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For Siva, life implied catching opportunities and implementing the basics acquired in life. His perpetual try to excel in life guided him to experience the aura. His success story, like any celebrated CEO, had its share of invention and practical approach to the business basics. It was this unswerving quest that made him leave financially rewarding jobs to start his own in Texas. Changeover from just a normal pedestrian to the CEO of a fastest developing company in Texas would feature a long story of ups and downs.

Today, Siva's speeches epitomize the call to be focused all through the way and his words are like laser beam to several budding entrepreneurs. An established CEO of his kind in the Texas area, he marked the significance of being bold and visionary in order to be successful. He developed great interest for America, the fascinating buzz word even today, and fancied a dream of how good it would be to have creature comforts of US in his homeland.

Siva's work has been outstanding in the sense that taking chances and creating opportunities is never an easy task given the volatile nature of the market.

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Q: Failure are the stepping stones for success?
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