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love is love. Age, race, sex etc doesn't define love. When you love somebody, despite your age, you'll know. If you ask me, 11 is too young to know such things yet: you're still growing at that age.
It's discharge from ovulation.
You type your question and if it is unanswered someone or an expertcan answer your question, or if you have a friend on Anyone can answer a question on if they sign up, so youare basically asking anyone.
She appears to be phi sickly attracted to you; touching you, being flirty and giggly
Yes as long as there is no sex. The 16 year old is still a minor and as a 19 year old an adult.
snatch him away!!! one day i called this boy i liked turned on the radio and the first song i heard i sang to the boy ...... we fell in love and now have a daughter (ellie) and a son (bobby) we love them so much and if it wasnt for that phone call i would have never been blessed with my amazing...
differently! ANSWER: First of all when you say it's his first time to cheat, but he did it 20 times, are you talking about having sex with his mistress or he cheated 20 times? If your wondering if he will do it again, probably if you given him 2-3 months of cooling off from you. Married man...
WikiAnswers is a great website for asking questions and getting answers. When someone has a question, WikiAnswers is one of the places they can go to get an answer. Answers on WikiAnswers also rank high on search engine results for many questions, so people can easily find out about the website...
your question is very controversial... and you may believe that but everyone fsalls in love with who they want... it is not based on heritage or religion. so there is no real answer to your question. Although your question would seem to be unfounded, it would seem you have witnessed people in your...
I don't think that anything would be wrong with them. . . hmm. . . why dont you test them? Kidding. . .i wouldn't keep them if you're really trying NOT to get pregnant.
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Of corse they are fan created but preaty good work And here is my 3 favorittes
What will I be able to do when I've finished this with the rational and irrational numbers.
Yes! We do and it is great
Pentose sugar Hydrogen bonds Nitrogen bases
If the woman is healthy and it turns you on it shouldn't do any harm, its definitely healthier then drinking coke.
Nevermind, forget I ever asked that. What was I thinking!?
Anal bleeding can be one of the following: . A cut caused by rough anal sex or rough anal masturbation. You should see a doctor, because cuts in the anus can very easily become infected by your faeces. You will be given a course of antibiotics to fight off any potential infections during healing. ...
Every woman is different.
Slide you fingers slowly in to her vagina and get faster and harder
de por si tener sexo sin condon seria una falta de responsabilidadcon tu pareja y contigo mismo.
Adderall, ritalin, percocet, lortab
You help others answer questions and ask questions yourself.
No. Stolen phones and black listed IMEI's are not eligible to beactivated on Straight Talk. You must buy a new one.
You would have less luck on this website looking for a job with horses than you would if you asked around or looked at a local newspaper for any job offers for working with horses.
There are no restrictions on pulling up information within anyclassroom, regardless of level. However, it would be wise toexamine any pages that are going to be shown to children ahead oftime, to make sure they are appropriate for the classroom. As withany wiki-based site, anyone can post here, and...
it does not arrive in it, thanks to the efforts of the cia in the 70' 80', Afghanistan grows the opium poppy which is exported troughout the world and later processed to become heroin
Having sex during your period may help provide pain relief for menstrual cramps by providing feel-good endorphins that are released during orgasm.
The answers here are "living documents," not just staticdiscussions. This site is very much like Wikipedia - in fact, ituses a modified form of the same software - but the tone isslightly different. People can come by and modify an answer to weedout the garbage and enhance a correct answer. That's...
The fear of long words. (I know, how ironic)
It depends on when you spayed the dog. If they already reachedsexual maturity, they would have had time to have sexual habitsform (such as mounting and arousal). Habits are hard to break. Theycan be less inclined to do those things (and some dogs just stopaltogether).
No. You can get pregnant through improper sex too.
Any normally functioning woman who has had her first period, but not yet had menopause. Call it 12 (low end) to 52 (high end). Fantastically unlikely cases like a 9 year old and a 63 year old being pregnant have been recorded. It's more usually 14 to 40.
Yes. Wikianswers is completely free to use.
if its DEAD its DEAD dont think about it
Because there are so many things going on, it is inevitable that there will be bugs. Usually they are caught before the new code is released, but a few slip by. Many features run off of thousands of lines of code, and even the best programmers will make mistakes.
There are only five oral drugs approved by the FDA for thetreatment of erectile dysfunction, tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil(Levitra, Staxyn) avanafil (Stendra) and sildenafil (Viagra).
The odds are very low. Sperm only lasts for a few hours after ejaculation, and just wearing pants which have been ejaculated into would not provide for the penetration which facilitates pregnancy.
there is no such thing in runescape as a weemee account hope this helped add me if you have any question (CYCLON3X111)or(illdog9512)
Most likely the white secretion in your genital area is a yeastovergrowth that can be easily brought back into balance with OTCremedies you can buy in a drugstore. You can ask the pharmacist forhelp. Best to get it checked out by a gynecologist, though, to be sure itis not a more serious infection....
Yes, there were several photographs featured in the magazine.
kick between his legs
Jeopardy The Final Episode.
There is no scientifically accepted evidence that extenze works at all. This type of product does not go through the same trials and tests that prescription and over the counter drugs must pass. As such, there is no evidence of efficacy or safety, let alone time to "onset."
a womens vagina returns to its original size after stretching to a certain level...pregnancy can cause it to stretch and physiologically its normal so its not harmful
Yes you can, although schools during operating hours are not a high-risk location. Note that any type of assault may occur pretty much anywhere, although some places are, of course. safer than others. Schools, being highly supervised, are typically amongst the most safe locations.
no but he can eat you out like with his mouth
obviously it looks like anyone els that is naked
For people, the correct meaning is someone who has not engaged in sexual intercourse. Some say any kind of sexual act with another person signifies lost of it, while others believe only sexual penetration of the vagina with a penis is qualified. It would depend on your views towards sex, but it's...
If you have been trying to get pregnant for one year or longer, see your Doctor and yourself and your partner can have some fertility tests performed. Sometimes you can be very fertile but cannot conceive quickly. There is no set time on when you can conceive, but I understand how frustrating and...
No, you should never snort Citalopram or any other prescriptionmedicine. Only take the medicine the way the doctor prescribed themto you.