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Extra solar planets are planets that is outside of our solar system.

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What is the difference between exoplanets and other planets?

Extra solar (or Exo) planets are planets that do not orbit the Sun. Planets in our solar system orbit the Sun.

Are there planets in spiral galaxy?

yes, for example us and the rest of the planets in the solar system. to date there are also approx 400 extra solar planets discovered (planets beyond our solar system)

What are the planets all part of?

The solar system, the extra solar orbitting mass.

Which are the new planets?

The new planets that are being discovered are 'extra solar planets', that is planets which are orbiting other stars.

What are is a name of a planet that is not in the solar system?

Name the planets that do not exist in the solar system

Do the planets have moons?

Yes, all of the planets in our Solar System do. Some of the planets beyond do not. Extra: Moons are also called Satellites.

Haw many known planets are there?

9. Actually, there are 8 planets in our solar system. Pluto is no longer considered a planet. However, we have now found approx. 400 extra-solar planets, or planets in other star systems.

Are planets habitable?

Only one that we know of ... ours. Of the planets that we do know of (our solar system AND extra-solar) none are habitable (by Earth life). But, the probability that there are at least a few other habitable planets in our galaxy is excellent.

Are humans able to visit extra solar planets?

Potentially yes. We do not have the technology to get people out very far (maybe as far as Mars at present, but even that's debateable), but in theory we would be able to visit extra-solar planets as technology improves in the future.

What planet in the solar system has a longer orbit than Jupiter?

Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, here in our solar system. Our techniques for detecting extra-solar planets doesn't work well for planets in distant orbits around other stars.

Are there moons orbiting planets in other solar systems?

Most likely there are. But just detecting the presence of the 'extra-solar' planets is so delicate and difficult, we don't have the ability yet to detect the presence of their satellites.

When were the first planets formed?

Our current understanding of the formation of the solar system is that the Sun and all the planets coalesced at about the same time, approximately 4.5 billion years ago. For extra-solar planets, we know very little about them other than that they exist.

What planets have no moons?

In our solar system, neither Mercury nor Venus have any moons. For the 300+ extra-solar planets which orbit other stars, we have no way of detecting if the planets have any moons, although it is probable that many do. We're at the edge of our technology just detecting the planet. In theory, an infinite amount of planets have no moons.

Are there some planets that are not in the solar system?

There are planets not in our solar system...but in other solar systems

What are the three farthest planets from the sun?

Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are the three planets on our solar system that are farthest away from the Sun.However, scientists have discovered over 300 "extra-solar planets"; planets that orbit around other stars. They would all be much further away from our Sun than any of our own planets are.

What are the planets out of your solar system?

Planets that are not part of our solar system and in other solace systems are called exo-solar planets or exoplanets.

How money planets are there in your solar system?

There are eight planets and five dwarf planets in our solar system.

How many planets are in solar sy?

There are eight planets in our solar system.

How many planets are in the solar sytem?

There are eight planets and five dwarf planets in the solar system.9

What planets are most massive than earth?

In our solar system, the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are more massive. There are over 300 extra-solar planets known to be circling other stars; in most cases, only very massive planets can be detected at such ranges. It is likely that other smaller planets also exist, but we have no indication of that so far.

How do the planets line up in a solar eclipse?

Planets are not affected by a solar eclipse.

How many gaseous planets in our solar system?

they are 9 planets in the solar system

What do the planets in the solar system orbit?

Planets in the solar system orbit the sun :)

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