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Echinoderms are marine animals with radial symmetry. Some types of echinoderms are sea stars, sea urchins, sand dollars, and sea cucumbers.
Some starfish can shed a arm to distract the predator and then re-grow the arm in a matter of weeks.
No. A starfish is actually classified as an Echnioderm.
Star fish is not born , it develops from an egg to form a Bipinnaria larva which is 0.5 mm ,than late Bipinnaria1 mm, than Bracholaria larva 1 mm and at last a juvenile is formed 1 to 2 mm .
Blue Starfish are native to the Indian and Pacific oceans. They aretypically found near sunny coral reefs, as well as reef fringes.While they are also regularly found living in aquariums because oftheir popular bright blue color, they do not typically survive wellin such environments.
they eat the thing fish eat so that they would die
their ecosystem are in the ocean..most of the starfish spent their times in seashore they don't go under the sea because they cant breathe under water...
They have a spiny thorns so they will eat it
they don't have any
yes they do move fast not slow
they live in the dark an dthe light zone but mostly the light becasue thast when u will fined them on the beach and when you go into the ocean they aer inthe dark zone because they are at the bottom on the ocean floor and it is dark down at the bottom of the ocean
Starfish are echinoderms that belong to subphylum Asterozoa, andclass Asteroidea. There are approximately 1,500 species ofstarfish, and can be found through out the ocean.
Yes it is an echinoderm.
Sea stars are neither mollusk nor crustacean , they are asteroid echinoderms ,
it has spicks on the top of it
No, it's an invertebrate.
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All echinoderms have radial symmetry
I don't really know that but , I do know this. Godmade that creature very special. Well, everything is special butthe starfish is really amazing. To tell you the truth, when I wasyounger, I found a starfish and it was stuck to a rock. I wanted tohave it so, I took a stick and poked it. I kinda...
Starfish live in saltwater. Aside from that, their habitats varyfrom place to place. Some live on coral reefs, some in rockyshores, and some in tidal pools.
No; sea cucumbers are animals and transparent sea cucumbers are plants.
They live all over that place. Florida, California, Oregon.......
Brittle stars generally become sexually mature in two to threeyears, become full grown in three to four years, and live up to 5years.
Sea urchins or urchins are small, spiny, globular animals that,with their close kin, constitute the class Echinoidea of theechinoderm phylum. Echinus is the genus that contains the common sea urchin.
They may be used as sources of food.
they lose at least 2 a day
Wherever a crown of thorn starfish walks, the coral it just steppedoff of rots to dust in a matter of weeks.
The sizes vary from different species of starfish, but the averagesize of a starfish egg (unfertilised) is 90-100 micrometers indiameter. It is also a sphere-like shape.
They have enough surface area that they can breathe through theirskin. Random trivia fact: turtles can breathe through their butts.
Echinoderms, which include star fish, sand dollars, and sea urchins have an oral plate.
The body cavity in a starfish contains the circulatory system andthe haemal system. The body cavity also helps starfish bydistributing oxygen that has been distributed throughout the body,through the body.
They are in the middle of a food chain
Echinodermata have three germ layers. The germ layer is one of the three main layers of these organisms
the Chinese people eat them so they are predators
The bottom of a starfish is covered with hundreds of flexible tubes, consisting of a stalk (podium) and pod (foot). Internal water pressure expands the feet, which use sticky chemicals to adhere to various surfaces. To release its hold, the pod retracts into the podium and exudes another chemical...
Type your answer here... they are cold blooded but they sometimes go to rocky shores
The radial canals carry water to the ampullae and provide suction to the tube feet.
A biotic factor is any factor living in a biome. Examples arebamboo trees, lemurs, grasses, rubber trees, and insects.
There are about 1,800 living species of starfish. They live in all the oceans of the world. The greatest variety live in the tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean.
It is dependent on the environmental water temperature.
Simply crack open the sea urchin, using a knife, and the roe or 'kina' are small yellow or brownish 'tongues' inside. Scoop them out.
Asteroidea e.g. star fish , Ecinoidea e.g. sea cucumber .
triggerfish use water currents to knock them over, and then eatthem from underneath.
Echinaster echinophorus
sea lily, sea star, sea urchin, sea cucunber, brittle star, sand dollar
Ask me. I know a lot about starfish-- that they should be called sea stars, how they eat, how they reproduce, their habbits, I know several kinds of starfish like the serpent star, and the astrias vulgaris, or the northern sea star, and that they have 2 stomachs and little eye spots on the ends of...
sterfish are algae eaters, and they eat a certain type of algae thet kills most fish Do you mean starfish?
by following it carefully
Starfish, not truly a fish despite its name, does not, in fact, have two stomachs. From astounding new discoveries, we have found that this is not true; they have three . If you take a look at the Internet, it says that starfish have two stomachs. I am part of a team of science researchers trying...
lives for 8 years in aquariums but the actual life span isnt known
Starfish communicate both under water and on land. But some people are wondering why.
Yes, I think so.
Echinoderms such as starfish and similar marine animals with radially symmetrical bodies have bone-like calcareous skeletal plates in their skin
color helps them blend into coral reefs and the bumps or spines on their bodies scare predators so they don't want to eat them. But the only things that does eat them are gulls and crabs. (seagulls)
They prey on mussels, clams, oysters, crustaceans, worms, echinoderms, starfish, and sea urchins.. death
Contrary to popular belief, Sand Dollars are not shells/molluscs. They have the appearance of a shell because of their outer carbon-carbonate skeleton. They are actually living animals classed as echinoderms . Which is the same class as sea urchins and starfish. .
Predators of a starfish include sea otters, manta rays, sharks,seagulls, and many others depending on where the starfish isliving.the star fish is mamals only
Echinoderms are the only invertebrates that have five sided radial symmetry. Some may only have radial symmetry for part of their lives. Some, as adults, exhibit bilateral symmetry.
Starfish can regrow legs even if they are cut off and sometimes a cut off leg can grow into a new starfish. Starfish only need a piece of the center of their body to survie and of course food and water
Because they have to live in saltwater to survive.. Because they have to live in saltwater to survive.
There are some 75 genera of sand dollars, 29 living and 49 fossil,with quite a few species. is shown that after about 500,000 years of evolution a species often have a jump of rapid evolution that has physical and internal effects. This jump isn't as fast as you would think, it happens over about 100 years. In the past these "jumps" have included appearance of tails on a...
holler, dollar, caller
With their brains.
Star fish are on the lower rung of the food chain. Human beings caneat starfish, while starfish can also be eaten by other animalsthat human beings eat.
Starfish are eukaryotes, along with all other animals and plants
It evolved about 40 million years ago.
usually pink with darker pink spots
The suction cups on the bottom
kingdom: Animalia. Phylum: Echinodermata. Class: Echinoidea. Subclass: Euechinoidea. Superorder: Gnathostomata. Order: Clypeasteroida.
spikes and they do not have skin they have a Shell
Starfish are aquatic invertebrates but are oftenly called "Echinodermata" or the class Asteroidea. Happyanswers56: Starfish are aquatic invertabrates. so it's right.