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Concrete language uses descriptions which create tangible images with details the reader can visualize. Its important to use concrete language because it is less open to multiple interpretations.

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Q: Explain what concrete language is and why it's important to use?
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What are examples of concrete language?

Concrete language is language describing physical objects and events. It is much easier to comprehend than abstract language which describes concepts or ideas. That is why writers use concrete language to help explain abstract ideas, which is called using metaphors and similes. He woke up feeling refreshed and renewed. (That's abstract) He woke up feeling like he had been slapped in the face by the cold salt spray of an ocean wave dashing against the rocks. (That's concrete)

Explain use of graphics in C language?

C has nothing to do with graphics.

Explain how aggregates are processed for the use as a Portland cement concrete ingredient or as a bituminous concrete ingredient?

There is nothing special about the aggregate, it is simply crushed rock that has been washed.

What can hinder communication?

explain the use of language can hinder positive interactiopns and communication

Is it better to use abstract nouns rather than concrete ones?

No, it is not. The important thing is to use the nouns that are most appropriate to convey the information that you want to impart. You can't tell how you hurt yourself or how to boil an egg using all abstract nouns; and you can't explain your hopes and dreams, your experiences or your feelings using all concrete nouns.

How sign language important?

Sign language is important because it allows individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate effectively. It provides a means for these individuals to express themselves, participate in conversations, and access information. Sign language also helps promote inclusivity and diversity by breaking down communication barriers between people who are deaf and those who are hearing.

Which word is an example of concrete language?

Concretenouns are things you can see or touch eg spoon, table, velvet eye patch, nose ring, green, walking.

The difference between langue and parole?

Langue refers to the underlying structure and rules of a language, while parole refers to the actual use of language in specific instances. Langue is more abstract and systematic, while parole is more concrete and contextual. Saussure's structuralist theory distinguishes between the two concepts to explain how language functions.

What do you use a search engine for?

To search for important information and facts about things both concrete and abstract.

Why is mathematics important to scientists?

Mathematics is the language of physics, and all the sciences are branches of physics. So if we are to explain, describe, or understand anything in our universe, we must use mathematics in one form or another to come to that understanding.

Explain why it is important to use constants in an experiment?

so scientist can compare result

Who do you write gangster language?

I do not promote or write in gangster language. It is important to use respectful and inclusive language in all forms of communication.