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Oxygen has a higher affinity to the electrons than hydrogen does.

A polar bond occures whenever the electrons in a molicule is unevenly distributed.

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Does methanol have a hydrogen bond?

No, Methanol is polar, but Hydrogen bond is not there

Is methanol a covalent bond or an ionic bond?

Methanol, CH3OH is a covalent molecule

Does methanol have a ionic or covalent bond'?

A molecule of methanol has five covalent bonds.

Difference between polar bond and a polar molecule?

polar bond.

Can a molecule with polar bonds be a non polar molecule?

yes, a non polar molecule can have a polar bond, as long as it has another opposite polar bond to counter the first.

Acetonitrile is more polar than methanol why?

Acetonitrile is a more polar molecule than methanol because of the triple bond and lone pair on the nitrogen (N) atom in acetonitrile. This makes that end of the molecule highly electronegative, even more so than an oxygen (O) atom containing two lone pairs in methanol.

Does a sugar molecule have a polar bond to a gasoline molecule?

No, both are organic and should not have a polar bond.

Why is water more polar than methanol?

Water and methanol each have two polar bonds. Water has two O-H bonds while methanol has an O-H bond and a O-C bond. An O-H bond is more polar that an O-C bond because hydrogen is less electronegative than carbon.

Is methanol more soluable than methane?

Yes, methanol is CH3OH and methane is CH4. Methanol is polar (because of the O-H bond) and methane is non-polar (because it is a hydrocarbon.) Water (which is polar) will dissolve other polar things, but not non-polar things.

Is C6h12o6 polar covalent bond?

Yes. the molecule has polar covalent bond

Is ch4 bond a polar or non polar bond?

Carbon Hydrogen bond is polar.But whole molecule is non polar

Is CH4 bond polar?

C-H bond is polar.But CH4 molecule is not polar

Is the OH covalent bond in methanol intramolecular or intermolecular?

the OH covalent bond in methanol is intramolecular because its occurring within the molecule, where as intermolecular is between the molecules.

Which solvent is more polar methanol or acetonitrile why?

Acetonitrile is slightly more polar than methanol. This is due to the presence of the C-N triple bond in acetonitrile (CH3CN).

How do you find the polarity of CH3OH?

This is methanol compound. There is a polar -O-H bond.

What is an Example of a polar bond and a non polar molecule?

Polar bond: covalent (the sharing of electrons between metals and non-metals) Non-polar molecule: fats, oils, and gasoline

What type of bond forms a polar molecule?

Covalent bond.

Is cf3cl polar?

CF3Cl is a polar molecule. There are three C-F polar bond and and C-Cl polar bond. The bond dipoles do not cancel out and hence the compound is a polar molcule.

Is CH2Br2 molecule with polar bond?


Why is hydrogen gas molecule is non polar?

The bond in the molecule is covalent.

Why hydrogen gas molecule is non polar?

The bond in the molecule is covalent.

When does a shape of a molecule affect its polarity?

when the molecule contains polar bond

Is HCl covalent bond or ionic bond?

It is a polar covalent molecule.

How to figure out if a molecule is polar or non polar?

polar molecule when you have a covalent bond and the atoms bonded together have a big difference in electronegativity

Is SO2 a polar bond but nonpolar covalent bond compound?

SO2 has polar bonds but is a polar molecule as it is bent and the bond dipoles do not cancel one another out.

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