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Explain hurricane monsoons and blizzard?

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A hurricane is a tropical cyclone with winds 74 miles per hour or more. A monsoon is a seasonal reversing wind with corresponding changes in precipitation. A blizzard is a severe snowstorm with strong sustained winds that last for prolonged periods of time.

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Will a hurricane in the south become a blizzard in the north?

A hurricane that travels far enough north can become a blizzard, but not necessarily.

How does the wind speed in a blizzard differ from one in a hurricane?

A hurricane nearly always has stronger winds than a blizzard.

Which is more severe a blizzard or a hurricane?

A hurricane is more severe. Winds in a hurricane range from 74 to about 190 mph. Winds in a blizzard start at 35 mph and rarely reach hurricane force.

What is a snow hurricane?

A hurricane that's got loads of snow in it, 'blizzard'

Which is stronger a blizzard or a hurricane?

Generally a hurricane is stronger, though some of the stronger blizzards can reach hurricane force.

What weather event usually includes heavy precipitation strong winds and surface air temperature below 0 degrees c is it blizzard tornado hurricane or thunderstorm?

blizzard sense its so cold

What is another word that belongs in this group tornado thunderstorm hurricane blizzard?

Winter storm is another word for this group tornado hurricane blizzard and thunderstorm

Name all types of weather?

fog, snow, rain, sleet, drout, flooding, flash, flood, tornado, sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy, hail, blizzard, hurricane, tsunami, twister, monsoons peoples, feel free to add more

What does it mean when they predict a hurricane type snowstorm?

It means there is a blizzard on the way. -_-

What are 4 types of weather emergencies?

tornado,earthquake,hurricane, and blizzard

What are four kinds of severe weather?

Tornado, Hurricane, Blizzard, and Supreme Heat.

What is the type of severe weather?

a blizzard, hurricane, tornado, microburst, hail etc

What kind of weather hazards are there?

tornado, blizzard,hurricane that is pretty much all.

What are different types of severe weather?

Thunderstorms, blizzard, tornado, drought, and hurricane

Which is the shortest storm thunderstorm hurricane blizzard or tornado?

Of these, tornadoes have the shortest duration.

Which forms over an ocean is it a tornado or a hurricane or a blizzard?

Any one of these can form over the ocean, but only a hurricane does so exclusively.

What is the difference between a monsoon and hurricane?

There is much difference between a hurricane and a monsoon. The primary difference is that a hurricane is a storm whereas a monsoon is a seasonal wind. Furthermore, monsoons are cyclic. Hurricanes are non-cyclic.

What is larger and more powerful a blizzard or a hurricane?

The size of both hurricanes and blizzards varies, though in most cases they fall in to the same range of sizes, though some blizzards are larger than even very large hurricane. A hurricane, though, is much more powerful than a blizzard.

What is the difference between hurricanes and blizzards?

blizzard you get snow, and possibly ice lots of it and in a hurricane you get heavy rain and lightninghurricanes also have stronger wind then blizzardsblizzards are cold weather hurricanes are warmA Hurricane is fueled by warm moist air and gathers strength over an ocean.A blizzard usually is formed by a deepening low pressure system that translates over a land mass in the winter.------------------A hurricane is defined by its structure and wind speed.A blizzard is defined by the conditions it is producing at the ground.-------------------A hurricane is a tropical cyclone.A blizzard is a way to characterize windy snowy conditions.-------------------A hurricane is a convective storm that produces large amounts of liquid precipitation.A blizzard does not necessarily produce a lot of snow, it can blow existing snow on the ground enough to reduce visibility and cause whiteout conditions.-------------------A hurricane can form in the late summer/early fall in the Northern Hemisphere.A blizzard can form in the late fall through early spring in the Norther Hemisphere.

What is a difference between a hurricane and a blizzard?

A hurricane has a name since 1950, forms in water, appears in Summers, and precipitation is mainly in the form of rain. A blizzard doesn't have a name, forms in land (out of water), appears in Winters, and precipitation is mainly in the form of snow. Both of them have wind.

What does the weather have to be to get Rock's Yellow Heart Event to work?

As long as it is not a Hurricane or Blizzard any weather will work.

What kind of weather event makes the front page of the news?

Hurricane Blizzard Tornado Flood Earthquake

What is the most dangerous blizzard?

The U.S has seen plenty of dangerous blizzards throughout its history. The Great Blizzard killed more than 400,000 people in 1888. In 1993, the Storm of the Century hit an area from Cuba to Canada and was a mixture of a blizzard and a hurricane.

What was the worst blizzard?

The Blizzard of 1888 has been called "The Great White Hurricane", and for good reason. Starting on March 12th and ending on the 14th, this colossal blizzard left snow drifts in some places that were fifty feet high. The East Coast from Maryland to the Canadian Maritimes was absolutely brought to a stop by this blizzard.

What is a non-example of a tornado?

Non-examples of a tornado: - hurricane - dust devil - wind storm - blizzard

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