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Famous people in Cameroon?

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Sameul Eto'o - Football Player

Currently playing in Italy for Inter Millian.

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Famous people from Cameroon?

samuel eto'o

Who is famous in Cameroon?

Ahmadou Ahidjo is famous in Cameroon.

Who are famous people from Cameroon?

Jayson Niba - Famous Track Runner in Pennsylvania

What famous landmarks does Cameroon have?

Some famous landmarks of Cameroon are the Mt. Fako and the Mt. Cameroon

Who are the famous people in Cameroon?

bum pooo and ellie jackson

What is a landmark of Cameroon?

famous landmarks of Cameroon are the Mt. Fako and the Mt. Cameroon

Cameroon's famous people?

There are many famous people in the African country Cameroon. For example, there is Benjamin Moukandjo, who plays for the national football team.

Who are some famous people in Cameroon?

Some famous people in Cameroon are soccer player, Roger Milla; politician, Ahmadou Ahidjo; bassist Richard Bona, and politician Paul Biya. Additional people on the list are Manu Dibango, Patrick Baudry, Tony Tchani.

Where are famous places in Cameroon?


Are there any famous places in Cameroon?

yes there are

What famous people live in Cameroon?

Magdalen Albright - Former US Secretary of State Alfred Saker of Great Britain President paul Biya of Cameroon and much more have lived and worked in Cameroon see resource link below for more

What famous players played for Cameroon?

famous players that played or that do play for cameroon are Samuel Eto'o he played for Barcalona and Brazil, Alex Song he played for Arsenal.

Who is the most famous person in Cameroon?

Samuel Eto

What famous footballer lives in Cameroon?

He is Samuel Etoo.

What is Cameroons national dance?

I have been there and found out that there is no tradionaly dances in cameroon. people in cameroon dances to tradionaly cameroon music.

What is the government system of Cameroon?

Cameroon is a Republic, where the power is with the representatives elected by the people

Who is the most famous sports personality in Cameroon?

Samuel Eto'o

What famous people were born in Cameroon?

Manu Dibango is a world renown Cameroon - born musician. His works was even plagiarized by Micheal Jackson, the King of pop. What of Albeit Roger Milla, the worlds best aged striker.

What do you call people from Cameroon?


How do people in Cameroon get around?


What are the people called in Cameroon?


What was the political organization of northern Cameroon like before the advent of Islam?

the Union Of The People Of Cameroon

What do people in cameroon wear?

Cameroon is a country that is located in West Africa. People in Cameroon wear loose and flowing garments that are made of lightweight cotton fabric. In the cities, people often wear western-style clothing such as pants or skirts.

Famous people and buildings of Cameroon?

Famous people or cameroon origin are: Issa Hayatou - Vice president of FIFA World Soccer body Samuel Eto'o Fils - World best striker Roger Miller - World legendery soccer striker Manu Dibango - Composer and Makossa god-father (Micheal Jackson's inspirator) see more on resource link below

How many wings does the Cameroon People Democratic Movement of Cameroon have?

i think it has two,the women and the youth wing