Hostels are business establishments that provide budget-oriented accommodation where guests, usually travelers, students and nurses, can rent a bed with shared bathroom, lounge and kitchen. They are generally cheaper than hotels.F6162

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What does joined hotel rooms mean?

The correct term is "adjoining rooms". It means that two rooms are connected together by another door inside the rooms which can be locked if desired.

Generally a room in a hotel have a single entry/exit which open into a gallery or some common passage. But in some cases, especially in a case of a joined hotel rooms one room is attached to the adjacent room by a common door inside. Mainly such kind of rooms are booked by a group of tourists or people who have a need of more beds than a single room have. Most of the luxary hotels have such facilities. You need to ask for such facility at the time of booking. You might have to pay some extra money for such but in return you may stay together with your all other friends.

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Can anybody send you er diagram for hostel management system?


The Suite Life on Deck

Home life is better than hostel life?

yes because at home, we are provided sufficient facilities whereas in hostel, the students live in unhygienic conditions.

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What are the reasons for conducting a room check?

There are many reasons for conducting a room check. They range from did the room get clean and cleaned appropriately to is the heat or A/C working properly to the last guest lost their diamond ring and they think they stuck it between the mattress and box spring. Some hotels place limits on how many can stay in the room and will check to see how many people are staying but this is typically you low-end bargain hotel that would conduct such a check.

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Are there refugee from Liberia who are in Dakar Senegal?


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Distance between Columbus Ohio and Detroit?

326.3 km (202.7 mile)

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How many real hands does hostel gado have In The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy?


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In hostel what did he say to the torturer in German?

Wenn du mich tötest, wird das dein Leben zerstören. Jedes Mal, wenn du deine Augen schließt, wirst du mich sehen. Ich werde jede Nacht in deinen Alpträumen sein, dein ganzes Leben, ich werde es zerstören.

If you kill me, it'll destroy your life. Every time you close your eyes, you'll see me. I'll be in your nightmares every night, your whole life. I will ruin it.

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What is single junior room in hotel?

The single junior room is sort of travel service that you would order a room with contemporary, intimate and modern, the single junior room is ideal for the budget conscious traveler, looking for comfortable and relaxing accommodations. All single junior rooms are furnished with a double bed and additional amenities to make your stay much more comfortable.

Hi i agree with your answer.

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E-R diagram for hostel management system?

Need the E-R diagram for hostel managment system

hostel management is one of the best mini project for engineering students.

so we need an er diagram to enhance the database projects

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Duties and responsibilities of hotel receptionist?

enumerate hotel receptionist's duties and responsibilities enumerate hotel receptionist's duties and responsibilities


How do you handle a drunken guest in hotel?

Be Respectful but Firm

When engaging a drunk wedding guest, how you handle yourself, will determine their reaction. If you approach them in a calm demeanor and ask to speak to them in private, the situation will rapidly deescalate. How to deal with a drunk wedding guest effectively, involves using tact. Do not mention their obnoxious behavior or inappropriate comments. In my experience, if you smile a lot, while talking to them, seems to help them relax.

Isolate the Individual

Once a drunk wedding guest has been identified, it is essential to move them into a more isolated area This way, you can minimize the level of disruption. Offering them food, coffee and a chance to chat, will usually get their attention. The food alone will absorb some of the excess alcohol in their system, while the coffee will give them a temporary jolt, awakening them from their drunken stupor. The alcohol will remain in their system, but being on a full stomach, will help process it faster.

Take Away Their Keys

To protect a drunk wedding guest from exercising poor judgment, always take away their car keys. This guarantees that they won't find themselves behind the wheel. As a guest, I often had to take several sets of keys away from individuals. Dealing with a drunk wedding guest, always comes down to using common sense and taking all the necessary precautions.

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Definition of city center hotel?

madik ammu

Hotels and Lodging

Importance of hospitality management in hotel industry?

Hospitality is important in a business, especially in hotel industry. It directly affects a customer satisfaction and so will effect a business. A customer usually do not frequent a hotel which gives poor and slow services. A good hotel management can also affect a country's image as it tells the quality of a service of a country. It can also improve tourism.

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Difference between home life and hostel life?

if you r non-veg der will be problems because you will get non-veg only once in a week but a home you can get non-vegetarian food any time you want.. but there is a advantage u can loose your weight easily in hostel because of boil food

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You want plans of hostel designs?


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How would someone start to open a youth hostel in NYC What permits does someone need and are there specific laws about youth hostels?

There is a Web site for people who want to open new backpacker hostels. The hostel forums are a great source of information:

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What is the English translation of La Bonne Auberge?

== == The Good Inn

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What is the hostel fees and mess fee?

I don't know, I want to read the answer


Letter to father telling about hostel life?

Examination Hall,

City A.B.C,

22 Aug,2011.

My dear father,

I was glad to receive your affectionate letter today. As you asked me about my hostel life, so I am penning down a brief description about it.

The hostel life here is entirely different from the village life, I enjoyed so far. Murree Military Hostel (my hostel) is a very good hostel. There are fifty-three rooms and two halls inside the hostel premises. I share the room with two other students. All the hostel in-mates live like brothers. We get milk, bread and biscuits at 7:30 am, the breakfast time. We are served lunch at 12:30 pm. The food served here if fresh and tasty. There is a library in the hostel and a TV room also. We play games in the evening.

The hostel authorities take us out for picnics every month. We have been to the Margala Hills, Lower Topa,Faisal Mosque, etc.

Mr. Ahmed is the warden of the hostel. He takes care of all our problems. He is very kind and cooperative. I am happy here and enjoying my hostel life.

Please convey my regards to Mother and love to all at home.

Your loving son,



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Duties of food and beverage manager?

What are the responsibilities of food an beverage manager

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What is the do not disturb procedure in hotels?

If the 'Do Not Disturb' sign is on the outside of the hotel room door, then the staff knows that the occupants don't want to be disturbed, and are to respect that request.

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Which is grammatically correct-hostels have closed for vacation or hostels have been closed for vacation?

Both are correct.

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How many Jews did Hitler actually live with in the mens' hostel?


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What is the hostel fee structure for BTech in KIIT?

48,000 p.a inclusive..............///////


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