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Beyblade is a spinning top game that originated in Japan. A manga was created by Takao Aoki, to help promote the game. An anime was later serialized to accompany the manga.
costomize them i would use 3 or four beys but costomizing a bey with a eagle tip would probobly be best.
You can take it apart and mix up different kinds. Ex: Galaxy Dragoon bit chip + Kid Dragoon attack ring+ Draciel weight disc + right spin gear + Dranzer base
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters , Pokemon , Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx , Bakugan Battle Brawlers and Yu-Gi-Oh! .
the next is in march but only in Australia (sob sob) untill then good luck Australia have fun LET IT RIP!
Its easy.people invented beyblade.
Yes in the summer there will be Season 4 of Beyblade. But only inJapan. Yeah, in 2009, and they said that if it does well in Japan, it'llair in other places. hi there, actually it is airing in America in Fall 2010 and the newseason is a new generation of beybladers and the season is callesbeyblade...
It's debatable whether she likes Kai or Tyson and which one of the two likes her back. It has never been specified in the anime and she is not there in the manga. Every one has their own opinion. I believe she does like Kai and he likes her back for the following reasons: 1. Hilary, when she saw...
around 2000 something like that theres look of them like metal fusion and v force
It depends where you live
There is only one Beyblade movie. It is called Beyblade: TheMovie-Fierce Battle and came out straight to DVD in 2002.
Arlene Bishop & Blair Packham Performed by Sick Kid (featuring Lucas Rossi)
Well so far Toy's R Us sell the new beyblade meatl fusion toys maybe in a month or two you could find it at Walmart, Target and Kmart
well the only ones you could get are the metal fusion/metal fight they purchasable at zellers, toys R us and wal-mart as far as i know I'd perfer toys R us or wal-mart you could get them cheap there then zellers how this help :)
You need them to be a full member at, you can find them on the back of beyblade cards. By Amber if you know any code send it to me at plz and thank you Thank you
You have to get a beyblade package in stores(not sure online) that says "BATTLE ONLINE!" on the top. Also, "? CODE INSIDE!" with an arrow pointing at a piece of paper. Underneath the paper, on the cardboard says, "IN AN AWESOME BATTLE!"
This issue is debatable, like the Tyson-Hilary-Kai one. It is implied that he spent his childhood in Russia, because he used to be on the Demolition Boys team. His grandfather lives in Russia, and his house in Japan is also built according to Russian style. Kai's last name, however, is Hiwatari,...
The strongest metal fusion bey-blade i would have to say from a personal experience is rock Rock Leon .
you get one when you buy a bey from the shop's you get a small pice of paper with a character on it and a code. Here's a use'd code 88526063903301.
well I got mine for £5.99 for some retail shop don't know the name of it but yeah i think £5.99
you need 2 buy a beyblade metal fusion top for $8 order online
The best beyblade of all time is MF-H Flash Orion W145MF. If you don't know what all those fancy numbers and letters mean, then you know nothing about beyblades, and should go to the World Beyblading Organization website. Additionally, there are only two beyblades that are even OK as originals...
the code for rock Leone is 88966554451254
No... And it never will be again.that is a opinion and my opinion that it is not cool
731-1143-9219-920 Sincerely: Bailey
The exact customization is debatable, but Flash Orion CH120R2F is likely the most powerful beyblade in the world. It gets astonishingly high KO rates against EVERYTHING, and only a few combos have been able to even slow it down. .
I personally believe any Stamina-type beyblade is the best to get but there really isn't a "best" beyblade. Earth Eagle is the best non-customized beyblade metal fusion. But if you want to make an even better beyblade, try customizing. This is a good combo: Galaxy Pegasus's energy ring Earth...
in metal fusion.... meto l drago cyber pegasis lightning l drago in g revolution,v force etc...... draciel dragoon dranzer driger
No. They are totally different series based in completely different universes. The characters have no chance of meeting, and Metal Fight Beyblade is not supposed to be a continuation of Bakuten Shoot Beyblade at all.
hell kerbex, basalt horogium,big bang pegasis, rock Leone Basalt isn't that good I can defeat it with some beys I have and Rock Leone is out and it is only one bey dude. Also if you have Hell Kerbecs get Hades Kerbecs too ok.
There are no official couples in Beyblade. All of the main characters are kids, or very young teens anyway. It would be very weird for them to have serious relationships like that ...
They say Beyblade season 4 is airing in Japan in August (not sure what date), but it would be awhile (maybe a few months) before it is dubbed and is released in other countries.. If your really desperate to see it, it would most likely be on youtube soon after its release, and someone may put...
Listen u should just get a beyblade or ask a friend who has beyblades 2 give u a code. Hope its good. But if the code is used don't take it
codes are on a card on the left or right of the packet and thepicture contains the owner of the beyblade on the back of the cardyou should find a small flap that contains numbers or letters thengo to beyblade and go on to your account and at the topright of the page and there will be a...
GOD -cannot be improve no longer. Maximum limit is overpassed. It will destroy any and every beyblade that would try to destroy it with a blink of an eye. -1 blow 1 kill
if all or the other beyblade(s) stop spinning
You could buy it at or, and
Well...there are no games unless you download Visual boy advance (vba)...then save any gba games onto your pc. Then open vba and go to file open. open up your game!
pegasus is quite good because it goes circles and can hit them a lot but it doesn't last long that much. Hope this helps. by agent hotshot 5M
engine gears are parts of a bey that raises the rpm of your bey. In g revolution the game for gba, the buttons to press are a+b.
Dragonball Z by far
There is no such bey called tricutter, but there is trypio, trygle, tryborg, and trygator.
All the codes are different on each metal fusion
aseholes on toast
it is something that lets you open a slot in to be able to fight
It is for everyone. My friend plays it and hes not a girl.
Yes. But the question is was famous? People loved bey blade and I still do.
this is a code for a beypointer 10000000000000000p it is... 57649 or 98456 and19573 ok that all
Hell Kerbecs is the best balance type bey blade
First, find some friends to play with. Then, hold your launcher over where you are going to battle. Then say "3...2...1 Let it rip!" and pull out your launchers ripcord. The last beyblade standing on where your battling wins the battle.
launch one on another launch one on another beyblade works best when ur launching urbeyblade 2nd yOU CAN ALSO bounce thae blade on the trak to make it bounce
beyblade: tyson Beyblade metal fusion/masters: gingka
It depends. Hasbro's cost approximately ten dollars, however they are very bad. TAKARA-TOMY's, as well as Sonokong's, are much better, but their price can be anywhere between five dollars and fifty depending on where you place your order. For instance, on Leoshop/Toyking, an Attack Beystadium costs...
a correct beyblade code has 14 digits
it cost fifthteen dollors, i think plus tax, you can get a bey blade set at toys r us, target, and some rite aids. BUY IT NOW!
when ever they set one up you have to look it up to know when
In metal masters series, Basalt Horogium is the best in Defense,Stamina,Balance stadiums because it has very good balance and high defense,the fusion wheel is heavy, which leads the beyblade to be good in stamina. Fpr Attack Stadiums,Galaxy Pegasis takes the place.It has the R2F rubber performance...
287453284567 This will not work, because somebody has used it already.
buy 1 if u have any beyblade codes send them to shut up a real code is stealth because beyblade was giving out a code to promote stealth battlers. hope i helped, and i hope to battle u one day!
so easy you need 1 plastic plate 4 boxes of beyblade glue or masking tape and card bord plywood 1. put the box of the beyblade in the card board an put it with glue put the plate at the top of the beyblade boxs and put a masking tape under the plate thank you hope you understand it...
No, they are boosters. Starters come with launchers.
burn fire blaze
go buy a =============================================>~
Beyblade was invented in 2000.
Rock Leone with a Wide Base does well. Official title: Rock Leond WB BB-30. Others might, too.
I have created a Beyblade that spun for 4:27, but it was customized. I heard Burn FireBlaze can spin for 4-5 minutes, but I don't own him. Flame Libra spins pretty long too.
You can buy separate parts for a beyblade from "toywiz" but it's a little expensive both the prices of the parts and the shipping as well...
Yes he is present in the Manga, he's one of the main characters! ^^ He's in the games too. Oh, and by the way, it's Hiwatari, not offence!^^ =)
im looking for the same thing but id try to look for it on a website that sells beyblade stuff for cheap
No it doesn't exist its a fake.
You can buy beyblade in Chin Chang street at Shawan store
Wind Aquario is beyblade from Beyblade Metal Fusion / Fight but sold as a fake Storm Aquario in the UK and USA. Storm, Wind etc are the names of the metal and plasctic wheels although there are hardly any plastic wheels. Wind Aquario is the real bey which weighs the same as Storm Aquario but still...
A nail and a coin
honestly i say storm pegasus or l drago for some reason l drago falls apart so storm pegasus as well , note I'm not counting those huge sound and light up beyblades I'm talkking about the small regular ones like storm pegasus
you can buy them off the internet or quite alot of toy shops like hasbro
haroon waquas javied made them!
The exact customization is debatable, but Flash Orion CH120R2F is likely the most powerful beyblade in the world. It gets astonishingly high KO rates against EVERYTHING, and only a few combos have been able to even slow it down. .
the fastest beyblade is: el drago it is not the fastest bey blade because not all the beyblades are shown yet
it's actually earth eagle in wich maintains energy throught the whole battle. the only thing thet could be better is the performance tip, in wich is still good otherwise. it comes in a pack with dark libra in a metal masters kit. if you can find another beyblade that looks exactly the some just a...
its good because it has pretty good stamina and its atacks are awesome and performance tip is awesome