Baby Booms

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Baby booms are periods of time that the birth rate is much higher than the norm. Post wartime is a common time for a baby boom. This is attributed to the homecoming of soldiers and an increased economy.
Soldiers coming back from war and celebrating life...alot.
After World War 2 and the Korean War the soldiers came back glad to see their wives or to get married to their fiances. Therefore many babies were born. People felt like they now had money to care for their children.
the population grew and music grew, for instance Elvis Presley and The Beatles
demand was raised for different goods with each age the baby boomers reached.
People say that since the men from the war came back home to their wives and fiances, they had kids?. (:
placing an enormous strain on the social security system
A baby boom is any period marked by a greatly increased birth rate
There were two reasons for the baby boom in the US and UK:. 1. The end of unemployment was an important factor in the early stages (1942-44). Overall, especially in the U.S. growing prosperity meant that many people were better able to provide for kids.. 2. From 1946 onwards the sudden return of...
Answer . First, lets understand what the "Baby Boom" really was, shall we?. With so many Canadians men out of the country in the armed forces, the birth rate fell in Canada.. When the war ended, in 1945, men started to be allowed to come back to Canada, and after being away for as much as 5 or 6...
A baby boom is a term used for a period of significant increase in birth rate, particularly used to refer to the increase in birth rate following the return of servicemen at the end of World War II.
a dramatic increase in birth rates during the post-World War II era your welcome yussuf
The significance of the baby boom of the late 1940s were very essential to American history. During World War 2, our country had fell through many cracks and had fought through some tough times so after the war had ended our country had time to mend itself and unite as one again. This was the start...
Baby boomer. This refers to people born in the 50's (maybe late 40's). This was a time when there was a boom or sudden increase in the birth rate.
There was a baby boom in the U.S.
First you must understand that there was no birth control pill during and after World War 2. The pill came along after the baby boom. From 1945 to 1964 millions of men and women married and had lots of children. The reason the pattern continued so long was because the Korean war occorred so soon...
We all became middle aged............
The changes in the American population that have been brought about due the baby boom are that there are far more men and women reaching retirement at the same time, which has now become a struggle for the government to have the funds to back programs like Medicare and Social Security.
From about 1946 to 1963, when the contraceptive pill reduced the birthrate sharply. _____ Once the war was over millions of men returned to the U.S. (and also Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada) who had been overseas for as much as 4 years. Over the next 5 years these millions of...
The economy was bouncing back because they started to gear toward products.
population of children increases rapidly
The baby boom began after the men returned from the war. The span of the baby boom was 1945 to 1964. The Korean war fed into the baby boom too. (I am one of those!). Teachers were fired as enrollment dropped
The government payed families money to have children. I believe they did so to replenish the population after the Second World War.
The baby boom generation affected demand for certain goods by leading to a higher demand for baby clothes, baby food, and books on baby care. - You're WelCUM
The baby boom happened when our soldiers started coming home after the end of world war II. They had been away from their wife's and girlfriends for 1 to four years and were in the mood for lots of loving. Hundreds of thousands of babies were born during this period of time and that is why they are...
negative because eventually they will be really old and all need retirement stuff. because of this we will pay more for pension but it really isn't going towards us, and by the time we get their pension might not exist because it was been used up :P
good more people . It created new businesses .
It happened in between the years of 1930-1956. It happened because the Worlds birth rate increased so rapidly that it was called the baby boom.
The "baby boom" galaxy is approximately 12.2 billion light years away from us.
The causes of the baby boom was that the baby boom was a monster that can destroy a big city
Prior to the Baby Boom, there was a period of approximately 20 years in which having children would have been difficult due to the Great Depression and World War II. The Baby Boom reflected the sudden removal of economic and social pressures that kept people from starting families. [3] While...
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yeah there was there was a boom in everything , because the men who had surived thought about how they survived the war and about all the loss made so they had kids by the handful
The population grew quickly
The period generally known as the Baby Boom occurred after World War II. The Great Depression occurred many years earlier. The two are unrelated.
The importance of the baby boom is significant because every hour 1 person is turning 65 and in around 2015 or 2020 there will be 70 million baby boomers as compared to about 40 million today (2011) As all of these people get older, they are all trying to retire. All of them will be looking toward...
women had to get two jobs to support their families.. - apex bybrenda...
The baby boom was a product of the ending of WW2. Being around mostly men for a long time, when the men came back from war, well, they were ready for some love making. Also, there were no men for the women since they were all at war so when they came back, both sexes were eager and willing. Love...
a dramatic increase in birth rates during the post-World War II era
Because there was so many "hippies" getting pregnant and protesting for the "free love" movement.