Zeus (Jupiter)

Questions about Zeus, the king of the gods. Also known as Jupiter by the Romans, he was the god of the sky.
Because he dosent want anyone to have more power then him cause he the king of the gods
Lightning, the sky, and he is the god of the universe when he"killed" his father, Kronos, and took his throne.
In the odyssey, Zeus helps Athena convince Calypso to let Odysseus go.
Zeus was one of the Olympian gods, and all the Olympian gods livedon Mt. Olympus. There were twelve Olympians. They were: Zeus, Hera,Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite,Hephaestus, Hermes, and Dionysus. Hades was not considered one of the twelve Olympians, even thoughhe is...
You can't force people to like things. Cronus was not the one whocreated people. It was Prometheus who created life-forms in theimage of Zeus and Hera. He then added a little bit of Chaos to makethem come to life and to stay living.
Yes but only with her husband, never with mortals so all of her children became gods or goddesses (Ares, Hephaestus and Hebe, who fell in love with Hercules even though he was her half-brother)
Two Titans sided with Zeus; Themis and Prometheus.
No Zeus is the ultimate god because other gods help him to be strong
Gaea was the mother of Zeus and Kronos the father.
Cronus was the son of the Gaia and Ouronos (Earth and Sky). Cronus was known for being the cruel and greedy ruler of the Titans, and ruler of the world. He is also known for being the father of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hera, and Athena.
Hephaestus His name is Vulcan in Roman which is where the word volcano was derived from.
It was named after the Roman God Vulcan, God of smiths and then volcanoes. His name in Greek was Hephaestus.
Yes, he is the father of the Greek gods.
Yes. Macareia (by Deianeira); also the goddess of blessed death. Eucleia (by Myrto); the goddess of glory and good repute. Agamedas? (Unknown mother; also daughter of Macaria, that gave to name to a place of Lesbos .)
No one actually killed the sphinx, a man named Oedipus solved her riddle which was "What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three at night" which the answer is a human with morning being a baby, afternoon being an adult, and night as an old person with a cane. After Oedipus...
Type your answer here... Yes, Zeus's Weaknesses: Gets in trouble over love affairs, can be moody.
Yes, Zeus had demigods he hasn't in a while because he married Hera.
He was angry that he had stolen his lightning bolts.
Yes, he did. His son Apollo had Asclepius who had many children by Epione.
He did not become a god, he was born as one.
Among the goddesses; Metis Athena (born later of his head after he had swallowed Metis) Themis (?wife of Zeus) Moirai/Fates: Clotho/ Lachesis/ Atropos Horai/Seasons Eunomia/Eirene/ Dike Astraea Eurynome (third bride of Zeus, or Eunomia* -same as above) Asopus, river god ...
As far as I know, there were 4. They are Dionysus, Heracles (Hercules), Apollo, and Artemis.
On Mount Olumpus.
He had sex with other woman while in animal form.
Zues had many children called demi-gods. Some of his children were Herculeus, Perseus, and other famous names like that. One thing about these heroes were they were never sons of both Zues and another god(goddess). Zues came down from Mount Olympus and had children with mortal women. (Or so it is...
At least 63. Maybe 78 on a good day.
No, he was king of the gods of mount Olympus.
Hera (Greek), Juno (Roman) - Godess of Marriage and Family Hera
He wants to rule everything and wants to be the best always.
his task was to keep the world in peace.
Zeus's first and only wife is Hera. The others were all "affairs" and do not constitute as being married.
Yes. Macareia (by Deianeira); also the goddess of blessed death. Eucleia (by Myrto); the goddess of glory and good repute. Agamedas? (Unknown mother; a daughter of Macaria, that gave to name to a place of Lesbos .)
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No Hades is not One of the most powerful gods Zeus and Posiden
Yes, Greek gods are reinterpreted in Roman religion.
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Some people think the Greek god of the sun is Apollo, but he isnot. The Greek god of the sun is Helios. He is the one that pullsthe sun on his chariot.
To hide her from Hera's jealous eyes He failed however, since Hera saw right through his ruse.
Since nobody has seen him or any Greek god, we do not know.
Metis was Zeus's first wife in some myths. But mostly in the original myths, Hera was Zeus's first wife.
Ancient people frequently attempted to reason the effect of a unknown force with a deity so as to trace it to a cause. So they believed in many gods and goddesses who worked together and in part to order their world in day to day life.
Yes she is.
Geia was the universe, mostley the earth a goddess whose son and husband Uranus (a little awkward) had a son; Cronos who had hestiesta, posiedon, hades, Demeter and hera (later zeuses wife) He swallowed them all, then Rhea (his wife) had Zeus and gave him to some sheaperds and showed cronos a rock...
Because her husband Zeus is the king of Olympians and therefore Hera is the queen of Olympians
mythology was written to give examples to the Greek citizens so that society would improve
Zeus/Jupiter was born the youngest son of Cronos/Saturn/Father Time sort of. All his older brothers and sisters had been eaten by Cronos because he was afraid of a prophecy coming true about his children killing him. So Cronos was faked out when Zeus was born, and swallowed a rock instead. Zeus...
I am pretty sure Zeus just chased after women. 2: No such instance is recorded in myth, but Zues did have male lovers, most notably Ganymede.
Himalia bore Spartaios, Kronios, and Kytos.
Athena, goddess of wisdom, emerged fully grown from his head.
he is a god that is crazy with his stuff, he used to be a smooth talker with the ladies also
Zeus and the other main gods resided on Mt Olympus.
Birth of Athena . Zeus came to lustafter Metis , andchased her in his direct way. Metis tried to escape, going so far asto change her form many times; she changed into various creatures such ashawks, fish, and serpents. However, Zeus was both determined and...
Prometheus and Epimetheus were Titans that Zeus did not banish to Tartarus.
Yes. Zeus's daugher, Athina grew out of his head and his head had an apple. (The apple was like the stem and Athina was the flower growing out of it).
Zeus had two brothers: Poseidon and Hades. They were not alike.
Zeus, god of the sky, didn't actually kill his father because his father (Cronus) was immortal, like Zeus. Instead, Zeus used his fathers own weapon to slice Cronus into a thousand pieces. Zeus then tossed all the pieces into Tartarus, the deepest crater in the underworld, and Cronus never escaped....
he had the power of lightning and the sky he was lord of all the other gods there leader!
I'm pretty sure that Zeus's jolly bonking is when he was "doing it" with other goddess..... Wow he did it with like 9 goddesses..... Wow that was a big number.
lets just think about this for a sec. would you want your wife to cetch you with another woman? in all the stoyies hera mostly goes around finding and punishing zeus' other "wives"
They didn't have a son, they had a daughter. Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Dementer. She was also the wife of Hades, and Queen of the Underworld.
Being worshiped in his temple.
He saw Zeus take away the nymph Aegina and told her father, the river god Asopus. Zeus was so angry that Sisyphus, a mortal, had dared betray his secrets, that he sent Death after him.
Zeus is an Olympian , but he is the son of a titan . He over threw his father to gain his power.
Ambrosia and nectar also know as the food of the gods.
dude. it would take me 8 hours to tell you all of them. you have your titans cronas uranios and on and on and on. then there are the Olympians. dionysis, posidon, Hermes, Zeus, ares, Apollo and eros. you have hades who does not have a thrown on Olympus and then all of the demi gods who are half...
After Zeus had grown up and given his father an emetic so that the six siblings were united and could overthrow Cronus. The events in the Greek myths did not happen in any particular year.
Because Zues Peed On The Milky Way And It Made Jupiter!
he is the son of zues and he is a god look it up on the internet
Calliope was the first and most respectable of all Muses. She was the Muse of Epic Poetry and Eloquence. Her symbols were the abacus and the pen. More often than not she was also pictured with a tablet or a scroll. She is represented as a stately young woman, whose brow is crowned with gold.. Clio...
Hercules was, but he was made a god when he died.
Posiden is the god of all things water and horses Zeus was the god of the sky
His daughter Athena was.
The lightning bolt and the eagle.
The Roman god Jupiter corresponds to Greek Zeus. Jupiter's name comes from dies pater , "shining father".
Zeus only had one wife: Hera, goddess of marriage.
After they split the world
Yes he did but Rhea saved Zeus and Nymphs kept him until he was old enough to be Cronus servant slipped Cronus a potion to cough up his siblings. After they all got coughed up they had a war
he has numberous children. Some of them are Ares,Athena,Appollo,Artimis,Aphordite,dionysus,Heracles,Hephetus,Hermes,Helen,Pers-eus,Zagurus,Persephone,Venus,Mercury,Jupiter,and Mars.
No she wasn't in fact Gaia was the grandmother of Zeus.
Typhon . *worried look* . When you say "killed Zeus with a thunderbolt" I do hope you mean 'Zeus killed with a thunderbolt, in which case. Yes. Typhon (or Typhoeus). Hundred Heads? Either the Hydra or Hecatonchieres.. A clarifying answer: . 'Typhon' is the correct answer. The number of its heads...
No, Zeus is a god and son of the king of Titans, Kronas
Tityos was a giant from Greek mythology. He was the son of Elara ; his father was Zeus.
this is wrong because Zeus was Ares' father. Because of Ares being the god of war, because of his sons violence, he hated him. also because it was not his real son. Hera imprgnated herself with something but he is still Zeus' son Yet Ares was saint compared to his mother...
Now that really depends on who you count as a "lover." Do you want to include events like Zeus taking the form of a swan and raping a princess named Leda? Not joking, now try to imagine it.
In Greek Mythology Rhea and Cronos bore Zeus. Cronos was birthed by Uranus and Gaia.