Facts about muscle cells?

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They have more mitochondria than a normal cell and they have a stronger understructure.

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Q: Facts about muscle cells?
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Does cardiac muscle have cells?

Cardiac muscle cells are muscle cells.

What are facts about muscle cells?

They behave like tiny batteries, with voltages (known as membrane potentials) in the millivolt range. This property enables the cells to generate tiny electrical currents, making it possible for the muscle cells to "twitch", i.e., contract and to pump blood (heart muscle). Normally, heart muscle cells in the adult no longer divide. They can only increase in size.

Muscle tissue is made up of specialized muscle cells. How are individual muscle cells different from the muscle tissue in the bicep muscle?

Muscle cells are smaller than muscle tissue.

Are muscle cells branched?

no muscle cells are not branched

What are facts about the nucleus?

They are the control centers of cells. They are like the recipe or blue-print archives. Some cells have many of them, like skeletal muscle cells, and others have not, like Red Blood Cells (RBC).

What are facts on cells?

facts on cartilage cells

How do muscle cells use fat cells when they burn?

Muscle cells don't use fat cells when they are burned. An increase in muscle can raise the metabolism causing the muscle cells to burn off the fat cells in storage.

How are individual muscle cells different from the muscle tissue in the bicep muscle?

Muscle cells are smaller than muscle tissues.

Which muscle cells commonly branch?

The muscle cells which commonly branch are the cardiac muscle cells. The other muscles do not have any branched cells.

What has more mitochondria skin cells or muscle cells?

Muscle cells require more ATP therefore there will be more mitochondria in the muscle cells.

Which of your cells would you expect to have more mitochondriz your muscle cells or your bone cells?

muscle cells bones are weak muscles have meat and are strong so its muscle cells

Is smooth muscle cells voluntary?

no, skeletal muscle cells are

What are some differences between epithelial cells and muscle cells?

One difference between epithelial cells and muscle cells is their location in the human body. Epithelial cells are skin cells on the outside of the body. Muscle cells are located in the muscle under the skin.

Types of cells possess a large quantity of mitochondria?

muscle cellsmuscle cells

Which cells would contain more mitochondria.Skin cellsor muscle cells?

Muscle cells.

What are muscle cells also known as?

cardiac muscle cells smooth muscle cells skeletal muscle cells in honors anatomy thats what they said the cells where called, so I am pretty sure those are the correct names.

What is the difference between skin and muscle cells?

The main difference between skin and muscle cells is the tissue. Skin cells are comprised of epithelial tissue, and muscle cells are comprised of muscle tissue.

Cells are organized into blank such as muscle neural and cardiac?

Cells that are the same form tissues. Muscle cells form muscle tissue.

How many types of muscle cells are there?

There are three (3) of muscle cells and there are the following ones: ·skeletal muscle ·smooth muscle ·cardiac muscle

What are 3 examples of muscle cells?

The three examples of muscle cells is the Cardiac mucsle, the Smooth muscle and the Skeletal muscle.

How are smooth muscle cells similar to skeletal muscle fibers?

Smooth muscle cells are similar to skeletal muscle cells due to the actin-tropomyosin interactions. These interactions "tell" the muscle when to contract.

Which muscle tissue has cylindrical cells?

Skeletal muscle tissue has cylindrical cells. Due to the cells in the skeletal muscle, the muscle can now allow movement to the bones in the body.

Who do active cells have large numbers of mitochondria?

Skeletal muscle cells,cardiac muscle cells,sperm cells

Which muscle cells can not regenerate?

Cardiac muscle cells do not have the ability to regenerate.

Which type of muscle has multinucleated cells?

Skeletal muscle cells are multinucleate.