What is the top speed of a 3000gt sl?

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Then I'm not sure what it's registered for but I've gotten my 94 sl up to 135. I probably could have gotten it to 140ish if i took more time, but i didn't need the extra few mph. Some people claim 155 in their stock non-turbos, but i doubt it, unless they were going down hill with a huge tailwind. When I had my old 91 sl I confirmed 148 on speedo so 145 being the 3 s cars speedo gear is 3 mph to fast.. Sold it got a 430 awhp tt. Not gonna say were/ when . But 165 is just another day at the park .... Have honestly got pulled over doing 115 on accident. Wasn't watching speedo. 145 feels like 115 thing is a god damm jet
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How do you replace the rear tail light and rear blinker on a 1996 3000GT SL?

open the trunk/hatch remove the panels to the corrisponding extinguished bulb, replace with same type new bulb, re-install panels, close hatch, drink beer Previous is OK if you are going for the reverse lamp, however, there does not appear to be any access to the tail lights and blinkers. Anyone el ( Full Answer )

What is 0 to 60 time on a stock 1998 Mitsubishi 3000gt sl 3.0l 24v dohc v6?

0-60 in 7.5 The 98' Mitsubishi 3000gt should have the same thing as the 97'.The(stock)97' has a V6 181 cu.inch 3.0 liter single overhead cam w/161hp @4400rpm and 185(lbs,ft) of torque @4000rpm and weight is at 3131lbs.In a 1/4 mile it runs 16.1sec. and In 0-60 in 7.5sec.So you should have the same ( Full Answer )

Where is the starter located on a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL?

\n. \n Starter Location \n. \nIts located in the front of the motor toward the transmission. One of the bolts is easy to get to from the top and uses a 14mm socket. The cable from the starter is connected with a 13mm bolt and you have to unplug the other wire. The other bolt has to be tak ( Full Answer )

Why are my Tour and PWR lights in my gauge cluster not turning on in my 94 3000GT SL?

Answer . Im having the same problem in my 93 3000gt, except i have no lights working in my gauge cluster and my taillights are out..although i still have brake lights there are 2 fuses for the cluster and taillights one is located in the engine bay the other located in the fuse box on the driver ( Full Answer )

What could cause a 91 3000gt sl to at speeds 50 or below sputter and buck while trying to maintain steady speed and at idle for a long while die unless gas is applied and fuel pump has been replaced?

Answer . i am unsure on why the car is sputtering although at idle it may be stalling out/dying due to the IAC(idle air controll) first try to clean the iac it is located next to the throttle body if that does not work you may have to buy a new one wich range at about $300 (unfortunatly). try th ( Full Answer )

Where is crank positioning sensor on 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL car will crank and run several days then won't crank but by the time get home from work it cranks?

Best advice I can give you is go to www.Team3s.com and post the question to the forum. You will get a lot of good answers as its a great site with people who know your car. They ask for a small one time donation of like $5. and its well worth it if you own one of these cars the information you will ( Full Answer )

Where do you get parts for retractable hardtop for 3000GT Mitsubishi Syper SL I need the whole kit or all parts?

Well to start with you can go to the most obvious place, eBay or do a Google search. You can also do a search through auto recyclers for the parts you need. If you can't find a good site online then you can go to your nearest auto recyclers and have them do a search for you. Now-a-days auto recycler ( Full Answer )

Convertible top on SL 500 is stuck?

Stuck as in what? Is it like not closing/opening, or is it literally stuck in between stages? If its stuck half way, usually starting the car again or pressing the button for longer will start it again, otherwise get a repair center to look at it.

What is a 1992 3000gt sl registered for?

I'm guessing you mean for top speed? Then I'm not sure what it's 'registered for' but I've gotten my 94 sl (same engine & transmission) up to 135. I probably could have gotten it to 140ish if i took more time, but i didn't need the extra few mph. Some people claim 155 in their stock non-turbos, but ( Full Answer )

1991 3000gt sl fuel pump relay?


What is the Top speed for a 2002 Cadillac Seville SLS?

Answer . mine topped out at i think 125 or 130. i wasn't really paying attention to the speedometer. the little information center said MAXIMUM SPEED ATTAINED or something to that effect, then it made the sound that it makes when the door is open, then the engine cut off.. it was very strange go ( Full Answer )

What is the crank sensor in 1994 3000gt sl?

Measures the rotational speed of the crankshaft, and used by engine management systems to control engine timing and other parameters. Can be used in conjunction with a similar cam position shifter to monitor the relationship between the pistons and valves, which is important in variable valve timing ( Full Answer )

What does the resonator do on a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL air intake system?

As resonance works, it quietes down the noise of your intake at WOT, or wide open throttle. You can remove it to make your exhaust sound louder by removing your intake tubing, removing the bottle looking plastic box, and filling the hole with a pill or vitamin bottle lid. I believe I used a Tylenol ( Full Answer )

What is top speed for a legend car?

If its a race car your talking about with a Yamaha 1200 or 1250cc motor and 5 speed transmission, they can run about 120 or 125 depending on the rear end gear. but they usually would never get close to this because their either running on a 1/4 or 1/2 mile track. The bigest track I've ever ran mine ( Full Answer )

Can you swap 1994 3000gt SL engine into 1994-1999 VR-4 engine?

yeah the vr4 engine will bolt up right to the transmission, its been done quite often actually, check out the 3si.com forums and meet people who actually done it. You just have to do a full swap, including wire harnesses, ecu, exhaust headers to mount up to the turbos, etc. also think about beefing ( Full Answer )

How do you change all of the spark plugs on a 3000GT SL DOHC?

Ok, take off the Manifold carefully writing down your step in case you forget after you replace them. You'll find the other three plugs under. The front three are under the panel that faces you when you are in front of the car with the hood up. There will be 8 nut/screws holding it in.

How do you adjust the idle speed on a 1999 Cadillac Seville SLS?

u dont there are no adjustments that can be made that way, everything's electrical. i have a 01 sls had similar problem went to auto zone and got a idle air control valve $200.00 fixed problem. its a easy easy change just 2 little screws and an electrical plug. gudluk.

How do you remove the top from a 1981 Mercedes 380 SL?

\nI assume you want to remove the hard top on the car, and use the soft top which is hidden under the horse shoe cover....\n. \nYou will need 2 people to remove this top, unless you have a block and tackle set up, which I assume you don't.\n. \nYou need the "tool", which you should have either in ( Full Answer )

What is better a 3000gt base or 3000gt sl?

\nSL is better in terms of luxury. The base had most of the options(doesnt mean it has them) of an sl but for the sl they came standard. SL's usually have leather seats, moon/sun roof, power driver seat, crome rims, sometimes digital ac control, sometimes ecs or electronic controlled suspension whic ( Full Answer )

Can you put a 3000gt vr4 engine in a 3000gt sl transmission?

Yes sure you can. ___________________________________________________ I wouldn't recommend it, if you are referring to the automatic inan sl, because, with all due respect (I'm a huge Mitsubishi fan),they were quite inferior with an average lifespan of 75,000-100,000if you're lucky. If that's what y ( Full Answer )

Will a SL 350 1983 hard top fit onto a 1973 SL 450?

Yes the hardtop for any 107 bodied car will fit all others. I believe there are 2 slightly different versions...one with chrome rails and one without. (The interior liner may be differnent too).

How do you attach the hard top on a 500 SL?

Do you mean a 500 SL, or an SL 500? I have a '97 SL 500 (40th anniversary edition) and it's simple.. 1) Lower windows. Park on flat surface. Put engine in "park" and turn engine off.. 2) With a helper, gently set hardtop onto its position so straight brackets on rear are aligned with receiving poc ( Full Answer )

How do remove the top on a 1990 500 sl?

Are you talking about removing the hard top or removing the soft top from the car? If the hard top that is simply a case of using the red button to the left of the gear lever to release it (the same button that raises and lowers the soft top) and then with the help of someone else lifting it clear. ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed in speed skating?

Olympic speed skaters skate 500m, which is considered an all out sprint, in about 35 seconds. This means they are traveling one Kilometer in 70 seconds, with top speeds of over 40 miles per hour.. Olympic speed skaters skate 500m, which is considered an all out sprint, in about 35 seconds. This mea ( Full Answer )

How do you raise a Mercedes Benz 450 SL convertible top?

Get your top tool out...it's that curvy metal tool that you've seen around the car but didn't know what it was for...if you can't find it, use a flat blade screwdriver. On the inside of the car, right behind the driver's seat (on the left inside panel) you'll find a little lever with a plastic hand ( Full Answer )

Can you put a turbo out of a 3000gt vr4 into a 3000gt sl?

Yes however it requires much more than just the turbo to be swapped. here is a pretty complete list. Compliments of 3si.org Parts list: -Turbos from a VR4, either the TD04 9b's or TD04 13G's with wastegate actuators -Both intercooler and all piping associated -Exhuast manifolds and the manif ( Full Answer )

Can you use the turbo from a 1992 3000gt vr4 on a 1994 3000gt sl?

absolutely, if you first convert the engine to run a turbo, and that would include replacing your 4spd automatic with a manual gearbox, considering the automatic transmission that come with the sl & base models could barely handle the v6 engine alone. I would assume adding another 10lbs of boost wou ( Full Answer )

How do you stop top button from chimeing on a 1990 500 sl?

The reason for the chime is that there's an error in your system, somewhere.... It could be a couple of things: 1. low hydraulic fluid 2. one (or more) of the hydraulic valves is leaking 3. there's a sensor above the windshield ...it's directly above the rear view mirror on the windshield frame. T ( Full Answer )

Will a 5 speed transmission of a sohc work in a dohc 3000gt mit?

yes, i own a 93 300gt, which if you know them you will know that the 93 is the ugly duckling year. 1st gen 91-92 have variable timing, 93 alone have the 1st gen body but a shorter throw for the shifter, and cam sensors. but i am currently running a sohc 3000gt transmission on my dohc.