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Q: Excuse for being late in hostel?
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A sentence for the word excuse?

Michael made up an excuse to not do this homework.

What is a excuse for being late that starts with a?

Alligator attack

What is a good excuse for being late with homework?

There is no excuse for homework should and must always be done

What is a sentence using phony?

She gave a phony excuse for being late to the meeting.

What excuse for being late starts with the letter R?

Road construction

Excuse for being late starting with the letter b?

bad backbaby sickbasement flooded

Excuse for being late beginning with a?

Alarm didn't wake you Accident while en route

What is the most common excuse for being late for work?

According to a Career Builder survey, traffic is the most common reason for running late.

How can being late affect your career?

Being late Can affect your record which is then judged by your employer. If your late usually and your excuse for the poor punctuality is not "up to scrstch"n then im afraif you could be fired ... expelled (From School) Etc...

What is a lame excuse?

A lame excuse is an excuse of poor quality or lack of thought. For instance, a man was late for work and he had no real reason why, so when his boss asked him why he was late, he quickly thought up something and said, "I over slept." His boss replied, "That's a lame excuse." or meaning that it was not a good excuse or good reason to be late to work.

How do you make a letter of explanation about being late on a meeting?

You write down why you were late, taking special care to explain why the circumstances were unavoidable, and hope the recipient agrees that you did, in fact, have a good excuse.

What excuse did george give for being late?

George said he was caught in traffic and his car broke down on the way.