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The mountain is approximately 300 million years old.

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Why was it named stone mountain?

why was stone mountain named stone mountain

How was stone mountain created?

stone mountain is the koolest mountain ev

What type of mountain is stone mountain?

stone mountain is a rock of granite

What country is stone mountain in?

Stone Mountain is in Georgia.

What are facts about stone mountain?

- Igneous rock- Quartz, Masonite rock- 5 Miles in circumference as its base- 1,683 feet, 825 feet above the surrounding area- The Stone Mountain is one of the worlds most largest exposed pieces of graniteStone Mountain is 1,686 feet tall and 825 feet wide.

Where is the Stone Mountain-Sue Kellogg Branch in Stone Mountain located?

The address of the Stone Mountain-Sue Kellogg Branch is: 952 Leon Street, Stone Mountain, 30083 3008

When was stone mountain formed?

stone mountain was formed in october 1973

Who is the mayor of Stone Mountain?

The mayor of stone mountain is Gary Peet.

What are facts about the mountain lion?

list five facts about the mountain lion

Where is Stone Mountain?

Stone Mountain is in Atlanta, Georgia. I've been there....xD

How tall is Stone Mountain in GA?

Stone Mountain is 825 feet tall!

When did Stone Mountain Airport end?

Stone Mountain Airport ended in 1996.

When was Stone Mountain Airport created?

Stone Mountain Airport was created in 1963.

What kind of geological feature is the exposed granite of Stone Mountain Georgia?

Stone Mountain is a granite dome monadnock located in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Where is Stone Mountain located?

Stone Mountain is located in NW Georgia near Atlanta.

How old is Stone Mountain around the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia?

how old is stone mountain

Who made Stone Mountain?

God made stone mountain and so did mother nature

What is the largest mountain in Georgia?

stone mountain;)

What is Closest mountain to Atlanta?

stone mountain

Is stone mountain a real mountain?


What state is Stone Mtn located?

There is a Stone mountain id North Carolina within Stone Mountain State Park.

When was Stone Mountain State Park created?

Stone Mountain State Park was created in 1975.

What is the phone number of the Stone Mountain-Sue Kellogg Branch in Stone Mountain?

The phone number of the Stone Mountain-Sue Kellogg Branch is: 770-413-2020.

Where is the largest granite mountain?

Stone Mountain is the largest granite mountain in the world. Stone Mountain is located in Georgia and has several locations where large slabs of granite can be seen protruding from the mountain.

Why do people visit stone mountain?

People visit stone mountain to see confederate hall, it is a museum it educates the students about the geology and ecology of stone mountain. It is in Georgia, United states.