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An egg is fertilized when one sperm makes successful contact with the egg. An enzyme helps speed up the chemical reaction and the sperm can enter the egg.


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When the egg isn't fertilized, the egg starts to disinigrate. The lining of the uterus is to protect the egg, so it "sheds" off of the uterus and comes out.

A female and a male well you know get together and then the egg cell inside the female was fertilized by the sperm cell inside the male.That's how a turkey egg gets fertilized. It doesn't always require both a male and a female to fertilize an egg. Sometimes a female can fertalize it on their own, this I can't explain.

The fertilized egg becomes an embryo and later becomes a fetus.

An egg gets fertilized in the fallopian tube by a sperm, then it goes inside of the uterus, and inside the uterus it develops.

In a human female, eggs are fertilized in the fallopian tubes.

Egg is a female ova (female gamete) which once fertilized becomes a fertilized egg.Each fertilized egg has an external protective membrane( hard shell in oviparous). Often two female gametes get fertilized and have a common protective membrane (hard shell in oviparous).This is why sometimes(rarely) an egg has two yolks inside.

A male duck copulates with a female duck and she will lay a fertilized egg. If copulation does not occur she will lay an unfertilized egg.

According to the Science 9 text book, a zygote ( fertilized egg is about 0.1mm in diametre

When an egg is fertilized with an X chromosome, the child will be female. When an egg is fertilized with a Y chromosome, the child will be male.

Its formed when the female and male cells are united. Chicken eggs are fertilized by roosters.the sperm goes in to the egg and fertilises the egg . by cit

The girl's body will remove the egg in her period.

They aren't fertilized. A non-fertilized chicken egg is like a non-fertilized human female egg; only half of the equation.

If an egg that is laid is fertilized, it will become a female worker bee. If it was not fertilized, it will become a drone (male).

no. it is not possible because the egg needs to be fertilized by male sperm and if there is not, egg, nothing gets fertilized so, yeah, nope

It depends on which sex chromosome sperm type fertilized the egg. X for female. Y for male.

No. However the "egg" (ova) is fertilized to create a pregnancy in the female. But no, the chimp is not hatched from an egg.

Nothing unless that fertilized egg is incubated either by a broody hen or by placing it into an incubator for 21 days.

An egg is released from an ovary. If the egg is not fertilized, it is discharged along with the lining of the uterus. If it is fertilized, embryotic developement begins.

It starts growing.....into a baby........

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