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You FIRST see it, then you HEAR it. The time delay depends on your distance from the source of the explosion. The explanation, light travels faster than sound.

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Do penguins see and hear when they are hatched?

yes they hear and see their parents first

How does Brian see and hear differently from when he first crashed into the lake in the book Hatchet?

how does brian see and hear diffrently from when he first crashedin the lake in the book hatchet

What Christmas song has the initials stnttlldyswis?

Said The Nightwind To The Little Lamb, Do You See What I See. It is the first line from the Christmas song Do You Hear What I Hear.

What you can see but can't hear what you can hear but can't see?

you can hear but not see your voice

What would happen first hear a gun shot or see a gun shot?

See it- speed of light, then hear it- speed of sound is MUCH slower.

Do you see what i hear do you see what i hear?

Are you talking about the song "do you see what i see"

If you g and hear a siren coming what should you do?

If you hear a siren there is nothing you can do though if you see them first cover your ears

When did Helen keeler did not see or hear?

after the first 19 months of her life

Why are you able to hear and see?

why are you able to hear an see

How can you see hear and meet your guardian angel?

First of all, there is no such real thing as a guardian angel, so I don't know how you would be able to see, hear and meet it...

When does baby first smile?

usually after they can see,which is after about 5 months.then they see and hear funny noises and faces.

Why do you see first and then hear?

because light travels faster than sound

What happens first when firing a rifle see the flash or hear the sound?

it will appear as though you will see/hear at the same time, but since light travels MUCH faster than sound, the flash comes first, and then the bang

Do you see or hear lightning?

You see the lightening, and hear the thunder.

Which comes first light or sound?

light travel faster than sound. see in real life we see lightning first then we hear the thunder.

What song has do you see what i see in its lyrics?

Do you hear what I hear by Carrie Underwood.

What would you hear or see in an avalanche that is occurring?

You can hear them. See then and taste them

What is the duration of See Hear?

The duration of See Hear is 1800.0 seconds.

How does Brian see and hear differently from when he first crashed into the lake from hatchet?

He hit his head

Why you see a distant event before you hear it?

You see it first because light travel faster than sound and if you can see it you will not hear it until later on because of the fact that sound travels MUCH slower than sound.

What percentage of things we read information we hear and pictures we see do we remember?

you only rember 90% of what you see and hear 15% of what you see and 30% of what you hear

Can animals see and hear things you can t?

Yes, they can see and hear things humans can. They can hear and see a bit better than us, too.

What are the stages of a puppy?

The Stages of a dogFirst stage: puppy small and red but not able to see or hearSecond stage: puppy is able to see and hear but not walkThird stage: puppy can walk,see and hearFourth :stage immature dogFifth stage: Mature dog

Can baby mice see?

Baby mice cannot see at first, but after about 10 days the babys eyes open and they can also hear.

Can worms see and hear?

no,worms cannot see and hear. they feel the vibrations and follow.

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