James Madison

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James Madison was the 4th president of the United States. He was the last of the founding fathers to become a US President. Interestingly, he was also the shortest president at 5'4".
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The 3 main causes for the War of 1812, included: (1) British impressment of American seamen and seizure of goods ininternational waters. (2) Indian unrest, encouraged by and exploited by Britain, whichhad never totally abandoned its forts in the US Northwest, contraryto the peace treaty that ended...
Dolley Madison was not rich nor was she poor,Dolley was in the middle if you were putting her family on a rich meter.Her life turned out alright.
He was a friend of Martin Luther King and a civil rights leader.
George Clinton for his first term; Eldridge Gerry for his second. Both of them died in office.
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what problems did James Madison encounter during his life time
James Harriot died of prostate cancer on February 23, 1995.
They were both really good presidents. They both got on a dollar bill or coin, and I think James Madison was the best.
Madison remained Secretary of State under Thomas Jefferson until 1809, when he became the fourth President of the United States. Madison served as President until 1817. After leaving office, Madison retired to his Virginia plantation, Montpelier, where he declined in physical and mental health,...
President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act.
James Madison . He also tended to wear lots ofblack. He only owned one suit at a time, all of which were black.The suit had knee breeches,too. He did not wear long pants at hisinauguration. John Quincy Adams was the first to do that.
James Madison, the 4th and shortest president, had severalnicknames. Among them were "His Little Majesty", "Little Jemmy" and"Father of the Constitution,"
He is called the "father of the constitution" because he took all the notes in every session and it is because of him we know what happened in the convention. This is a pretty great contribution.
The Madisons lived on a large estate called Montpelier, near Orange, Virginia. It is about 90-120 minutes (by car, not 1800-era travel) southeast of Washington, DC. It is a beautiful estate, currently undergoing restoration and open for tours. It had been owned for many years by a member of the...
Yes, you do have to be intelligent to be a president. There will always be those that oppose someone who is in office,and they will try to call them down as dumb, stupid, fools, and anumber of other insults, especially in modern media. Insults arejust commonplace. It is easier to call someone a name...
Answer . James Madison was five foot four and about 100 (or even less than that) pounds.
James Madison said: "An honest man can feel no pleasure in theexercise of power over his fellow citizens."
He retired and died June 28, 1836. Here is an interesting thought. The day he died he was the last of the founding fathers who had been involved in the constitutional convention. That means from that day to today there was no one left to ask questions and why something was written the way it was or...
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One accomplishment was the time when she saved the portrait of George Washington from the Executive Mansion (The White House) during the War of 1812, in which it was burned down by the British.. She was also the first First Lady to become the socialite entertainer..
what collage did James Madison attend
James Madison was a member of the fledgling Federalist Party.However, Madison and Thomas Jefferson organized what became theDemocratic - Republican Party.
james madisons education was matery of greek,latin mathematics,geography,and english literature
Dolley Payne Todd Madison was the wife of James Madison.
As a result of his instrumental role in the drafting andratification of the Constitution and his experience as Secretary ofState under Thomas Jefferson from 1801 to 1809, James Madison wasthe party favorite in the presidential election of 1808. JamesMadison was the presidential candidate for...
He was born in Pennsylvania and was a life-long resident there.
Since Eleanor Rose Conway, mother of James Madison, lived to the age of 98, born January 9, 1731, died February 11, 1829, it can probably be inferred that she died of natural causes caused by old age.
Yes. Her first marriage was to John Todd and she had 2 children: John Payne Todd and William Temple Todd. But John Todd and William died of yellow fever. So John Payne Todd was her only son to live
Madison won by 69 votes here are the results Madison (Democratic- Republican) - won in Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Virgina, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia. In New York he won 13 votes out of 19, in North Carolina he won 11 out of 14, and in...
No, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are on Mount Rushmore.
He was poor, because he lived in a poor town of Quincy.
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James Madison was a Democratic-Republicaarty. It had no direct relation to either of today's Democratic or Republican parties.and he is sooooooo COOOOOL i have minecraft .
He overcome a lot of things. For example, he overcame seizures and sicknesses. That's all i know. You can search what sicknesses he had.
i do not know i am so sorry but he did make the 10 amendments of the bill of rights
Founding Father, James Madison would likely have mixed feelingsregarding our government today. He initially favored a strongfederal government, which at this point, is what we have.Previously designated powers of the states, for example, to holdsovereignty over federal laws in terms of domestic...
John Payne Todd (February 29, 1792 - January 16, 1852 ) was the only child who lived to adulthood. Another son, William Temple Todd Jul-1793- Oct-1793 ), died of yellow fever. Both sons were fathered by her first husband, John Todd.
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From ages 11-16 James Madison was taught by Donald Robertson. During his studies he learned about mathematics, geography, and modern and ancient languages. At the age of 16 he began to study under Reverend Thomas Martin. The Reverend tutored him to prepare him for college from Montpelier, Virginia....
George Clinton and Elbridge Gerry
James Madison was the 4th President of the United States.
All the James Madison high school are undoubtedly named after him, but he did not found any high schools.
She was not a career woman in the modern sense. She was house-wife and a popular hostess for her husbands and later as a widow.
Dolly Madison and James Madison yes:)
Dolly Madison was the first person to serve ice cream in the White House
Madison mckiben is somebody that has a lot of friends and is loved by a lot of people.
Yes, and he was the fourth president of the United States. He got information from friends and other documents. The first 10 Ammendement's of the Constitution are now known as the Bill of Rights thanks to James Madison :)
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He enjoyed reading, riding, and playing chess during his freetime. He also enjoyed writing, especially political writing. Find out more fast facts about James Madison at http://library.thinkquest.org/TQ0312172/madison.html. Writing was his main pastime, especially political writing, although he did...
The environment that Madison wrote this in needed to explain howthe new constitution and republican form of federal governmentwould have greater stability than the previous continentalcongress. The paper also needed to explain how the system wouldprotect against the competing factions drowning out...
In 1789, James Madison--nicknamed "the father of the Constitution", proposed twelve amendments that ultimately became the ten amendments making up the U.S. Bill of Rights. In this respect, Madison was unquestionably the person who wrote the First Amendment. So while Madison unquestionably wrote the...
According to James Madison, the difference between a democracy anda republic is that a democracy is a government ruled by the peopleand a republic is a country that is owned by the people. JamesMadison was one of the writers of the Declaration of Independence.
As many say, James Madison was a tyrannical soldier. His idea of factions meant that the slaves would be allowed to be free. He did this because he feared that slavery would never be abolished.
While he was a president he wrote the bill of right.He fought in the war of 1812.
Before leaving office, Madison signed a bill to create the country's second national bank. He also approved the tariff of 1816. This law protected American businesses. In his last State of the Union address, Madison took pride in the fact that "the American people have reached in safety and success...
The first name of the First Lady (wife of James Madison) is usually spelled " Dolley " by historians, but "Dolly" was a spelling she herself used. Oddly enough, there is written evidence that birth name was yet another spelling, "Dollie."
James Madison, James Monroe, James Buchanan, James Garfield are all of them
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There were 172,340,000 Madison dollars minted for circulation at Philadelphia and Denver.
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President Madison's main regret was to avoid war with Great Britain thus implementing the War of 1812. Britain attacked American shipping, while impressing the captured sailors into the British navy and because of this many Democratic-Republicans were calling for war. Most notably was the group who...
These 85 essays were known as "The Federalist" (or the "Federalist Papers")
James Madison valued his term as president
James Madison Believed in two things , His wife and his slaves
Washington had a habit each morning of getting up early and going out on horseback to oversee the plantation . Two days before he died he went out with a cold in a wet cold day and came back wet. He sat down for his breakfast and before the day was out he was sick. Two days later he died. He is...
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