Examples of seed plants

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Raspberries, Mango, Corn.

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Q: Examples of seed plants
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Related questions

What are examples of non-seed vascular plants?

moss plants

Cycadophytes are examples of vascular seed plants?


Examples of plants with seed pods that split open?

Oxalis is one of the example of plants with seed pods that split open.

Examples of seed bearing plants?

Seed bearing plants make up the bulk of terrestrial plants, they are different from other forms of plants such as spore bearing plants (ferns). Seed bearing plants are broken into two main divisions: Anigosperms which have a seed protected within an ovary and Gymnosperms which have seeds produced "naked" - these are mainly cone bearing plants. Examples of Aniosperms include: Petunia, Hibiscus, Oak, pea, tomato Examples of Gymnosperms include: Pine, Cupressus, Cycas and Cycad

What are some examples of seed plants?

poplar, lodge pole pine, and raspberries

Did non-seed plants evolve from seed plants?

Non-seed plants evolved from seed plants.

What plants disperse seed by water?

The coconut palm, the Mangrove are two examples (there are more).

Give me three examples of non-seed an non-vascular plants?

some non-seed plants are algae, mosses, and ferns. Some non-vascular plants can be mosses, liverworts, and Anthocerophyta,and horsetails.

Do nonseed plants reproduce?

Non-seed plants reproduce like fungi, by using spores. Examples are mosses and ferns.

What flower is a flowering seed plant?

Gymnosperms are non-flowering seed bearing plants. Examples are: Conifers Spruce Pine Cycas Cycad

In seed plants the plant that you see are in the what?

in seed plants, the plants that you see are in the

Are dandelions seed plants or seedless plants?

Dandelions are seed plants.

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