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Potassium and calcium are both in period 4 of the Periodic Table because they both have 4 electrons in their outermost energy level. This means they both have the same number of protons and the same number of electrons, which puts them in the same period. Additionally, they both have the same number of shells, which is why they are both in period 4.

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Q: Explain why potassium and calcium are both in period 4?
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Which is strong electrolyte potassium chloride or calcium chloride?

Both potassium chloride and calcium chloride are strong electrolytes when dissolved in water or when molten.

Which is a hallogen poatssium or calcium?

Neither Potassium nor Calcium is a halogen since both are metals.

How are potassium and bromine similar?

The are both in the same period, period 4.

name two similar characteristics of potassium and calcium?

They both burn calories

Is it ok to take potassium and calcium at the same time?

Answer:In my opinion. for me, it is ok to take both potassium and calcuim at the same time because they are both nutrients that supplies the needs in our body.

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calcium, because they are both in the same period

Are Potassium and Calcium in the same family in the periodic table of elements?

Yes. They are because they are both are in the same group and are metals.

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they are i the same row on periodic table both want to give away an electron when forming bonds

Potassium has four energy levels how many energy levels do you perdict calcium iron nickel and zinc will have and why?

both have 4 energetic levels

Why is potassium and calcium rarely found as pure elements in nature?

They are both very reactive so it is likely that they will have reacted with another element around them.

What is the chemical reaction between potassium sulphate and calcium sulphate?

This reaction would not take place, as potassium and calcium are both metals and cannot bond with each other. The pattern of this reaction (if it were to take place) is double replacement, meaning that the he two cations would switch. In this equation nothing would happen because the anions (sulfate) are both the same.

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