Ultimate Frisbee

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Ultimate, commonly known as ultimate frisbee, is a sport which involves a flying disc. The object of the game is to pass the disc from one player to another player who is in the opposing team's end zone, similar to American football and rugby. Players cannot run with the disc, and can only move one foot while holding the disc.
In 1967, an Amherst (Mass.) College student named Jared Kass was the first to begin playing organized frisbee games with some of his fellow students. In the summer of 1968, he teaches 13-year-old Joel Silver about the game of frisbee at summer school, and Joel introduces it to Columbia High School...
Joel Silver, a student at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey USA, came up with the idea of ultimate frisbee in 1968.
1. Who plays Ultimate Frisbee? 2. Why should you play the sport? 3. How do you play Ultimate Frisbee? . 1. Ultimate Frisbee is a global sport, but, in some countries the game is referred to as simply ultimate because the name "frisbee" is under trade mark. The groups that play Ultimate Frisbee...
well you see. it isn't. Most sports require athletic ability. Ultimate is for hippies who are to fat and lazy to play something that requires some level of skill.
The game, explained as simply as possible Ultimate is played between two teams of seven players on a large rectangular pitch. A line drawn across the pitch at either end creates two "endzones" (like in American Football). These are the goal-scoring areas. A goal is scored when a team completes a...
Your team keeps possession of the Frisbee by throwing it to each other. If your team allows the Frisbee to touch the ground then it is automatically a turnover to the other team.
There are no referees. The players call their own fouls
A game starts by one team "pulling" the disc, which is similar to akickoff in American football. Each team stands in their respectiveend zones and one team throws the disc to the other team to startplay. This is done after every point is scored as well.
Play is redone whenever: 1. A foul call in the endzone is disputed 2. A strip (hitting the disk out of the throwers hand while the thrower still holds it) or other foul on the thrower occurs. 3. The pull goes out of bounds and the receiving team asks for a rethrow 4. The players dispute over any...
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Stripping is when the defender/mark hits the disc out of the handlers hand when they are not throwing it. Play will stop and play will continue one the disc is tapped in.
no because that would be cheating, gosh read the rule book
Wham-O is the brand that actual "frisbees" are a trademark of. UPA (Ultimate Player's Association) officially uses Discraft discs, the main competitor of Wham-o. In fact, ultimate frisbee is more popularily just called ultimate because of this.
in a USAU (USA ultimate) magazine, Nequa Valley High School in Illinois was featured as the best team. (Although our team versed them, and they are cheaters and have bad spirit of the game)
the cutters objective is to get open. The handlers objective is to throw to the cutter. The cutter wants to make it easier for the handler, so the cutter moves into open space so the handler can float the disc out easily and the cutter will run straight into it.
Ultimate Frisbee is a lot like football. There are two teams comprised of an equal number of players. The game is usually played on a football field so each team begins in their designated endzone (the field canbe shortened by determining the end zones as certain yard lines). One tea begins with the...
Max Curtis, Lucas Lewit-Mendes, Liam Hillier, Jacob Scruton, Loughlan De Burgh and Jared Purcell
The type of defense in ultimate frisbee is defending.
The rules of Ultimate (Frisbee) were first codified in the state of New Jersey in the United States.
A soccer feild is the most commonly used field, 10000000000000km x 10000000000000000km
Screens, aka picks, are illegal. If a pick is called, play is stopped and the previous possession is redone as if nothing happened.
University of Florida has a great team. National Champions a few times the past years.
There are basically 3 levels of Ultimate Frisbee. There's high school level, collegiate level, and club level. Collegiate and Club are the one's that are actually legitimate (kind of like college sports and professional sports). College season takes place during the spring semester, with the...
no i don't belive so but more and likely not!
It depends on location and age level, but in the Midwest there is USAU (United States America Ultimate) and in Chicago there is CUJO (Chicago Ultimate Juniors Organization)
If a player on defense catches a disc or hits it to the ground,then possession changes. The player may continue play going theopposite direction. If the disc hits the ground, any player maypick it up on his or her team to continue play. This is similar toan interception in American football.
No, you do not have to win by two in Ultimate Frisbee, just first to 13 or whatever you are playing to.
The given limit is 3 steps, in a straight line. But if you are moving at considerable speed then it's acceptable that more may be needed, a sporting agreement! However, if you move in an arc or turn as you come to a stop, this is considered traveling and can be called as a foul. In the newest...
Players call their own fouls so they can occur at anytime. When a foul does occur play is stopped, people stay right where they were, person throwing the disc gets is back, and play resumes as if nothing happened.
Ultimate is a limited-contact team field sport played with aflying disc (frisbee). Points are scored by passing the disc to ateammate in the opposing end zone. Other basic rules imply thatplayers must not take steps while holding the disc (maintain apivot), and interceptions and incomplete passes...
A regulation game disc is 175 grams.
Stalling is when the thrower takes more than ten seconds to throw the disc. The marker (defender on disc) is counting and if the thrower does not throw it in ten seconds, then it is a turnover. It is a way to speed up the game.
the offensive team switches to play defense and the previously defensive team picks up the disc and can attack their opponents end zone (i.e. they switch to offense). this happens whenever the offensive team drops the disc or it hits the floor whilst they are attacking, be it through a missed...
There is the person who is known as the "marker" on defense who isallowed within the space of a disc (if you placed a disc betweenboth players' stomachs it would hold there without bending orfalling). Any other defenders besides the marker must be no closerthan ten feet of the thrower. The only...
Throw it as far as your can, also known as hucking it
yes but they break really easily especially if there really big
I don't know professionally but if your talking about house league or school league there is the twitch where you twitch your arm for longer catches and the one I like to call the alligator.
It should be like the picture below all rights reserved to Google images:
The average player will sprint around 4 miles per 90 minute match on their cuts (offensive running pattern) and run a further few miles also. It varies for handlers and cutters. Handlers will sprint far less on offense however it depends on who they mark in defense how far they will run. Hope that...
It started in New Jersey of the United States of America.
The game of Ultimate (Frisbee) begins with one team throwing the disc from their end zone to the other team standing in the end zone at the opposite end of the pitch. This throw is called the " Pull ".
yes but it is called discus
speed, stamina, throws, catch, fakes, turns, hops, etc.
Colubia highschool in Maplewood, N.J.
Columbia High School in New Jersey
Columbia High School in New Jersey
it started in the late 80's
The Field -- A rectangular shape with endzones at each end. A regulation field is 70 yards by 40 yards, with endzones 25 yards deep. . Initiate Play -- Each point begins with both teams lining up on the front of their respective endzone line. The defense throws ("pulls") the disc to the offense. A...
Official rules day first one to score 13, unless you have a cap (time limit) on the game.
when you throw the disc over your head perpendicular to the ground with a lot of flick and then it flattens out
No, the positions are handler, midfielder, and long
No, according to a poll done by the USAU, the top five Ultimate Frisbee cities are: 1. Seattle, WA 2. Boston, MA 3. Boulder, CO 4. Philadelphia, PA 5. Madison, WI
Columbia High School in New Jersey
to block throws from coming through to the longs. mids must stay in the midfield, in front of the longs but behind the thrower (XOX mids are the O's)
The field can always be adjusted by a tournament director based onavailable space, but the USAU lists the standard field size as: 40 yards wide and 70 yards long. Endzones are not included in this,and are 25 yards long and 40 yards wide.
Well, there is no tackling, so if you could run, one person would just get it and run to the goal zone. Running with the disc seems like it defeats the whole purpose of having a disc.
The hardest part is gaining enough speed to pass the reverse field. Even too much tilting of the frisbee will slow you enough to fail. Launch frisbee when 1st shark is about to slide left. Enter ring slightly right of center, this will allow you to slip by 2nd shark (it will be on you right) and...
There are three postitions in ultimate Frisbee. They include: Handler- This person does most of the throwing/pulling for the team. They stay up front and are ready to quickly grab the disc and throw it. Midfielder- As the name says, this person stays in the middle and cuts left and right to try to...
How you do this is you must throw it to a man in the 'end zone' meaning there is no reaching out to the touchdown after you catch the ball.
You can have as many people as you want on the team, but on the field it is 7 on 7.
Assuming you mean the handlers teammates, this sounds like an offensive play known as a STACK. When the handler has the disc, the people in the stack, back to front, start to branch out and cut in different directions. This allows the team to spread out and be able to be open for the disc.
The Ultimate Player's Association (UPA) is the governing body of Ultimate (Frisbee) in the United States. Much in the same way that the United Kingdom Ultimate Association (UKUA) is the governing body for Ultimate in the UK. The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) is the international body which...
There was a company known as the Frisbie baking company who made pies. Teenagers would use the pie tins as what we call Frisbees to throw them at each other. Eventually, somebody made them as we know them today.
A huck is when you throw the disc as far as you can down the field, whether it be to get the disc out or to try to get a point from long distance.
Brodie smith is the most famous, but there are plenty of others. Like Bill "black hole" Finn and John "head full of nickels" Kolb.
It means that the play was a very stupid one.
The stupidest play I have ever seen in Ultimate Frisbee was the "on-side kick." When you are pulling, you throw it right in front of your zone and try to stall count it. However, the pre-stall and actual stall are ten seconds each, so it's hard to actually pull this play off.
American football, soccer, and the tossing of a disc.
Yes, when it is very windy it is hard to get a good throw off, making your defense a lot easier. Zone defense is always preferable to Man on Man when it is windy.
There is no physical contact in either sport and you pass to your teammates to reach a goal or zone.
go to upa.org and click on pickup page too find game in your area
No, if you have the disc in your hand you are not allowed to take a step, you only have a pivot foot. However, if you are in a full sprint and catch the disc, you can keep running while trying to slow down (known as momentum steps).
To score a goal or point in Ultimate Frisbee you must throw the disc to a player on your team while they are inside the end zone.
Every time a player catches the Frisbee in their correct endzone, they score one point. So one.
You are allowed to take three momentum steps when you catch a Frisbee. Meaning, if you are in a full sprint you can take three extra steps to slow down. However, once you establish a pivot foot you cannot take a step, you only have that pivot foot.
You are punished by death. Ultimate is a game of great skill, those who connot keep up, are forced to die.
Ultimate Frisbee is played seven on seven on a field slightly smaller than a football field. The goal is to throw the Frisbee to your teammates without dropping the disc. Once you get the disc into the end zone you get a point. However, the person with the disc cannot run with the disc. First to 13...
You can use a plastic plate but not paper or possibly a rubber disc
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When you throw a boomerang, it comes back at you, while a Frisbee does not.
backhand- hold the disc with your index finger on the rim and therest under it. keep the disc straight and snap your wrist whileputting your arm into it. Your arm goes across your body. forehand- put your middle finger on the rim with your index next toit and the ring and pinkie finger on the...
Handler- The quarterback of frisbee, this player is typically the best thrower on the team and must master many different types of throws. Midfielder- This player (on offense) makes cuts to try to get open to catch a handler's throw to advance the disc. On defense, this player trys to block a...
use a pancake, which is two hands slapping down on both sides of the disk. or , use both hands to catch the rim of the disk above your head
That there is no contact. Girls and guys of any size can play because the sport does not involve tackling or brute strength.
For some people yes. There are national and international teams that play for money.