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Units of Measure

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The category includes questions about the various ways in which humans measure objects or concepts. This category is also home to conversions between units such as grams to pounds or liters to milliliters.
Отговор: 1,742,400 ft² = 40акра.
1 metric ton of dolomite has a volume of approx 0.35 cubic metres.
760 kilometers is about 472.242 miles.
Seoul (UTC+9) is always two hours ahead of Hanoi(UTC+7).
Glasgow, UK is 8 hours ahead of Prince George, BC, Canada.
You don't. You can change other measurements tocentimeters, more specifically, measurements of length suchas a certain number of meters, millimeters, feet, etc. But itdoesn't make sense to convert pure numbers to centimeters. Or toany other measurement for that matter. . +++ . "more specifically...
Yes, the predominant units are all still metric, althoughcosmologists exploring the earliest instants after the big bangoften use units of planck time instead, but this of course is stillbased on the metric system. . +++ . The only other two units of time relevant in Astronomy andGeology are the...
3.125 gallons are there in 400 ounces.
0.25 no, 0.25 (or 1/4), is the reciprocal of 4. the reciprocal of 25 is 1/25
The answer requires the average thickness and density of the  asphalt.
3ft x 1ft x 16in = 113.27 liters = 29.92 US gallons
Kangchenjunga* at it's peak Is the 3rd highest elevation point on  our planet, Earth.   Total elevation: 8,586 m (28,169 ft)   Prominence: 3,922 m (12,867 ft)    Credit for information goes to Wikipedia. Please check there for  Source material.
0.0295735 liters.
1 pint ≈ 56.8 cl
degree is the unit of either temperature or angle. But feet is the  unit of length. So no relation between these two
You can calculate as follows:   * Convert the 4 inches to feet.   * Multiply the area by the thickness. The result, so far, will be  in cubic feet.   * Multiply this by the density of the base. If you have the density  in pounds per cubic foot, the answer will be in pounds.   * Convert...
980 square feet. Just multiply length by width - the answer is the square footage.
Judaism has its own unique calendar which is a luni-solar calenderwhere every month is a lunar month, but the years change length tocoordinate roughly with a solar year (354 and 384 days) and becomeequivalent after 19 years. This calendar in its present form datesback to 360 CE; before that, the New...
Fluid ounces measure volume so there is no equivalence.
There are 1.5856236786469344608879492600423 pints in a gallon. And now, one from the lighter side: Not enough! The original "fifth" size liquor bottle was 4/5 of a pint, 1/5of a gallon, or 25.6 ounces. The modern liquor bottle that we stillcall a fifth is actually 750 mls, which is 25.4...
There are 1.289 centigrams in 2.841 x10 - 5 pounds at sealevel on Earth .
Winnipeg, Canada is in the CST (UTC-6) time zone. Australia has six different time zones: Perth - AWST (UTC+8) which is fourteen hours ahead of Winnipeg Eucia - ACWST (UTC+8.45) which is fourteen hours, and forty fiveminutes ahead. Darwin - ACST (UTC+9.30) which is fifteen hours, and thirty...
First, you need to calibrate the scale. Make sure the sliders are  zeroed and turn the dial on the left-hand side to make sure it's  zero. Second, place your weight on the scale. Use the 100-gram  weight and move it until the "needle" dips below zero, then move it  back 100g. Repeat with the 10...
there is weigh in rocks... but it doesn't matter how old it is  ....  rosimar~ 
5 feet 4.96 inches.
It would depend on what it's a can of since different thingshave a different density. . ADDED: TWO. There are 16 ounces in 1 pound, so two 8-oz. cans,irrespective of the density of the contents.
Think of a toilet roll ey?? its like a cylinder on ya
12' x 20' = 240 square feet
In all Mario Kart games, Mario has balanced weight, in the first  Mario game ever made, Mario has light weight.
The length of a parallel cable varies greatly, as much as 6ft to  25ft depending on exact standard, manufacturer and desired  specification.
The historical average height of an average height is 5'9.
Example: Calculate the density in g/mL of Classic Coke if a 355 mL  can weighs 394 g.   Solution:   Apply the definition:   Density =   394 g =   1.11 g/mL   355 mL   Example: Calculate the density in g/mL of Diet Coke if a 355 mL can  weighs 355.1 g.   Solution:   Apply...
The maximum adult weight is approx. 20 kgs (41 lbs).
13 ounces is equal to 0.368544kgs in Asian unit weight.
depends on her/his body growing time
Each has its own units of length. The metric system is more logical, because when you convert from one unit to another, you multiply or divide by powers of ten, which amounts to moving the decimal point. For example, 2.3 kilometers = 2300 meters; or .75 meter = 75 centimeter.On the other hand, a U....
Sunset was at 7:34 pm on September 09, 2009, in Houston.
It actually depends on the size of the bus but the average bus weights about 6001 pounds
2152.78 Sq Feet.1 Sq meter = 10.763 sq feet
2500000 grams is 2500 kilograms.
Well you have to set up a fraction ratio For example I want to convert 88 inches squared to mm not squared but just a length dimension88 inches x 1 mm/ 0.0393 inches = 2,239.185750636132 so inches ^2 divided by inches will leave you with inches and millimetres which is incorrect the correct way...
The basic unit of volume in the metric system is the liter.
Deserted River Falls in British Columbia is over 600 meters high.
No. There isn't any period of time between the two. No time was  lost.
In addition to Mr. Al Cohen's Expert answer I will add that  670,616,629 miles per hour equals about 11,176,943 miles per minute  or 186,282 miles per second.
each newton of force equals 9.8 pounds . +++ . I am afraid you have mixed both units and systems there. Theyhave equivalents but are not equal. . The Newton is a unit of Force or "weight", not Mass. . The Kilogramme and the Pound are units of Mass, not Force, andby totally different systems of...
12 stone 10 pounds = 178 pounds.
1/10 of 336 pounds = 336/10 = 33.6 pounds.
all they eat is little bits of rice that's nutricious!
3/4 cream cheese is equal to 12 ounces.
There are 1000 grams in one kilogram.
One kilogram is equal to 1000 grams. To convert grams into kilograms you need to divide by 1000. Therefore, 3500g = 3.5 kg
239.7uL equates to 0.2397mL
1.65 metres
Wet legs are used on differential pressure measurement where both  sides are filled with liquid. Exception is level measurement in a  pressurised vessel (boilers). Dry legs are used where the low side  is exposed to atmosphere using a DP transmitter for level  measurement in a open tank.
August 16, 1973 fell on a Thursday.
If fired with the same momentum yes it does effect the penetration
Actually no it was underminded nearly a century before
  == Feet to Linear Feet? Question not Clear ==   100 Feet IS 100 Linear Feet.   If you wanted to know how many linear feet would give you 100 square feet, you would take the square root of 100, which is 10... SO a 10 x 10 linear foot area would be 100 square feet, and a 100 x 100 Linear...
  5 ft 2.2 inches
There are 160 fluid ounces in 10 pints.
37kg equates to 5.8 stone.
It's easy to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit by yourself. Tf = (9/5)*Tc+32, where Tc = temperature in degrees Celsius, Tf = temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.103 C is 217.4 F.