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- 13 is an unlucky number

- a black cat crossing your path is bad luck

- a crow or blackbird crossing your path is bad luck

- walking under a ladder will bring bad luck

- breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck

- wishing on a shooting star is good luck

- carrying a rabbit's foot is good luck

- starting a journey on a Friday is unlucky

- seeing your bride in her dress before the wedding will doom the marriage

- the sound of a bell will drive away demons (gremlins if it's on a motorcycle).

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Q: Examples of supertitious beliefs?
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What are the 5 example of supertitious beliefs?

Hope I Helped!

Differentiate scientific factsf and supertitious beliefs?

Scientific facts are based on evidence, beliefs are not

What are supertitious beliefs?

Beliefs in things which cannot be proven, things like the existence of fairies, sea monsters etc

What are the supertitious beliefs about the day and night cycle?

gago ka tinatanong ka nga e

Give 5 examples of superstitions without scientific basis?

what are supertitious belief?

What is supertitious beliefs?

Beliefs which have no rational basis in fact - such as avoiding stepping on lines, walking under a ladder, having a black cat cross your path, etc.

What are some examples of supertitious beliefs?

My mother in law has so many, here's one You're not suppose to cut your baby's hair til he/she is one year old, because you might be cutting his/her vision/eye sight.

What are the examples of not a supertitious beliefs?

Beliefs that can be directly proven or disproved. Chicken soup is good for colds -- works sometimes. If it works on you, then your belief is confirmed. If not, you still want to try the next time you have a cold. acupuncture most scientific theories -- string theory, quantum mechanics, Newton's Laws of Motion, etc. =================================

What is an example of supertitious beliefs?

Im "superstitious"examples are,throwing salt over your shoulder if you spill it,not walking under a ladder,black cat crossing your path is considered unlucky,and not opening an umbrella inside,ther are many more,I Hope This Help,s.

What are the supertitious beliefs in science?

A superstitious belief is that cats can predict bad weather. Scientifically, cats can sense drops in barometric pressure before humans can sense them.

Supertitious beliefs about menstruation?

Superstitious beliefs about menstruation include not washing your hair when menstruating. The superstitions about menstruation are myths and most women live life the same when they are menstruating. Superstitions that you cannot swim or bath during menstruation are false.

What are the 10 superstitious beliefs?

10 examples of supertitios beliefs

What supertitious beliefs do you know which is relate to fullmoon?

The full moon makes some people mad (lunatics). The full moon makes some people change shape (werewolves)

Give 10 Supersticious beliefs with base?

examples of supersticious beliefs?

What are the advantages in believing supertitious beliefs?

There are no advantages to superstitions. They are not based on rational facts or science and come to us from a time when there was no science to explain the world. It is fun to do some of them, but other than that they have no value.

What are three examples from his poetry of Taylor's adherence to Puritan beliefs?

thre examples from his poetry of taylor`s adhernce to puritan beliefs.

Why did the French think comets were good luck?

I think,it is the French supertitious beliefs.We have a different supertitious as a person here on earth,so were free.

What are the examples of superstitious beliefs of India?


Examples of ilocano traditions and beliefs?


Why do Filipinos believe in supertitious?

I'm Filliopano and I am gullible

What are the supertitious beliefs in day and night?

Im Only 14 But I Think I Can Help You, There Are Alot Of Different Beliefs Including Day And Night Depending On What Country Or Place You Want, E.g. China, Japan Etc. You Could Just Go On Wikipedia And Yeah... Ask For The Differences You'd Get Alot More Infomation.

5 superstition beliefs?

give andn examples of supertition give andn examples of supertition

Can you give me 5 examples of superstitious beliefs about plants and animal with scientific explanation?

A superstitious beliefs related to plants?

What are the examples of superstituis beliefs about comets?

ewan ko sau

What are some examples of superstitious beliefs in heavenly bodies?