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Napoleonic Wars

Examples of good and bad leadership decisions during the Napoleonic Wars?

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Was the Battle of Waterloo during WW1?

No, it was the last battle of the Napoleonic Wars.

What did Thomas Jefferson do in 1807?

something about embargoing during Napoleonic wars

How many Britons died in the Napoleonic wars?

The total of British dead during the Napoleonic Wars has been put at 311,806 British dead or missing

When was the last siege tower used?

They still used them during the Napoleonic period.

Where was nelson killed?

On board HMS Victory during the battle of Trafalgar which took place during the Napoleonic Wars.

Did the Nazis send the Russians to concentration camps?

Yes, during the leadership of the"Fuhrer" some Russians were sent to concentration camps if they protested or disagreed to the made decisions. but mostly the punished people were Jew.

Russia established itself as a major European power during the?

It would be............... The Napoleonic Wars

What was it like to fight during the Napoleonic wars from 1914 to 1815?

Times were horrible for the enemy. Millions were killed during that time.

Who was the king of Spain during the Napoleonic era?

Napoleon put his brother in law as king of spain.

What was Napoleon able to acomplish during peacetime?

Numerou reforms like the Central Bank and the Napoleonic Codes.

What difficulties did the conservatives in Austria PRussia and Russia face in the years after the Napoleonic wars?

They had to face the longing for the ideals of freedom, equality and fraternity, which the French armies had brought about throughout Europe, affecting their subjects, during the Napoleonic wars.

Was sugar used for wounds during Napoleonic wars?

Yes, it was used as a disinfectant to treat cuts and bullet wounds.

What are the names of the two groups that invaded Italy?

France during Napoleonic Europe The Goths and the Vandals in the time of Rome

When did France reach it greatest extent?

France reached it greatest extent in Europe during the First Napoleonic Empire.

How do leadership characteristics relate to the managerial functions?

leadership characteristics relate to the managerial function by doing there tasks during the problems.

What ended the napoleonic wars?

Each of the wars during the Napoleonic period was ended in some treaty or other, but the last war, the Hundred Days, ended with the Treaty of Paris. Napoleon was exiled to St. Helena, where stayed until he died.

Who was the battle of Waterloo between?

The famous battle of Waterloo, during the Napoleonic Wars, took place between France and England.

What was the Battle of Waterloo a part of?

It was a part of the Napoleonic Wars. It pitted the Seventh Coalition against Napoleon during the 100 days.

Flanders was important as?

Flanders was important as a battlefield for hundreds of years, particularly during the Napoleonic war and First World War.

What was the goal of Macon’s bill no 2?

Get Great Britain and France to stop seizing American vessels during the Napoleonic Wars.

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