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Q: Explain the affects of the direct and indirect light on the season in washington?
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Does indirect sunlight cause heat?

Yes, indirect sunlight does cause heat, although not as much as direct sunlight does.

What is the difference between direct and indirect vision in science?

Direct vision is your central vision. It refers to how and what you see when looking straight at an object. Indirect vision refers to your peripheral vision, which means the things you see "out of the corner of your eye" or off to the side while you are looking directly ahead.

What are The differences between direct and indrect heating?

Direct heating means heating an object directly by a heater but indirect heating means heating an object by another object which is being heated by a heater.

What is the difference between an indirect cylinder and a direct cylinder?

With an indirect water heating system and cylinder, the water that circulates around the boiler, pipes and radiators is kept totally separate from the stored water in the cylinder that is used for bathing. From the outside the indirect cylinder looks identical to the direct cylinder save from two additional pipe connections on the side of the cylinder. Inside the cylinder a coil heat exchanger is installed, which allows hot water from the boiler to flow into the upper connection and leave at the lower connection to return to the boiler for re-heating. The hot water in the coil indirectly heats the water in the cylinder. A Direct Cylinder is heated by a source located within the cylinder - such as an electrical immersion heater. Because the Immersion Heater is heating the water 'directly' the cylinder is called a 'Direct Cylinder'. In a direct cylinder there are no other external heat sources.

How do solar energy work in rainy season?

Some solar PV panels can collect some energy from indirect light, but most need direct sunlight to work.

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How do you explain direct and indirect speech?

Direct: "I can explain this", said JJ. Indirect: JJ said that he can explain this.

Explain the difference between direct light and indirect light?

Indirect light would be larger than direct light, because indirect light is from an angle, and it is usually dimmer.

How are direct hazards different from indirect hazards?

indirect hazards are hazards that have immediate affect, while direct hazards are hazards that is caused by something else before it affects

Explain the difference between a direct tax and Indirect tax?

1. The allocative effects of direct taxes are superior to those of indirect taxes. 2. Direct taxes are progressive and they help to reduce inequalities. 3. The administrative costs of direct taxes are more than that of indirect taxes. 4. Direct taxes are more flexible than that of indirect taxes. 5. Indirect taxes are more growth oriented than direct taxes.

What is direct expenses and indirect expenses?

what is direct and indirect expense

Pattern of direct and indirect speech?

definition direct and indirect statement

When do you say direct and indirect?

Hereunder several example of the employ of "direct" as an adjective: direct consequence, direct descendant, direct action, direct discourse or speech (British), direct evidence, direct cost. You can also use it to mean: frank, open, sincere; a direct answer, a direct way of doing things. "Direct" as an adverb: I shall write to you direct, the train goes direct to Boston . Several examples of the employ of "indirect" as an adjective: an indirect route, to make an indirect reference, to answer a question in an indirect way, indirect cost, indirect object, indirect discourse or speech (British).

What is direct indirect and direct-indirect order when writing letters?

What is direct order report writting

What is the indirect object in this sentence miss ortiz give the senator your report on Washington apples?

Miss Ortiz gave the senator your report on Washington apples.The senator is the indirect object. The indirect object always goes before the direct object. The indirect object can also be made into a phrase using to or for egMiss Ortiz gave your report on Washington apples to the senator

How are direct relationship and an indirect relationship different?

ones direct and the other is indirect..

Is you a direct or indirect object?

"You" can be either a direct or indirect object: It is a direct object in "I want to kiss you." It is an indirect object in "Henry is going to give you the tickets."

Is technique a direct or indirect object?

A direct or indirect object is a part of a sentence. A single word in isolation is neither a direct or indirect object. However, most nouns can be used in a sentence as either a direct or indirect object.