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Explain why a phase changes are a property of an atom?


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Because atoms only go through phase changes

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what changes the charge of the atom

Because the only part of matter changed in a object is the formation of atoms inside not breaking any bonds in any molecule or atom but only the formation

atom is the smallest particle of matter

When an atoms gains an electron the atom changes into a negative ion and when an atom loses an electron the atom changes into a positive ion.

why atom and molecules are important to cell processes explain

Bohr's model of the atom doesn't explain hydrogen's flammability.

classical physics views energy changes as continuous. In the Quantum concept, energy changes occur in tiny discrete units called quanta

Atomic number is a characteristic property of an atom. Each element has its own unique atomic number, which is the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom.

Oxidation is when the oxygen atom gives up an electron atom to another atom.

NUCLEUS.Atomic energy is produced from changes within nucleus of an atom.

Nuclear, such as fission or fusion reactions involve changes in the nucleus of an atom.

The Bohr model explain the structure of an atom.

When an Neutral atom gains an electron its polarization changes and the neutral atom changes into Anion Which will atract positive Kations.

no because if number of protons changes then atom changes. and atom is classified according to its number of protons.

The Bald granny turns an atom into an ion

an atom changes into an ion when it loses or gains an electron

When an atom loses or gains electrons, it becomes an ion.

the atomic number never changes

- the phase- the mass- the electrical charge

One carbon atom can be attached to other carbon atom. By this unique property of carbon, that you can get very large number of molecules. No other atom has got this property. So life without the carbon atom is not possible.

it becomes a different atom and changes the atomic #

Electronegativity is a property of an atom and it describes the ability of an atom to attract electrons. The higher the electronegativity the stronger the atom attracts electrons.

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