Henry IV.ii) [The head which wears a crown lies uneasily].

There are much clearer examples of hyperbaton in fully inflected languages, including this humdinger from Horace' Odes.1.v:

Quis multa gracilis te puer in Rosa

perfusus liquidis urget odoribus

grato, Pyrrha, sub antro?

[Pyrrha, quis gracilis puer perfusus liquidis odororibus te urget in multa Rosa sub grato antro?]

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How does end rhyme effect poems?

It may bring more amusement to the reader. Feelings also include sadness I don't think you'll be sad if the poem rhymes.

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If you rhyme every other line does that count as a couplet?

yes. but you cannot rhyme another line with the same word for eg line one ends with blue line two love line three true line four dove you cannot do line five new. line 5 needs new couple rhymes

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What is the name for a 14 line poem?

A 14 lined poem is called a sonnet.

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Main theme of the poem incident of the french camp?

this is about a heroism action of a soldier to get his homeland he sacrificehis life and complete his duty.

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What are the poetic devices in the poem Gabriel Okara's Once Upon a Time?

Poetic Devices: Repetition: "Once upon a time" in the 1st and last lines

Similie:"..conforming smile like a fixed potrait smile."

Metaphor: "Ice-block cold eyes"

Sarcasm:"feel at home!" "come again"

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What rhymes with ourself?

"Ourself" isn't a proper English word. The proper word would be "ourselves" because "our" is plural.

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What rhymes with independently?





... gently

near rhyme = incidentally

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What is the rhyme scheme in Love's Philosophy by Percy Shelley and also what is the figurative AND literal analysis of the poem?

A b a b c d c d

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What is a initial rhyme?

[Initial Rhyme] means two completely unrelated verse phenomena (guaranteeing that the term is only ever used by people who don't know what they are talking about).

Firstly it can mean a poem where the rimes come at the beginning of each line, rather than at the end. This virtually never happens in real poetry, but can be set as a class exercise by teachers:

WAIT at the

GATE; get this

STRAIGHT, don't be



But sometimes [initial rime] is used as an alternative (and very confusing) way of talking about headrime or alliteration - an older way of writing poems in English where an initial consonant was repeated to structure a line (instead of using standard rime - which became the norm during the Fourteenth Century):

In a Somer Seson whan Softe was the Sonne

I Shope me in Shroudes as I a Sheppe were

Habite like an Heremite unHoly in werkes

And Wenden in the Werld Wondres for to seke

And on a May Morning on Malvern hilles

A Ferly me beFell of Faerie methought (William Langland: Piers Plowman)

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How do you interpret alden nowlan's poem warren pryor?

His parents sacrificed to board him at school in town, and to keep him away from the farm. At his graduation, his parents blushed with pride, and think that their wishes came true. The son did not say anything when his parents made the decisions. The son did not like what his parents want him to be.

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What are some examples of rhyme AABBCC?

Jack and Jill marry - A

As a gift they received dairy - A

They bought a new house - B

In which they found a mouse - B

Who sported pink hair - C

And liked to play truth-or-dare - C

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Analysis on a different history by sujatta bhatt?

Imagery is a collective term for the verbal pictures, metaphors, similes, symbols, and descriptions that occur in a poem. A poet uses imagery to communicate vividly.

- In using imagery, the poet often compares something less known or something that cannot easily be expressed, to another thing or experience better known to us. When you are writing about imagery in your critical analysis of a poem, it is not enough to say what is being compared to what. You need to explore the image, explaining how and why this comparison may be effective.

- Visual images in a poem often form a pattern or a sequence, moving from one thing to another. For instance, a poem may move from descriptions of spring, to visual images of winter, or it may move spatially - from the land to the sea, or from the earth to the sky. In your critical analysis you need to trace this movement, or the development of a sequence of images. When writing about a poem, remember that it has a certain order, it is meant to be read - and analysed - from beginning to end, in sequence.

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What is a rhyme pattern?

A rhyme pattern, or rhyme scheme, indicates which lines of a poem have the same end rhyme.

Depending on the form of poetry, the ending of certain lines may rhyme with each other. In the simplest of rhyme forms, AABB, two lines next to each other will rhyme. Rhyme forms are usually referred to by using letters for each set. In poems that have ABAB schemes, the first line (A) rhymes with the third line, while the second line (B) rhymes with the fourth.

Example (ABAB):

This is line one

And this is line two

When it is done

It's clearer to you

Other rhyme schemes include the AAB CCB of "Little Miss Muffet," where there are pairs of rhyming lines but the third and sixth lines also rhyme. There are more complex rhyme schemes, such as a "Sestina." The rhyme pattern for that looks like this: ABCDEF FAEBDC CFDABE ECBFAD DEACFB BDFECA and then AD/BE/CF.

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What is the meaning of the poem some keep the sabbath going to church?

I assume you are speaking of Emily Dickinson's "Some Keep the Sabbath Going to Church". I believe that she is saying that while some may choose to flock to church on the Sabbath day, in the midst of choirs and sermons, and such, she chooses to keep the Sabbath at home, in a simplistic way with just her family. She is conveying to us that she does not need a large church service to accomodate her keeping the Sabbath, but is content to worship the Lord in her home.

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Describe a rainy day?

Twenty-four hours when clouds swept across the skies dropping its load of water on the heads of people scurrying by.

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What is the meaning of the poem the return by Edith tiempo?

that poem is very challenging. it is the story of a proud warrior imprisoned by time and aged to be miserable, pardon the wrong spelling. basically he reminisses his former glory. he is isolated from the society he used to be famous in. and in the last line, he tries to mingle again in the circle..... this is not the answer!!


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