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Kim il-Sung, who was President of North Korea until his death in 1994.

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What do the titanic in the Hindenburg have the same?

they are very famous

Are the Titanic film characters the same people on the actul Titanic?


Which famous people where born in 1978?

Famous people born in 1978 include James Franco, Ashton Kutcher, and John Legend. Manny Pacquiao and Usher were also born the same year.

What celebrities were on the Titanic?

A famous actress was aboard and survived. She then went on to star in the first film about the Titanic "Saved From the Titanic" During filming she wore the same outfit she had on the night the Titanic sank. Her name was Dorothy Gibson. Hope that helps.

What famous people were born on october 22?

There are plenty of famous people that were born on October 22. Jeff Goldblum, Zac Hanson, and Annette Funicello are among the celebrities whom share the same birthday.

Is the Titanic the film the same as the real Titanic?

not the characters but how it hit the iceberg and sank, and the number of people who got saved and died were true

What floor would the rich people stay on in the Titanic?

the same 1 your mom on

Is there ginna be a Titanic 2- not the movie?

If you mean on the same scale then proberbly not because of the ... weight the name carries but that will not stop people naming small boats titanic or titanic 2.

How many Lifeboat seats were used On The Titanic?

712 people found seats on the lifeboats when Titanic sank. A few people were babes-in-arms and several people were sprawled out so the number would still be about the same.

Are famous people and celebrities the same?

It means the same thing.

Did the Titanic and the Olympic look exactly the same?

No Titanic was bigger.

When did the Titanic go to Southampton?

The Titanic went to Southampton in 1912, the same year that the Titanic was actually built.

What is called when a group of people are all born at the same time?

people be born at the same time

Was there another ship called Titanic?

No there was no other ship called titanic but there was a ship called titan which sank before titanic right where titanic sank and was also hit by the same iceberg and also was hit at the same time the titanic was at 11:40 p.m.

Which famous people have their birthday on 25 February?

I have the same birthday so it means am famous

Is the titanic the same size as three football-pitches?

yes the titanic is the same size as three football-pitches

Would i be the Titanic's britanics and Olympics sister if you were born on the day the titanic set sail but not the same year?

No, you would not.

When was Marjorie Stinson famous aviator born?

Same as your MOM

What is a group of people born or living at the same time?


Was Albert Einstein and Dr. Seuss born in the same month?

Yes, Albert Einstein and Dr. Seuss were born in the same month. Dr. Seuss (also know as Theodor Geisel or Ted) was born on March 2. Albert Einstein was born on March 14. Both famous people were born in the same month.

Is Rose from the Titanic movie really on the Titanic?

There would be women aboard the Titanic called rose but not the same as the one on the film. yes, there is no record of rose------ on the titanic - carlz

Which famous African Americans were born and died on the same day?

George Washington Carver is a famous African-American who was born and died on January 5. He is famous for his innovations in agriculture.

Why would the titanic disaster not happen the same way today?

The Titanic sunk because of a misunderstanding. People thought it was such a grand and big boat so they never thought it would sink. Because of this, they did not put enough lifeboats to save any people in case there was an emergency. Out of the more than 2000 people on the Titanic, less than half of them survived.

How are gay people born?

gay people are born the same way any other person is born.

Which famous American was born on the same day as Darwin?

Abraham Lincoln