American Eskimo Dogs

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The American Eskimo Dog is a small to medium-sized dog which resembles a miniature Samoyed in appearance. It is a Nordic-type dog with a white or white with biscuit cream coat. With its playful and eager-to-please temperament, a well-trained American Eskimo Dog can become an excellent companion animal when provided with sufficient exercise. Learn more about the American Eskimo Dog here.
A member of the Spitz family, the "Eskie" descended from theEuropean Spitz', including the white German Spitz, the whiteKeeshond, the white Pomeranian and the white Italian Spitz.Contrary to its name, the breed has nothing to do with the Eskimoculture. During the 19th century in America, the breed...
The American Eskimo dog is a domesticated breed. They don't live inthe wild. They live next to humans, frequently in their homes ifthey aren't "outdoor" dogs. American Eskimo dogs prefer milderclimates, as their thick fur can make hotter climates dangerous.
No. Despite looking similar, they are not closely related.
the best way to train an American eskimo is to kennel train. this breed is extremely destructive and suffers badly from separation anxiety. i know because i have one. the breed is also very hard-headed, so consistent training is the key behind proper training and proper care. the fur is easily...
They can in proportion to their bodies, but they are a small dog,so it wouldn't be as high as some larger dogs can jump.
Yes. They tend to shed a lot throughout the entire year. They willneed constant attention with brushing and a good vacuum at home.
It is best to talk to your breeder about how much they have beenfeeding their Eskies, as they would know better than most. However,most Eskies only require two or so cups of food a day. It is bestto work with your dog to see if you would rather like to have foodalways out for them, or have a set...
They tend to shed throughout the whole year quite a bit, but itintensifies even more at the beginning of each season. This is whatI have noticed with mine.
The American Eskimo Dog was originally the same dog as the GermanSpitz. However, because of anti-German prejudice after WWI, whenthese dogs were brought into the United States, they had to becalled American Eskimo Dogs or no one would want to buy them. Aftera century of living on a different...
There is no information on whether American Eskimo Dogs enjoyswimming. However, many dogs, given the chance, do enjoy swimming.
That depends on the dog, not the breed. Typically a small-mediumcollar is recommended.
You won't typically find them in a hypoallergenic list, but many breeders and rescue groups have stated they are. It's not so much the shedding, but the dander.
The American Eskimo came from the country Germany south Germany actually.
No, the American Eskimo Dog sheds heavily, making them unsuitable as pets for people allergic to dogs.
Nipping and Biting is a trait of that dog that is very hard tobreak. The ASPCA has a section on their website about Mouthing,Niping, and Play Biting. It's a great section to read and I wouldhighly recommend it.
depends Eskimo dogs if you train them right they can be gentle and kind
AED's tend to be very protective of children and love to be aroundthem. However, you should still pay close attention to how your dogwill act around your child for an extended period. Since dogs can'ttalk, it's hard to determine how they interpret this new additionto your home right away.
AED's were originally used as guard dogs and watch dogs, despitebeing smaller in size. Though this would depend on the dog and thesituation, it is likely that your dog would try to defend you.
Their fluffy white coats and smaller size are their definingfeatures.
This breed is domesticated and lives with families and breedersaround the world.
No. They are highly intelligent and need to have an experienced anddominant owner, so as not to think they are the ruler of thehousehold. If you allow the dog to believe he or she is the rulerof your home, many varying degrees of behavior issues will arise,including but not limited to: separation...
They would need a cool place to stay, with shade and, preferably,with air conditioning.
if taken care of correctly, fed well, kept inside and in a fenced yard and only out of the house and fenced yard on a leash, vetted yearly, on heartworm preventive, well bred (no puppy mills) then can easily live to be 16 if not older.
The American Eskimo is one of the Spitz families of Nordic breeds. They are closely related to the white German Spitz. German Spitz were eventually brought to America, where the name changed to American Eskimo Dog, due to the widespread anti-German feelings during World War I. Today they are known...
The American Eskimo Dog was originally the German Spitz before itwas taken from Northern Europe to North America, where over acentury it grew into a different breed all its own.
An AED is also called and Eskimo Spitz, American Spitz, and GermanSpitz. However, a Japanese Spitz, despite looking similar, is notrelated to the Eskie.
The size. The only difference is in size. Toy: 9-12 inches and 6-10 lbs Miniature: 12-15 inches and 10-17 lbs Standard: 15-20 inches and 18-25 lbs
Their fluffy white coats and smaller size are their definingfeatures.
my american eskimo is almost 17 and is perfectly healthy.
Breeders for these dogs are incredibly difficult to find in the UK.I would suggest looking into breeders from the United States whowould transport a dog to the UK for you.
Anything with hair CAN be shaved, but it isn't recommended for thisbreed.
This is a breeder to breeder thing. If you find an unusually cheeppure-bred AED, you may want to do some more research into thatbreeder. There could be a serious problem.
An American Eskimo Dog can develop back problems the same as anyother dog. They are not prone to back problems, but accidents andinjuries do happen.
Seattle's climate shouldn't be a problem for an American Eskimo Dog. This breed can acclimate themselves to warm weather, and most of the time it's not terribly warm there. During the summer months or a heat wave, provide plenty of shade and fresh water whenever your dog is left outside. In the...
They are naturally wary of strangers, but once introduced theybecome instant friends. Eskimos need to be part of the family witha firm, consistent, confident pack leader. If you allow the dog tobelieve he or she is the ruler of your home, many varying degreesof behavior issues will arise, including...
They are not a wild breed anymore. They are a domesticated dog andlive with breeders in many different countries.
If they have been properly trained and have a dominant owner, thenyes, American Eskimo dogs can and probably will be nice.
Eskies tend to be picky dogs, and will let you know right off thebat what they will and will not eat for dinner. However, mostbreeders will tell you to mix dry and moist dog food. Try not toswitch brands overnight, instead mixing the old and new brandtogether. Switching right off can cause severe...
Toy: 9-12 inches and 6-10 lbs Miniature: 12-15 inches and 10-17 lbs Standard: 15-20 inches and 18-25 lbs
They tend to live 11-15 years.
No. Despite looking incredibly similar, they are not closelyrelated.
The American Eskimo Dog go its name because it the American breed of the type of dog. The dog got the Eskimo part of its name because it has a very thick coat that can withstand the environment that Eskimo live in.
The American Eskimo Dog is a domesticated breed. This means they donot live in the wild, but rather live WITH humans. However, Eskiesare better suited to cooler environments than warmer ones becauseof their thick coats and long fur.
\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThese dogs (or any cold weather dog) really shouldn't be shaved down, but if they are extremely hot I suppose there isn't any choice. Usually people with these dogs let the dogs swim (if they like it) or keep them in the shade outside in the yards with lots of water...
There is no special reason beyond genetics.
Toy: 9-12 inches and 6-10 lbs Miniature: 12-15 inches and 10-17 lbs Standard: 15-20 inches and 18-25 lbs
When the American Eskimo dog is groomed their nails need to bedone, their fur brushed, and the ears cleaned.
No, the American Eskimo dogs don't require a lot of grooming.
The American Eskimo dog has a fluffy fur texture.
No, the American Eskimo dog is not very popular in Germany.
The original function of a AED was as a guard/watchdog. They arealso incredibly smart dogs, very easy train, making them excellentdogs for entertaining. This was proven during WWI, when they becamepopular circus dogs.
They can be, yes. However, American Eskimo Dogs have a verydominant personality. This can make it hard for an inexperienced orsubmissive owner to have a well behaving or affectionate dog.
Yes, this breed is protective, but with the proper training,aggression shouldn't be an issue.
No, the American Eskimo Dog has a low tolerance of heat. It has a dense undercoat which insulates heat.
Yes, the American Eskimo Dog is good at tolerating the cold. It has a dense undercoat which insulates heat to keep it warm.
Other names for the American Eskimo Dog are Spitz Standard EskimoDog Miniature Eskimo Dog Toy Eskimo Dog Eskie
Not necessarily, with the right research. The internet is a greatplace to find the best breeder for you.
Yes, except for the chance of allergies, American Eskimo Dogs tendto be very healthy dogs. With the proper care, at least.
They can be incredibly protective and energetic, so it's probably ayes, but this would really depend on the specific dog. A dedicatedowner can train this out of them.
This is a dog to dog trait, as opposed to a breed trait. With theproper training and supervision, as well as the provision of properchew toys, this can easily be avoided.
Most dogs like to dig for a specific reason, such as to get cool orget to an animal. However, with the proper training andsupervision, this can be easily broken.
They have a very dominate personality, and this could mean that foryou, they could tend to pee and poo wherever they wish. This is,unless you establish correct dominance over your dog.
The Japanese Spitz looks very similar to the AED, despite not beingclosely related.
Yes. The American Eskimo Dog's undercoat is dense and its outer coat is made of longer guard hair growing through the undercoat.
Pure bred, AED's have black or sometimes brown eyes. However, crossbreeding has become common to produce AED mixes with blue eyes.
The German Spitz and AED used to be the same dog, but a couple ofcenturies on different continents have led to them being separatebreeds.
This is more of a specific dog thing than a breed thing. The breedas a whole isn't, but your dog may be.
Yes, the American Eskimo Dog is prone to skin allergies
No, the breed is not prone to heart problems. However, regularcheck ups with your vet should be scheduled to see if your dog hasdeveloped something.
No, the breed is not prone to respiratory problems. However,regular check ups with your vet should be scheduled to see if yourdog has developed something.
Short answer, no. The American Eskimo Dog has been found to havesome dogs who have hip dysplasia, but it is not a common thing forthe breed.
The American Eskimo Dog is prone to have seasonal allergies, amongother allergies, so skin infections can be a side effect of this.
The American Eskimo Dog is prone to have seasonal allergies, amongother allergies, so eye infections can be a side effect of this.
The American Eskimo Dog is prone to have seasonal allergies, amongother allergies, so ear infections can be a side effect of this.
That depends more on the specific dog and the training (or lackthereof) that went into the dog. If you train your American EskimoDog correctly, you shouldn't have any problems, but it takes workand dedication. It won't just happen on its own or overnight.
No. With the proper training, any dog can really be a watchdog, butthis dog is not the best for the job.
Yes. They are very social, energetic, and hyperactive dogs.
Given a good shelter and kept at a decent temperature, whetherheated or cooled depending on the time of the year, an AED could bekept outside. However, it is not recommended for this particularbreed.
Yes, the American Eskimo Dog was recognized by the AKC in 1994. This dog breed is in the Non-Sporting Group.
No. Despite having an incredibly close name, they are not closelyrelated at all. The closest relative of the Canadian Eskimo dog isthe Greenland Dog.
No. The Japanese Spitz's closest relative is the Pomeranian. Thesetwo breeds (American Eskimo Dog and Japanese Spitz) aren't actuallyclosely related at all.
No. Though all dogs share a common ancestor, they are not closelyrelated, despite looking similar.
Any carnivore can eat an American Eskimo Dog.
I have an American Eskimo that is turning 14 this month-Sept. 09. (or if you asked her, she's 98!) She is healthy as can be too!
This is called, tear-staining. If they are rubbing at their eyes alot, you should book an appointment with your vet. This could bethe start of a chronic eye problem. However, tear staining on whitedogs is common and shouldn't be too big of a worry. Still, bettersafe than sorry and you may want to do...
Yes because they are extremely gentle and good with kids and other dogs. They are also easy to train and are extremely cute.