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There are excellent exercises to lose stomach fat but it depends on your degree of commitment and if you will follow the guidelines without giving up after the first few days.

On this page, let's look at the guidelines. Then, at the bottom of this answer you will find page links to plans, lists, and exercises to enable you to achieve the Belly Fat Blast in the most effective way.

The best exercises to burn stomach fat are combination of cardiovascular (cardio) exercise and weight/strength training AND a specific change in eating exercises.

First, however, we need to know the cause of stomach or abdomen fat in order to avoid it in the future. Therefore, before we go on to exercise in more detail, permit me to say something about specific foods that cause fat to accumulate around the abdomen or stomach. Second, we will then look at the best exercises to lose stomach fat.


Over-consumption of refined processed carbohydrates is a major cause of insulin resistance and, by that, fat accumulating around the stomach and abdomen area. Therefore, in addition to the best exercises to lose stomach fat, you will need to change your eating habits to reduce or reverse insulin resistance and stop the stomach or abdomen fat from returning. If you are unsure what refined processed carbohydrates are, at the bottom of this answer you will find a page link leading to a full list. So, lets now move on to exercises.

Therefore, lets look at the best exercises to lose stomach fat and then move on to the required dietary changes


Some people think it is not possible to specifically target stomach or abdomen fat. This is a mistaken belief, however, if insulin resistance is causing the problem. (The apple-shaped figure is becoming increasingly prevalent because of an over-consumption of refined processed carbohydrates causing a degree (ranging from mild to severe) of insulin resistance.) We can have an abundance of body fat around the stomach or abdomen, whilst we are not necessarily fat elsewhere. Alternatively, we can be fat elsewhere but it is out of proportion to the abundance of body fat accumulating around the stomach or abdomen. When we target insulin resistance, we can target stomach or abdomen fat.

Moreover, over-consumption of refined processed carbohydrates is also a major cause of weight gain, obesity, high blood pressure, Heart disease, borderline and type 2 Diabetes, and many other diet related conditions and diseases (including insulin resistance).


Any exercise, sport or activity that increases your heart and respiration rate for a specific period is cardiovascular (cardio) exercise. There are different degrees from mild to intense. There is an inverse proportion between intensity and duration. Intense exercise must be brief! For example, you can sprint 100 meters, but you cannot sprint 5000 meters. Intense cardio exercises include running, interval training, and graded exercise protocol. Brisk walking is an example of mild cardio exercise.

Any meaningful cardio exercise that works to burn body fat overall will be equally successful in its ability to burn stomach fat when combined with a change of eating habits to reduce or reverse insulin resistance. At the bottom of this answer, you will find page links leading to free cardio exercises plans, both mild and intense.

Choose some kind cardio exercise that you dislike the leastand do it several times a week. Cardio exercise will increase the amount of calories your body uses during and immediately after exercise.

If unaccustomed to exercise, you may wish to seek the approval of your physician/doctor/GP before changing your exercise habits, especially if you already have any known condition or disease.


Proper weight/strength training will build more muscle. Muscle is your Metabolic Furnace that will burn additional calories 24 hours per day and not just when you are exercising. Do a whole body routine. Concentrate on the basic, compound exercises, which are full squats, deadlifts, presses, rows, dips, and chins. Learn proper exercise technique and use it on every rep. Don't worry you do not have to build huge bulging muscle (unless for some reason your want to). Even a little extra muscle will help.

Once you are able to train intensely, you'll experience DOMS. Wait 24 or 48 hours after all Doms has disappeared, to ensure systemic recovery before training again. Bear in mind that you do not grow in the gym. What you do in the gym stimulates growth during the recovery period. In addition, get plenty of sleep. Exercise is like medicine: too much is counter-productive and too little is ineffective. At the bottom of this answer, you will find a page links to free weight/strength training exercises and routines suitable for beginners or intermediates, young or old, male or female.


In addition to the best exercises to lose stomach fat, dietary changes MUST be made. As stated earlier in this answer, avoid or strictly limit refined processed carbohydrates (apart from an occasional treat). Over-consumption of refined processed carbohydrates is a major cause of insulin resistance, fat accumulating around the abdomen or stomach, weight gain, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and many other diet related conditions and diseases.

As deliciously addictive as refined processed carbohydrates tend to be, we do not flourish on them because our ancient ancestors did not evolve eating such foods. From around two-and-one-half million years ago until around ten thousand years ago and the Agricultural Revolution, our ancestors did not consume these foods. They did not yet exist.

Less than 1/10th of 1% of our genes have changed in the last 10,000 years. In terms of evolution, it is not that long ago! Hence, our bodies are so similar to the bodies of our ancestors. Our bodies were not designed to eat these foods. By that, many people have problems caused by refined processed carbohydrates. The diseases often referred to as diseases of Western civilization (such as the ones mentioned earlier in this answer) became wide-ranging in developed countries in the twentieth century mainly because of an over-consumption of refined processed carbohydrates.

Replace the refined processed carbohydrates with more of the specific fat burning proteins and make good use of the thermic effect of fat burning foods (drinking plenty of water enables you to utilize these nutritious foods). I suggest 3 quarts daily and adjusting your intake from there.
If you are unsure what these foods are, at the bottom of this answer you will find a list, and more about the thermic effect of these foods. Eating this way increase your metabolic rate, which is the key to achieving a low percentage of body fat around the abdomen or stomach.

An excellent book (covering all the above dietary details) that takes you by the hand and explains how to lose belly fat in a simple step-by-step way is the Belly Fat Blast by Anna Wright and Dennis E. Bradford, Ph.D. (Paperback or Kindle, which you can borrow or buy from Amazon.) It also shows you how many carbohydrates to eat daily and explains why you won't be hungry when you are eating those specific fats and those specific fat burning proteins from natural sources.


The best exercise to burn stomach fat is a combination of cardio and weight/strength training exercise, avoiding refined processed carbohydrates, and replacing those food with specific fat burning proteins to take advantage of the thermic effect of food. All this in combination will help to reverse insulin resistance and enable you to lose stomach or abdomen fat. Moreover, if you maintain this approach you will stop the fat from returning. Furthermore, you will be gaining additional unseen benefits in relation to optimum health!

For the lists, plans, and in-depth information to guide you step-by-step, at your own pace, use the page links given below.

  1. HOW TO LOSE STOMACH FAT THROUGH THE BELLY FAT BLAST - the best step-by-step guide
  2. MILD CARDIO EXERCISES plan 1 (the easier plan), plan 2 (the slightly harder plan)
  4. LIST OF REFINED PROCESSED CARBOHYDRATES (to avoid or strictly limit)
  5. FAT BURNING SPECIFIC PROTEINS (to replace the refined processed carbohydrates), and more about the thermic effect of these foods

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Is there a workout that will help me lose my stomach fat?

Generally speaking, cardiovascular exercise such as running or biking is the mosre reliable method for losing stomach fat. These types of exercises are complimented well by exercises which target the abdominal muscles, such as sit ups.

How can a teenager easily lose stomach fat?

you can do cardio exercises, which help you burn calories which burns fat. And do ab workouts like the bicycle and crunches :)

What are some simple exercises and good tasting foods to help lose fat?

Some simple exercises to help lose fat are cardiovascular exercises. These exercises could be jogging, jump roping and running. Foods that could help lose fat would be fruits.

I have an hourglass figure but a slightly big stomach what do i have to do to lose weight in my stomach area?

In order to lose your stomach fat area, you will have to do exercises such as crunches, sit-ups, and other ab- workouts.It's actually really difficult to lose fat just from your stomach. Depending on how much weight you have around your mid section, you might want to do aerobics/running/jogging as well as ab exercises as these kinds of exercises get all of the muscles moving. ALSO, suck your tummy in when you're doing aerobic exercises (not constantly of course, just for a few moments and then relax it)

How can I lose fat in my tummy?

Losing tummy fat is one of the hardest places to lose fat. It is usually the last place you lose weight when you are getting in shape. The best way to lose fat in the tummy is to do plenty of cardio exercises. Crunches and sit-up and very effective in losing fat and toning the stomach.

What is the best exercise to help you lose your stomach fat?

Exercises that help strengthen your core will help you look sleeker and reduce abdominal pudge. Pliates exercises and pole dancing exercises are both great for that.

Is excercise the best way to learn how to lose stomach fat?

Exercise and diet combined is the best way to lose stomach fat. Eating a well-balanced diet and increasing the number of calories you burn, combined with muscle toning exercises is the best option.

What exercises can get rid of wrinkled stomach skin?

Exercise gets rid of stomach fat. But unfortunately, no exercises get rid of stomach wrinkles or excess skin.

Will jogging get rid of belly fat?

Light workout and exercises are helpful to lose your belly fats. Exercises such as jogging, cycling, walking, running, swimming are some useful exercises to lose belly fat.

How do you lost belly fat and arm fat quickly?

The best way to lose belly fat is to follow a good diet and do exercises daily. You won't lose belly fat by fasting. Concentrate on whole body exercises rather than abdominal exercises alone.

How do you lose stomach fat and get butt fat?

plastic surgery

Where is it common to lose weight at on your body?

This is down to genes, generally its good rule of thumb that you will lose the weight from the places which have most recently gained the weight, e.g. if your stomach has had fat on for awhile but you have started to gain fat recently on your arms and legs, you will lose it from these places first before your belly fat starts to go. - Exercises done will not determine where you lose the fat.

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