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With company air filter its 100 - 110 km/hr With K & N its 140+
1.9 mach,(2120 km/h)
65mph stock and 75mph tuned
It can get to 200 mph, and does 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds.
they are limited to 130 or 135 but sofware exists to remove the limiter, depends on which engine is in it, an R or T5 can do 150 with the limiter removed
The 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt has a factory speed limiter set at 151 miles per hour.
I have timed my Border Collie ( Bobby ) several times over one hundred yards, with a stopwatch. Comes out at about 6 seconds, which is 34 mph, and that is from a lie down start, on a recall command. Add to that agility, stamina, intelligence and a natural herding instinct, and you have a special...
The average crusing speed of Concorde was more than twice the speed of sound - Mach2.2 (After Earnest Mach).or 1330 mph
It depends on the variety and terrain the tank is in. The older models could do 42mph on road and 25mph off road. However, the newest versions could do about 60mph on road and 36mph off road.
I own a 2006 Kawasaki Bayou 250 that was purchased new, I have raced my friend and he owns a 2001 Honda Sportrax 300ex, the Bayou does up to 4th gear on the Honda, so around 50-55 mph is max mph.. - Quadrider7
302 km/h. That's top result I achieved with my 2009 Ducati 1198s with Akrapović exhaust; with stock exhaust it would be around 4-5 km/h slower...
on my vuka tm125 i get a top speed of aprox 85-90km/h. which is not bad regarding the knobly tyres and big sprocket. off road the bike preforms realy well! great fun!
The top speed listed for the F-16 is Mach 2+ (in excess of 1500 mph).
The F-117 is a sub-sonic (or transonic) design with a maximum speed of .9 Mach, or a little over 600 MPH at 35,000 feet. It is capable of exceeding the speed of sound in a shallow dive.
Practically speaking, a street stock Superbird, properly geared, may achieve around 140 MPH or so top speed.
I've gotten my 4 cylinder engine up to 120mph. The engine does not have enough horsepower to go any faster but the transmission can still keep going.
For the '90's Mclaren F1, it is 241 miles per hour. It is still faster than an Enzo. The Mercedes Mclaren SLR is 208 miles per hour.
It depends what RC car you have stupid
Depends on whether it's an SE, R/T or SRT
i have an 03 crf450r mostly stock and ive hit 91 and might get about 93
Mine is moded and will do 60mph
Depends on what are you running the 49cc engine on. But for a scooter, not pocket bike, on a flat road 70km/hr at max. You need to make your body flat also to cut the air. Otherwise about 65km/hr standing up This is from all stock engine and scooter. If downhill 75km/hr and doesn't go more at...
bout 75-80 . If you mean Kawasaki, the motorbike, it has a top speed of around 65-72 mph
This question is 100% UN answerable factors involved are infinity..... gear ratio,veh.weight,altitude,up hill,down hill,the salt flats....blah,blah. I would assume without a doubt,theres a 140hp. that will turn the 200 mark it may take 3miles to get there.....
Faster than you can handle, but its around 80mph stock. It can be easily altered with changing the sprokets! . Faster than you can handle, but its around 80mph stock. It can be easily altered with changing the sprokets!
157 With the 350 140 with the 305 (TPI) Assume the speeds will be less depending on age of the car and if the motor is bone stock
ive frequently seen 160 with no problem, after that, the cruise to 169 takes a while. it will prob go a few miles and hour faster, mayyyybe 173. ive hit 169 a few times.
It's 1,850 miles per hour or Mach 1.82.
i did 150 km/hr with my 1st generation dicor and was going for more ,bt had to stop bcos of an idiot innova driver was overtaking tata ace.....
Approximately 92 MPH on the 1990 model.
2011 Explorer is only has V6 3.5 engine. Most of US SUV's top speed limited to 112 mph.
The Jaguar E-type 4.2 Inline 6 (265 Horsepower.) held the top speed record for a production car when it was released in 1963. Official tests said 150mph. But in reality, production cars could max out at only 140-145mph. The Jaguar E-Type is considered by many to be the most beautiful car ever...
With stock gearing, it will top out at around 72 mph.
The top speed of a Ferrari Enzo is over 350kph (217mph). The top speed of the Ferrari Enzo is over 221 miles per hour it has an engine output of 900 horse power. The car will be made of lots of carbon fiber to decrease the vehicle weight.
Depends on when it was built, and whether it has been customized. If you are talking about "normal" ones bought since 1999 or so in the US, they are set so that they stop accelerating at 120mph. Ones built before that feature was mandated could go much, much faster. Also a typical stock Toyota...
The Mongolian Wild Ass can attain a speed of 40 miles per hour.
i have a 01 sephia and ive gotten mine to125 stock. Ran out of road and i still had some power left so id say maybe 130 stock IT IS UN SAFE TO DRIVE OVER 85 TOO LIGHT
it depends on what sort of motorbike u get heres a listing GEOVANIE: 45-55mph YAMAHA:65mph HONDA:55-67mph KAWASAKI:55-70mph heres a listing of 49cc speeds geovani: 45-49mph heres a listing off 125cc YAMAHA:85-110mph KAWASAKI:90-105mph HONDA:90-115mph SUZUKI:90-111mph and heres a price range ...
310mph if tuned correctly
50mm? lame... i thought 50mm was the size of your brain
It depends on which version of the Veyron that you are speaking of. The regular Veyron has a top speed of 407 km/h, which equates to 253 mph. However, the Veyron Super Sport has a top speed of 431.072 km/h, which equates to 267.856 mph.
The top speed of the 125 ttr dirt bike is determined by the surfaceupon which it is being ridden as well as the weight of the personridding and gear. Ordinarily it can do speeds of up to 85mph onslopes and 55mph on flat terrain.
I have had mine to 168 and it still have some more to go. I would say around 175 or so.
Souped up it can go 75-80
for a pit bike in good condition a 110cc bike should be expected to hit 60MPH but mine hits 68MPH
Approximately 90 miles per hour.
Depending on engine/transmission, around 110-120 MPH.
75-78 mph with stock gearing. ya right well over 90 The polaris outlaw 525irs stock will only go 63 Just depends what surface you're on, 55mph gravel and about 65 mph paved
1.8 120mph 2.0 135 mph 2.4 up 155 mph limited
The Nissan Laurel C32 had several different engines. The strongest engine was the V6 RB20DET with 129kW/175PS. The top speed of thenissan laurel with the VG30E V6 engine was more than 200km/h. So it's approximately 210 km/h.
154 mph stock 163mph without a governor, 155 with it.
My Ozark is an 2002 and it tops out around 60 mph
Answer I just saw Reggie Bush hit 22 mph on MNF - he is wearing pads and carrying a football. I am guessing a top sprinter would be 10-20% faster, so maybe 26 ish mph? {Author A}In the Olympics a man ran a 9.6 sec hundred meter dash. There are 16 of these in a mile. So 9.6x16=153.6 is the time...
Sorry- but there is no direct correlation of horsepower to speed. A large bulldozer may have a 1,000 horsepower engine, but only move at a top speed of 10 mph. A drag racer with a 1,000 horsepower engine may move at 300 mph. It comes back to the gearing, torque of the engine, weight and streamlining...
The top speed of a Ferrari 599 GTO is over 208mph* (about 335kph**) according to Ferrari's website. mph*- miles per hour kph**- kilometers per hour
the top speed of a virgin pendolino unlimited is 140mph with the limiter on the top speed is 125mph
The top speed is unknown, but it has been to 317mph. It was still accelerating when it got to this speed but they ran out of straight track so they had to brake.