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Niche' usually refers to a specialist in a business sense. In an environment where ones organisation is a sole provider of a service and that service is also a specialist, there will be little competition for business - This gives the company greater advantage over other small business that has just recently been developed.

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Q: Explian why a niche company might have and advantage in a market?
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Explain why a niche company might have an advantage in a market Would price necessarily be an advantage Explain why or why not?

Explain why a niche company might have an advantage in a market would price necessarily be an advantage explain why or why not

What is competitive advantaged?

Competitive advantage is a term given to any factors that helps a business succeed over its rivals. If a business has a better location than another rival business, that would be a competitive advantage. Another example of competitive advantage might be the company's products versus a rival's products or a company's total market share.

Discuss two main factors that might influence the market price of a public listed company share?

market force and company's 'value'.

Which are the major differences between a primary and a secondary market?

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What are the pros and cons of mergers?

Benefits of Synergies Getting Assets at competitive rates More market share R&D of other taken over company/merged Company Removal of a competitor from the competition....

How might a small company gain a competitive edge?

By having a USP (Unique Selling Point), this gives a small company something that no other company has, giving it the edge on other company's in the market.

Why might a company move its production factory from Texas to Mexico?

To take advantage of lower labor costs

Highlight some environmental advantages that a company in Ireland might have compared to a company in China?

A company is Ireland has the advantage of operating in a country that has less pollution than China. Also, Ireland has less corruption than China.

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If you think there's an undervalued company in the market, then it might be. Check with a financial advisor before doing anything risky, though.

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A parastatal is an agency or company that is partially or wholly controlled by the government. An advantage is that the company has the entire resources of the nation backing it, so one bad decision that might bankrupt and collapse a private company will not do so with a parastatal.

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Many people might consider their charm an advantage over other applicants. Others might consider their organizational skills to be an advantage.

What is hidden psychological motivation and associations that might have hindered a new product 's acceptability in the market?

Colours, name, company's negative publicity