False Pregnancy Test

False pregnancy tests?

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Can you have three positive pregnancy tests and not be pregnant?

It's highly unlikely. Home pregnancy tests are more prone to false negatives than false positives.

Can positive pregnancy tests means something other then pregnancy?

Yes, home pregnancy tests can produce both false positives and false negatives. If a home pregnancy test is positive, you should see a gynecologist to have the pregnancy confirmed as soon as you can.

What causes a false positive pregnancy test?

False positive pregnancy tests are extremely rare. They are caused by tumors when they occur.

Can marijuana give false positive pregnancy tests?

Def. Not

How common are false positive pregnancy tests?

On rare occasions you can encounter a false positive due to improper testing, expired pregnancy tests, rare medical conditions such as certain types of cancer, evaporation lines or a chemical pregnancy.

Is it possible to have 2 out of 3 positive pregnancy tests be false?

A false positive pregnancy test is extremely rare, so I would say no, if the tests read positive you are most likely pregnant.

Can bladder infections cause false positives in home pregnancy tests?

No it can not.

Can the antidepressant Celexa produce a false positive pregnancy result?

No. Pregnancy tests measure hcg in the system.

Can you still be pregnant if you took a home pregnancy test 7 days after intercourse and it came out negative?

pregnancy tests can read a false negative but not a false positive

Is it possible to have two false positive pregnancy tests?

False positive pregnancy tests are extremely rare, the test reacts to hCG which is a hormone found in the blood and urine of a woman who is pregnant or from certain rare medical conditions.

Are pregnancy tests always certain?

Pregnancy tests are not 100% reliable. False postitives are very rare, but false negatives are a lot more common, generally because people test too early for it to show as positive

Can you still be pregnant if you have a light period and pregnancy tests come up negative but you have some of the common symptoms?

pregnancy tests can give false positives and false negatives, meaning, they screw up too. so take a couple of pregnancy tests then see a doctor. yes My sister's friend had her period the whole time she was pregnant.

Is it possible to have a false positive urine pregnancy test?

Absolutely. Most Pregnancy tests tend to 90-96% accurate.

What do you do if pregnancy tests give different results?

It is likely that you are pregnant. It is possible to have false negative results, but unlikely to have a false positive.

3 positive pregnancy tests and 3 negative tests?

medications w/ certain hormones can cause false positives or negatives. and certain pregnancy tests are better than others. i recommend seeing a dr.

Can two different pregnancy tests show a false positive?

It is possible, though rare.

Should someone be alarmed if their pregnancy test came up negative but they have not had their period in one month and thirteen days?

I would def take more tests if I were you and do it at a clinic. The home pregnancy tests can give a false negative but not a false positive.

Can a lupus flare cause false negative pregnancy test?

Yes, there are several cases of false pregnancy tests when a person has Lupus. This is due to the increased protein that a person with Lupus has.

Am I pregnant if I got two negative tests one day and two positive tests the next day?

You are most likely pregnant. Chances are the tests taken the first day were used just before you had enough hCG to confirm pregnancy, one day later the hCG had increased enough to give you your positive pregnancy tests. This is why false negative pregnancy tests are very common if used too soon. False positive tests are very rare.

Can you have a positive blood pregnancy test and not be pregnant?

The chances of that happening are very low as false positive pregnancy tests are very rare

Can levothyroxin give a false reading on a pregnancy test?

No, pregnancy tests are specifically looking for hCG. A false positive is almost unheard of, a false negative usually happens when testing too soon - but neither are caused by levothyroxin.

Can antibiotics cause false negative pregnancy tests?

No but antibiotics can cause your birth control to fail.

Can a home pregnancy test show a positive if period have not been missed?

A pregnancy test attempts to determine whether or not a woman is pregnant. Modern pregnancy tests look for chemical markers associated with pregnancy. These markers are found in urine and blood, and pregnancy tests require sampling one of these substances. You cannot get a false positive because it detects the hormones, however you can get a false negative if its too early in the pregnancy.

What is the likely hood of being pregnant with a negative result?

It is more common for home pregnancy tests to give a false negative than a false positive. You could be testing too soon. Home pregnancy tests are considered accurate 14-16 days after ovulation.

What is a false positive result?

A false positive result on a pregnancy test means that while the test may have said that you are pregnant, you really aren't. False positives are usually caused by old/faulty tests, incorrect reading or use of the test, or by an under lying health condition. However, home pregnancy tests are more likely to give you a false negative than a false positive.